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Courts continue to push toward FULL equality – long way to go, but #DOMA ruling continues momentum in right direction.
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I am hoping to gain my full equality at some point before I die, as an American.

I think Christie is a political coward. And in places like Washington state where the people voted the "losers" need to accept their losses. There are more important things (like your child's education...) that actually matter.
The fall of DOMA just a matter of time. Prop 8 fits California like a four-fingered glove, and one state after another is legalizing gay marriage.

You know, I can't believe how much all this has changed in less than one lifetime. I remember when I was a kid in elementary school, just about the worst insult you could lob at someone was "homo!" The times are changing.
Rhetorical Questions: Don't you think the world would be a better place if people were allowed to love whomever they chose? Additionally, don't you think that forcing religious beliefs on others in a political arena is NOT separation of church and state? Wouldn't society be healthier in general if more people were happy? Lastly, don't you think that people who must constantly stifle their sexual orientation are more likely to turn to addiction and criminal activity? I'm just sayin...
1, YES!,
2, YES! Disgusting!,
4- You got me on that one. I live in SF, so I'm not qualified to judge this one....Here we mainly practice ACCEPTANCE!... but we still have social issues like crime and homelessness.
Religious beliefs have no place in politics. God does not rule me. I would rather live in a world of happy people. People are happier when they are free to love whomever they wish to love. Allowing people to marry only affects those who are directly involved; and in a positive way.  It curbs promiscuity, gives children a stable home, promotes general functionality, and allows a trusted person to make medical decisions. Let's not forget that same sex marriage is also an excellent form of birth control.

As far as I can see, the argument against same sex marriage is purely religiously based. Please refer to the first sentence.

I think we should be focusing on more important issues such as education. Uneducated people affect our entire society.
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