A different spin on Sojourner
There have been a lot of comments about Sojourner since its release, mostly complaining about some of the negatives of this medal. I'm not here to talk about these.

I want to talk about #Depression  and Ingress, and how Sojourner creates a positive challenge for those of us that struggle with depression.

A fair number of you know that I play pretty hard. What you probably don't know, is that like anyone with depression, my level of play is dictated by my mental state. The better I feel? The more I get out and play, and the more it reinforces this behaviour - more exercise in particular spawns a better mental state, further exercise etc.

The worse I feel? Well, I don't play at all. Will happily take a few days off and not play at all other than chewing through cubes recharging portals. Some days with depression you just won't leave the house - and no, I don't have a couch portal ;)

What does this have to do with depression then? Well, for someone with depression, it is incredibly hard to expect to maintain a long run of hacking day-to-day required for Sojourner.

But does this mean that one should ignore it and give up? Absolutely not. Whether you choose to do Sojourner is your call.

As someone that falls prey to depression, I'm choosing to accept the Sojourner challenge, because it directly challenges my depression. Getting out and hacking twice a day, ideally morning and night, is something that can be pretty hard for someone with depression. Sojourner challenges that head on.

So yeah, I'm accepting the Sojourner challenge solely to challenge my depression, and to force me to get outside every day, for 360 days. Like everything in life, it is easy on the easy days - the challenge is keeping the streak going on those down days.

I also want to challenge my Ingress friends that struggle with depression to also accept this challenge. Get out into the world every day, no matter what :)

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