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Gaurav Taterf

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Gaurav Taterf

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Most Important Torrent Site in Years to Take the Internet By Storm

A brand new entrant to the torrent site market is set to take the Internet by storm. A P2P veteran, fresh from defeating the major recording labels in a 13 million euro lawsuit, has obtained 1.6 million euros from the Spanish Government to power his new dream – a 30 million torrent search engine. Throw in a brand new advert-free torrent client, a Free Software promise, plus a determination not to be bullied by corporations, and we have a very potent mix indeed.

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Gaurav Taterf

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The day ethnicism turned into religion. 
The day folklore turned into gospel.
The day pagans of Rome and Greece and Eastern Europe lost their diversity. 
The day world got divided into civilized and uncivilized. 
The day peace loving people were christened infidels. 
The day "hellenes" were termed illiterate.
The day Sophistism replaced innocence of Animism. 
The day "word of book" was deemed higher than "letter of spirit". 
The day spirits world over were crushed with one masterstroke. 
The day idea of one supreme god for all mankind replaced the idea of "each to his own".
The day man's quest for knowledge ceased with one answer for everything he ever needed to know.
The day an era of authoritarianism dawned upon mankind. 
The day mankind lost it's right to choose between Gods. 
The day mankind gave away it's freedom and chose submission. 
The day "ways of life" were replaced by "commandments".
The day mankind was commanded to be Sheep, for a shepherd was born. 

In memory of all these, Merry Christmas Everyone.
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Gaurav Taterf

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Thats what im talking about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Gaurav Taterf

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Wait for it...
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Gaurav Taterf

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Gaurav Taterf

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After bringing warm smiles to the kids in Manali, we began journeying towards our next location – Rishikesh. In this spiritual town, on the banks of the holy Ganges, we set off for some soul searching… hoping to find some peace and solitude and connect with our inner self. What we did indeed find, was a story waiting to be told – a story of discovering one’s true calling, a story of finding inner calm through rhythmic drones and beats.
Here in Rishikesh – the valley of the saints, we came across a man who has passionately dedicated his entire life towards creating beautiful music through unique, foreign instruments. Mukhesh Dhiman – who started off as a carpenter, learnt the art of making Didgeridoos – a traditional Australian aboriginal musical instrument, from an Australian tourist. He has also mastered the art of making Djembes, African percussion instruments, from an African tourist.
His wife and sons have stood by him like a rock, and together – they have faced some tough times. With their bare hands and basic tools, they take over 8 days to craft each didgeridoo with the 4 member family making less than Rs. 100 per head per day.You can contribute money to help sustain Mukesh’s passion for music or help spread the word by sharing this video with your friends to raise this amount. Together, we can give him the support and love that his devotion deserves.
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Gaurav Taterf

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Yes... I want it ...

Video: Spinning RGB LED Ball II
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Gaurav Taterf

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Ridiculous High Jump At A High School Competition In Kenya.
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Opportunistic Optimist
Show me a stranger and i will show you a friend which u haven't met yet;
Plus any obstacles in the way of anything is usually just one of the prices of success;
People are more then just numbers to crack a smile is really no stress;
Divide my time like economics i would like to say hi buy less;
Multiply first impression by everything you might have guess;
Prejudice takes time BUT 
my Time is Business
and this just makes big dollars and cents
Why would you hate when love just costs less

Boona Mohammed

So why would anyone circle me 

You like to talk about tech, science , religious philosophy , about yourself..... or anything .Just ping me.

Just be sure you ain't the weird one . I would love to talk with anyone who's interested. You can share a private post with me and then we can talk about any random stuff.


As far as the religion goes i am strictly anti-theist . So i am not going to talk about any religious fundamentalism but the philosophy and the morals of different religious teachings would be fine .

This is our global village and we all live in the neighbourhood. Let's respect each other  and have fun .

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