MotiChoor Ladoo - మోతీచూర్ లడ్డు - Dusherra & Diwali Special - గాయత్రి వంటిల్లు

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Ingredients For Batter:
Gram Flour – 150gms (1Cup)
{Here I have used normal gram flour with which we make bajias and pakoras}
Milk – 50ml
Water – As Required (185ml + Little Extra Water --- Around 5 To 10ml)
Oil – For Deep Frying Boondis
{Here I have used refined sunflower oil as it is odor less}
Ghee – 1/2Cup (100gms) (Optional)
{Adding ghee enhances the flavor of boondi and thus laddoos}

Ingredients For Laddoos:
Motichoor Boondi – 3 1/2Cups (400gms)
Sugar – 3/4Cup (160gms)
Melon Seeds – 1Tbsp
Edible Camphor – Small Piece
Cardamoms – 2
Water – 200ml
Lemon Juice – 1/2tsp
Pistachios – 10 (For Garnishing)

Equipment Required:
Motichoor Boondi Ladle No.1 (A ladle with funnel shaped holes)
Medium Sized Slotted Ladle To Remove Boondis From Oil
Normal Slotted Ladle To Stir Boondis In Oil
A Tea Strainer To Remove Tiny Boondis Left In Oil
A Big Bowl To Hold The Medium Sized Slotted Ladle
A Big Iron Pan To Fry Boondis

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