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Gautham Chandra
A programmer in the grand scheme of things
A programmer in the grand scheme of things

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As a developer, I'm insulted that almost every show thinks that hackers and programmers in general, just sit in front of a screen, type furiously, not have an epileptic seizure from the supposedly flashing terminal windows that we work and be massive, massive nerds in the process. 

Little tip, a hacker cannot hack into any and everything by just "breaking encryption" of government sites. News flash, they have hardcore RSA 1024bit encryption and nothing that can be just bruteforced. sigh.....godamn you hollywood

Just got my Xena disc lock for my motorcycle. It is LOUD. It has now given me the one thing I needed: peace of mind.

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+Jeremy Thake This is what I was talking about before. GMAIL MAN! ;-)

Gmail man (Office 365 Advertisement)

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OMG! Microsoft has done it. .NET Gadgeteer is out. Its Microsoft's version of Arduino but with the power of .NET and visual studio intellisense, its a no brainer!

Did i mention that 90% of parts are attachable modules so no soldering required?

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Most EPIC emoticons EVER!!!!!!!!

There was a young lady called Bright
Who could travel much faster than light.
She set out one day
In a relative way
And returned on the previous night.

I love Einstein's Special Relativity! :)

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Ok this is just a WTF! moment.

I just spent 2 hours trying to debug why I kept getting a FileNotFoundException in my application. turns out explorer was hiding file extensions and I had accidently named my file "flower.jpg.jpg" #epicfail
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