Black Sojourner
Three hundred and sixty six days. One full sidereal year - a complete orbit around the sun. Approximately 940 million kilometres, at 107,200km/h, or a blitzing 30km/s. No wonder we all get speed locked so often ;)

Yes, Sojourner is over. I had decided a long time ago that 360 days wasn’t the number I was interested in, but I wanted 366 days to mark my black - as a full orbit of the Earth around the Sun takes 365.25 days. That seemed a far more momentous event to celebrate. So here we are.

About 351 days ago, I wrote a short post on Sojourner taking my spin on it. The short take being that people with mental illness sometimes have trouble forcing themselves to get out during their down patches, and I believed that Sojourner would be a nice little tool to get some agents outside - even if just for a very short time.

For me, 80% of the days were no trouble whatsoever. They just happened. Another 15% were quite a challenge, but I still got out. What was left were the hardest days, the ones where I often got in the car, and headed down the road to get just that 1 hack in.

I’m glad I did it though. It was a fun challenge, and it certainly encouraged me to get out more, and to do it regularly.

Anyway, congratulations to all those that have got their Black Sojourner, and those that are getting very close. I’m going to keep it ticking, and if it breaks it breaks. But like a good guardian, no reason to stop it just because you’re done with the medal.

Most of all, keep going outside on the bad days. It’s easy going out on the good days - anyone can do that. It is going back out when things are tough and you’re down, that really helps to make you a more resilient person.

Now I have my own personal challenge. No more easy Blacks. The remaining 5 medal upgrades I have left are all hard blacks and will take some time. No easy wins, and the successes will be far and few between from here. Now the real battle for black begins...

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