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The inimitable +Dustin Kirkland whetted the public's appetite yesterday with news of the Orange Box. Little did anyone know that the main course was yet to come.

And so, without further ado, I give you:

The Wooden Board for the Cheap Man!

Replete with memories and Intels, this sweet package includes a pretty RaspberryPi router, a network switch, and the choice of upright or sort of on its side positioning.

Made with love, care, an old bit of pine and some spare decking board, these are not available in the shops. However, given the right kind of persuasion — if you're getting my meaning — I might be able to stretch to producing a limited run. Exclusivity will be my watchword, dear connoisseur of cloud-computing paraphernalia.
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I want one that's signed and hand delivered.
rvba I'm curious what you'll name a fourth node, if you get one.
+Bradley Crittenden You can see that Julian and I got nodes from the same set… If I get a new node it will be named "node 10" :).
inspiring.. i want to create something, esp to replace all the adaptor become one 200W adaptor.. any idea?

and where is the controller of nova?
This is only used for testing MAAS, not for deploying OpenStack, so no Nova.

The yellow cable goes to my regular network. The Raspberry Pi routes between NUCs' network and my home network; MAAS likes to run DHCP so it's best to keep it apart from the network I share with the family.
I double dare you to use MAAS to deploy your family's machines ;)
I believe the Orange Box consolidates power supplies, but I don't know any more than that, sorry.
No idea but if you could replace the boot loader like on Android then I don't see why not.
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