Ginger Chutney - Allam Pachhadi

Continuing my series of traditional recipes for the ensuing Ganesh Puja, I bring before you Ginger Chutney (Allam Pachhadi - in Telugu). This is served with Undrallu ( Andhra Modak). This recipe is hosted at

Incidentally it is highly watched ( more than 2.25 lakh views) and rated high video on "Gayatri Vantillu".

All the traditional recipes that are prepared on Ganesh Chaturdhi are hosted at

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Chutney khaye chatkar roti khaye bantkar
 "is this ginger chutney?"
I'll reply to you later.

------Original message----
a vey good dish aunty! and my mom sees your
web site evrey time
I love this recipe of yours and make it very often!
R madhu
I like it with idli
Allam pachadi ante naku ento istam yummmmyyyyyh 
watering my mouth ..................................................
Madam I am mrs.AParna I am learning so many delicious dishes from your site it is helping me to do new dishes to my family. Thankyou so much. 
Thnx for this chatni bt it was spicy
The popler food i like fevbrout disk..
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