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In Madison Wisconsin for the afternoon I haven't been here in a long time State Street is a commercial I see it now where would I find a gaming store to take my 6 year to

I'm just looking for a gaming store to show her something she's been busy reading to me from the creature catalog and monstrosity book for swords and Wizardry

I'll be heading home Noble Knight on the way back if they're open today

Or any generally cool free stuff that we can do while we're here for the afternoon it's going to be a long hospital visit so I want to do something fun

Thanks and sorry for off topic but mostly I hope it is on topic

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Just listened to spellburn gencon audio

I knew it!

Vance Vance Vance Vance Vance ammiiigaaaaaaddddd

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Gary Con VIII will be at the Grand Geneva Resort (former Playboy Club, how's that for 70's swagger?)

Room reservations are already possible, rates are fairly decent per night.  Thought it might be possible to miss with all the con activity going on right about now, so I figured I'd let anyone registered for their mailing list to check your inbox.

Found a tube on my doorstep today.

Says it's from Santa Clara...


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DCC World Tour Van?

Posted this in the forums, but wanted to share since it's available within the region and isn't inordinately expensive.

It may also be good for a team of welders with a lot of extra corrugated steel and dynamite sticks looking for IRL adventures.
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