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Dear Australia, 

I love you.

But, as a friend, I feel a duty to tell you things that perhaps other less connected people will not. 

1) No one, at all, EVER, cares about Big Brother. It is not a national pastime; it is not an Olympic sport. It is something best left to those freaky Europeans or reality obsessed Americans.

2) Australian rules football, might be a national pastime, but it is not a year-round sport. Players do actually take a break. At the very least they take a month off for rehab here and there. Every sane person in Australia, and those Australians residing on foreign soil - deeply wish - that unlike the banks, you would pass that break on to us. Just a month, please!

3) Kath & Kim. As funny and uniquely Australian as it may be - is not a political party. We should not, ever, elect one of it's main characters as our local GM and global New Business person. That would be the quickest way for our business to retract. Stop it. 

4) Twilight. Is a movie. Five in fact (I think) Generation arguments aside, it is a ridiculous one / five. But like it as you may, Robert & Kristen's world ending romance woes, are in fact not world ending. And not front page news. I would have also said back page news, but I know that's filled with football.

Should we take a month off football to give Robert and Kristen a run? The options are terrible.

5) The Shire is an absolute embarrassment. But if you're going to elect Kath and/or Kim as a leader, what can one expect. Just don't be shocked that if next time you attend a United Nations Summit you find Angelina Jolie pointing and laughing in your direction. Angelina Jolie. 

Side note: George W + John Howard, are no longer in power. Move on. Hire new people. Don't let them hire themselves. 

6) Kanye and Kim are just Kanye and Kim. Mr West has a bit of talent and drive. Kim, does nothing. Either way, stop looking for a few moments, turn around, look at your neighbors. If you see some talent, invest in it. You will be surprised at what happens.

7) Investigate. Create. Fill our papers, our web pages, our emails or whatever with original thoughts, articles and opinions. Be embarrassed; ashamed even, that if at the end of the day you need to finish your article with a link to NYTimes, FOXNews or god forbid, TMZ.

Stop wearing skinny jeans and depressing about what others are, or aren't doing. Sit down. Dig in, and just fucking get it done.

Be Australian.

What Steve Jobs meant to me::
He made me excited for the world, excited for what might come next, what we as people can do, and simply, what fun toys he might bring me - both for play and for business.

Steve, his products and the way he delivered them made me feel I can create, that somewhere inside is an artist that can paint my day with the same kind of passion he displayed, time and time again.

He made me feel that I not only can break the rules, but that I in fact should - and that if I do it with the right spirit, I simply can't go wrong.

The impact Steve Jobs had during his life is immeasurable. The impact he will have after his death is ten fold greater. I will try and remember always to stay hungry, and stay foolish - no matter how old I get.

Does not believe Mark Zuckerberg deserved a David Fincher movie, but does believe Steve Jobs should get a Scorcese.

I hate when people use language as an excuse for not listening, or for laziness.

nothing like a fast & furious ride round Tokyo @ night to remind you where you are.

is tired of facebook.

If I post the same thing to G+ and Facebook, does that mean I am twice as social?

@nikeplus you are a laggard in your own category. A site that is slow, doesn't work properly - and worse, no innovation in years. Shameonu!

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Fun. But I still think dogs are better.

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Watch the full presentation - Awesome!
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