I just read Fever Swamp by +Luke Gearing.

A jolly entertaining adventure, and one that I could certainly conceive of running. I like terse and flavourful, and this adventure delivers on both counts. It could also be a very easy fit into Dolmenwood.

Reading the module, I got the impression that the eponymous Fever Swamp was envisaged by the author as a Southern US type environment, with all the crocs and so on. This could easily be tweaked, though, and isn't a really strong influence.

My thoughts on using the module with Dolmenwood:
* Those crocodiles could be reskinned as giant carnivorous salamanders or newts.
* The Fever Swamp hexes are three times bigger than Dolmenwood hexes (18 miles across vs 6 miles across), so it's a pretty big place and wouldn't fit inside Dolmenwood.
* The obvious thing would be to make the Fever Marsh in Northern Dolmenwood lead into Fever Swamp, thus locating it to the north of the forest.
* The shamanic tribes in Fever Swamp could be a semi-forgotten race of people who have lived in the region since before the Drune turned up.
* Putting a few Drune or witch outposts into Fever Swamp could be a nice way to tie it in with Dolmenwood a little more.
* The Nilfenbergian Church could easily be melded into the Church of the One True God. They sound similar.

Fever Swamp
Fever Swamp
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