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How to Set up Rooms Properly in Office 365
You'd think that setting rooms up in Office 365 would be a simple matter of going to the Office 365 Admin console, expanding Resources, clicking on Rooms and Equipment and then using the Add Button This works but it doesn't do everything. If you want your r...

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Solving Some Azure Active Directory User Synchronisation Issues on Office 365
We started moving over to Office 365 quite a while before we decided to ditch Notes mail and move to Outlook. It was also my plan to get rid of our internal active directory server and rely solely on the cloud for authentication.  As it turned out, manageme...

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Aspergers and Driving: Should You Encourage your Teen to Learn?
Now that my kids are around their mid-teens, the question of driving is starting to come up. Not from them of course because it’s pretty common for kids on the spectrum to have little or no interest in driving - but from friends and family. In today’s socie...

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OneDrive to Rule them all ... or perhaps not.
Microsoft OneDrive is great! It's easy to use too and has some really great integration into Office 2016 - which means that when you go to save or open files, instead of displaying a file dialog, it renders the folder names right into the panel. Sadly the s...

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Getting Contacts (Not Users) out of Your Notes/Domino NAB and into Office 365 Contacts
Recently we've been undertaking a task to move from IBM Domino to Office 365 with particular emphasis on the mail system. One of the first big tasks is to move all of our corporate contacts from the Domino NAB over to the Contacts area of office 365. Corpor...

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How the Fitbit can help people with Special Needs
Only a few years back, I remember saying that I'd never need to wear a watch again because the date and time was on my phone, which I carry everywhere. About two years ago I picked up a Fitbit Charge HR on a whim and it's been my faithful companion ever sin...

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Elastic Style Asperger’s and Neurotypical Relationships
Early relationships with people who have Asperger's syndrome quite often take on some very “elastic” properties. Sometimes they're really close and at other times they're quite distant. Sometimes it seems that the closer their neurotypical partner gets, the...

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New Year, New Directions
2017 marks the beginning of a massive shift in technology at work. We’re re-branding,  we’re moving office and we're changing our technology from IBM to Microsoft. It's going to be a wild ride and I hope that you’ll stay with the blog as I delve into the ne...

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Book Review: Social Engagement and the Steps to Being Social by Kathleen Taylor and Marci Laurel
Social Engagement & the Steps to Being Social: A Practical Guide for Teaching Social Skills to Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder by Kathleen Mo Taylor, OTR/L and Marci Laurel, MA CCC I was quite looking forward to reading this book, assuming from th...

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Book Review: Stressed Out! For Parents: How to Be Calm, Confident & Focused by Dr Ben Bernstein
Stressed Out! For Parents: How to Be Calm, Confident & Focused by Dr Ben Bernstein with Michelle Packard, author of Family Ever After.  Stressed out is a bit different to the books that I normally review on Life with Aspergers, particularly because it has n...
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