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Using neural network dreaming on fractal art - #deepdream
A Neural Networks Fractal Dreams
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1500 followers .. thank you guys

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Most Important Torrent Site in Years to Take the Internet By Storm

A brand new entrant to the torrent site market is set to take the Internet by storm. A P2P veteran, fresh from defeating the major recording labels in a 13 million euro lawsuit, has obtained 1.6 million euros from the Spanish Government to power his new dream – a 30 million torrent search engine. Throw in a brand new advert-free torrent client, a Free Software promise, plus a determination not to be bullied by corporations, and we have a very potent mix indeed.


The day ethnicism turned into religion. 
The day folklore turned into gospel.
The day pagans of Rome and Greece and Eastern Europe lost their diversity. 
The day world got divided into civilized and uncivilized. 
The day peace loving people were christened infidels. 
The day "hellenes" were termed illiterate.
The day Sophistism replaced innocence of Animism. 
The day "word of book" was deemed higher than "letter of spirit". 
The day spirits world over were crushed with one masterstroke. 
The day idea of one supreme god for all mankind replaced the idea of "each to his own".
The day man's quest for knowledge ceased with one answer for everything he ever needed to know.
The day an era of authoritarianism dawned upon mankind. 
The day mankind lost it's right to choose between Gods. 
The day mankind gave away it's freedom and chose submission. 
The day "ways of life" were replaced by "commandments".
The day mankind was commanded to be Sheep, for a shepherd was born. 

In memory of all these, Merry Christmas Everyone.
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