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"Fund our Future: March for Higher Education" Rally in Sacramento earlier today. It's time for California to wake up and start investing in Higher Education. Enough is enough.
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Can't we just improve the ones we have know... everytime Cali does something good we have to protest and the whole Nation follows.. we should not for get we we teach it's all about the children. If their is no jobs what would make me go back to school more Education less work, ummmm
No don't tk away improve what we have.. I am all for Education but in preK - 12 graders. We have to many Colleges how much learning should we have with No JOBS Look at facts after College what u have.....unemployment
First lets talk about how the college fees got higher.
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So to all... what do you think we should do... Release all the money to all schools? school is about the Children life is learning from everything we do.
God allows us to help each other it's the christian way w/o the Government involved.. we do not need the Government to tell us how to spend, save, or give away because Mr & Mrs. Smith dont have what you have,. As far as America's concerned we need to keep drilling in the mean time, while we figure out and the Government figured out that ALL Americans don't need them.
it has to do with higher education because all great righter have to copy right a bible in order to make it. and there are soo many different gods authors have invented that one fictional character can change the way people think. I say if the education that they are give is free to get the bodies for the jobs that are out there then fuckin free it up and give the money to the schools just as long as it isn't for some new teacher or to give more money to current staff. i say just do it AND G+!
About education, shake d government they will do smth.
+Blaxx Inx what you say is nothing when there is not direction to your comment. what you here is blah and what you get is blah. the greatest logic is simple think before you react. and the system will always be broken unless the power is given to the people no a solo leader.
+Blaxx Inx I do read thanks for the attention. And you don't need to need to tell me. I just speak of a simpler system that would and could possibly work, just some people are afraid of change. Oh I don't watch keep track of the calories. food is food there are just some people that take advantage of it and don't use that energy intake in a proper way.
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