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Gayatri Vantillu (YouTube Top Chef 2014)
Cooking Simplified is Fun!!!
Cooking Simplified is Fun!!!

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Mango Chutney & Pickle - మామిడికాయ పచ్చడి - మామిడికాయ ఊరగాయ

Click the below links for the recipe text in English

Mobile View -

Desktop & Tab View -


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Wish You all a Happy Sri RaamaNavami . Serve Vadapappu and Paanakam as prasaadam and enjoy the festival.

Click here to see the recipe -

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I Wish all my viewers Happy Ugaadi in 2017, the Telugu New Year

On the Telugu New Year eve I have launched a New Mobile Responsive website. Request all my viewers to kindly see the Ugadi Pachhadi (Chutney) Recipe - ఉగాది పచ్చడి on my new site at the following link -


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Soft Rice Idly / Idli - రైస్ తో ఇడ్లి - Andhra Recipes Telugu Vantalu - గాయత్రి వంటిల్లు

Click here for detailed Recipe text i English -


Black Gram – 1/4Cup (55gms)
Idli Rice – 1 1/4Cups (275gms)
Fenugreek Seeds – 1/4tsp
Sea Salt – 1 1/2tsps (Or To Taste)
Water – To Make Batter (Use Soaked Water)

Click here for video -


+Gayatri Vantillu

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Wish You all Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

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A lurking fear whether the anti-national forces are derailing the demonetization?

As a citizen of this country, I feel proud for Modi's bold decision to demonetize Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes and replacing them with Rs 2000 denomination.

Theoretically to replace the 86% of the currency value consisting of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 with new Rs 2000 shouldn't take much time and the transition must have been effortless because the remaining 14% of the currency value consisting of Rs 10, Rs 50 and Rs 100 is untouched. These small denomination bills are the ones which the common man needs to exchange at the grocery, dairy, bus and auto for daily needs. As a home maker, I found exchanging the erstwhile Rs 500 bill was always inconvenient and used to insist my husband to keep adequate stock of lower denominations for my daily shopping.

Soon after demonetization, I felt that it is my moral responsibility not to withdraw money from the bank till the ATMs and Banks start functioning normally. Thus I decided to manage my home with the small currency at home and pooled all of it including coins. I expected that the Rs 4000 on hand should be good enough to manage at least for 10 days.

Moving on to the eleventh day, when the currency circulation hasn't stabilized, I have a lurking fear that anti-nationals are buying back good Rs 100 and Rs 50 with bad demonetized Rs 500 and Rs 1000 bills and are hoarding it. But for this, I don't see any logic for the present chocking of money circulation.

Government should immediately bring a notification to arrest any person holding more than Rupees ten thousand in Rs 100 denomination or less. With such a legislation, it becomes the responsibility of the individual to get rid of the small currency and accept the new currency. This would force people to part small currencies and exchange for higher currencies, thus bringing back normal currency circulation

Unless the government acts fast, I fear currency circulation would get chocked and make the demonetization exercise futile.

+Narendra Modi +Mannkibaat Airdelhi

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I wish my viewers Happy Diwali / Happy Deepavali -

For more sweets visit the following link -

#andhrasweets #telugusweets #Indiansweets #diwalisweets

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MotiChoor Ladoo - మోతీచూర్ లడ్డు - Dusherra & Diwali Special - గాయత్రి వంటిల్లు

Click here for detailed recipe in English -


Ingredients For Batter:
Gram Flour – 150gms (1Cup)
{Here I have used normal gram flour with which we make bajias and pakoras}
Milk – 50ml
Water – As Required (185ml + Little Extra Water --- Around 5 To 10ml)
Oil – For Deep Frying Boondis
{Here I have used refined sunflower oil as it is odor less}
Ghee – 1/2Cup (100gms) (Optional)
{Adding ghee enhances the flavor of boondi and thus laddoos}

Ingredients For Laddoos:
Motichoor Boondi – 3 1/2Cups (400gms)
Sugar – 3/4Cup (160gms)
Melon Seeds – 1Tbsp
Edible Camphor – Small Piece
Cardamoms – 2
Water – 200ml
Lemon Juice – 1/2tsp
Pistachios – 10 (For Garnishing)

Equipment Required:
Motichoor Boondi Ladle No.1 (A ladle with funnel shaped holes)
Medium Sized Slotted Ladle To Remove Boondis From Oil
Normal Slotted Ladle To Stir Boondis In Oil
A Tea Strainer To Remove Tiny Boondis Left In Oil
A Big Bowl To Hold The Medium Sized Slotted Ladle
A Big Iron Pan To Fry Boondis

Click here for video -


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Navratri Festival continues for Nine Days. Enjoy the Nine Sweet Dishes at the following link -

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Utappam - Brunch (Breakfast + Lunch) Food - ఊతప్పం - Andhra Recipes - గాయత్రి వంటిల్లు

Click here for detailed recipe in English -


Ingredients for Batter:
Black Gram – 100gms
Parboiled Rice – 200gms
Salt to Taste

Ingredients for Utappam:
Onions – 200gms
Tomatoes – 200gms
Green Chilies – 15 or to taste
Ginger – Small Piece
Black Pepper – 1tsp
Chopped Coriander – 1tbsp
Salt to Taste

Click here for video -

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