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Finally after 10 months of hard work #drawon  icon pack is now live on Google Play. When you share you screenshots please tag me, always interested to see end user setups. Enjoy....:)

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So whats going on?

Just some news about whats going on with me. If you noticed the updates are coming a bit slowly from past 2-3 months. Well I have just got married and was busy with all the wedding related things. There are some spicy works in progress which you should see soon. Don't ask when as you know my work takes time.

The updates for the current packs will resume at normal pace (twice a month) after April 10th.

In the mean time would like to thank everyone who are still buying my packs and are continuing to support my work.

Also the icon packs all of them are at minimal cost, if you haven't got them yet you can check them out here:

You can also check out all my widgets made for Zooper Pro here:

and all my extra free wallpapers made to go with my icon packs here:

Enjoy....:) Will showcase some new work soon.


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Get the #ruggon update. Now live on Google Play....:)

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Vibion updated. All other icon packs will follow in coming days.

18 New Icons including some new popular games like Star Wars Force Arena, Angry Birds Dice and some re-designing of app icons. Also over 50 app id fixes.

Vibion is on sale. You can get it on Google Play if you haven't already:

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Enjoy Christmas and New Year. Don't drink too much.....:)

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Some awesome stuff this Christmas. Go get Nova Prime its on sale. If you already bought it participate in the giveaway on the original post.
Nova Launcher Prime Promotion

TeslaCoilSW, the makers of Nova Launcher, have teamed up with icon pack developer +Gaurav Seth (GSeth) to do a promotion that will consist of giving away free icon packs of some of GSeth's best and most popular work on the Google Play Store.

GSeth is a well known icon pack developer who happens to have been awarded a Top Developer badge in the Google Play Store.

Giveaway for New Users? (Purchase made on or after today’s date 12/18/2016)

We are giving away 300 promo codes to each of GSeth's Vibion, Ruggon, Drawon, Viby, Simplo and Vion Icon Packs for anyone who purchases Nova Launcher Prime ( ) from the Google Play Store during the current holiday sale happening 12/18/2016 - 1/1/2017

Each person will receive THREE promo codes. You will get a code for Ruggon, Vibion and Drawon or a code for Viby, Simplo and Vion. Each set of three will be given out randomly.

How Do I Claim My Free Icon Packs?

To claim your free promo codes we ask that you follow these simple steps below.

1) Send an email to

2) Subject line must be: Free Icon Pack Promo (anything different we may not see and you may not get your free icon pack)

3) You must attach the Google Play Store receipt that was emailed to you at time of the purchase of Nova Launcher Prime. There are NO EXCEPTIONS.

4) Include the email address in which you used to purchase Nova Launcher Prime with. This will be verified.

We ask that once you email us (please only email us once and not multiple times) please allow up to 96 hours for us to respond to you. We need time to verify the purchase as well as get the promo code generated and sent out to you.

This promotion will start immediately and continue until all promo codes have been given away. Once we give them all away, we will update the original Google+ posts to let everyone know that the promo has ended.

Giveaway for Existing Users? (Purchase made before 12/18/2016)

We are giving away 200 promo codes to each of GSeth's Vibion, Ruggon, Drawon, Viby, Simplo and Vion Icon Packs for our existing Nova Prime Users.

Each lucky winner will receive THREE promo codes. You will get a code for Ruggon, Vibion and Drawon or a code for Viby, Simplo and Vion. Each set of three will be given out randomly.

How Do I participate in this promo if I am an existing Nova Prime user?

This promotion is running from 12/18/2016 - 12/25/2016 only. To participate you must already own Nova Launcher Prime and:

1) +1 This Post

2) Reshare this post

3) Comment on this post

In addition to the above winners, there will be ONE randomly chosen individual who will win a $200 Google Play Store gift card. The winner must be able to redeem Google Play Gift Card codes within their country or another winner will be randomly chosen.

Announcement Of Winners

The 200 Randomly selected winners who are eligible will be announced and tagged on this post on 12/27/2016. Instructions on how to claim the giveaway will be given at the time of announcement.

The random winner that is chosen for the $200 Google Play Gift Card will also be announced on 12/27/2016 at some point on that date.

Important Information

All promotions above are open to anyone who is able to redeem promo codes within the Google Play Store.

If there are any questions with regards to this promotion, we ask that you please either contact +Cliff Wade ( or +Gaurav Seth (

Relevant Links

Nova Launcher:

Nova Launcher Prime:

Vibion Icon Pack:

Ruggon Icon Pack:

Drawon Icon Pack:

Viby Icon Pack:

Simplo Icon Pack:

Vion Icon Pack:

GSeth On Google Play:

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Christmas updates have started. Vibion and Vinty was updated yesterday, today #ruggon. Updates will go on till December 31st. Enjoy. This update brings the icon pack total to 3500+ icons.

Check out all my icon packs on Google Play:

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Drawon Update.... Happy Thanksgiving....:)
*32 new icons (total now 3490+)
*App ID Fixes
*Wall apply now also applies to lock screen
*Added support for 3 new launchers
*Bug Fixes


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Coming soon. Help me shape these icons as per what you like and don't. The ultimate thing a Top Developer can do and should do is listen and give what its user base wants.

I as a developer have design ideas but those are mine. Yes I will maintain my design and artist feel however I can bend a little to keep my artist look and at the same time satisfy what is pleasing to the users rather than dumping my art on them.

Fill out the feedback form and if selected you will be the first ones to see a sneak peak of my upcoming work due in December and help in make minor tweaks as per what the community want.

Bottom line you get a quality icon pack.

So are you in or what....? Your feedback is important and help me take the right direction. (Please note I will still go in with the majority, but atleast I am giving you a chance to voice your opinion)

(Yup thats a possible new logo for my new icon pack)

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Am accepting some more people. If interested please read and fill up the form. Feedback given so far on current upcoming works has been great and helps me give you better icon packs and improve.
Help with the latest upcoming icon pack

I need around 10-20 people to be communicable via email to help me with my upcoming icon pack. The icon pack is a bit weird, I need help with some icons.

If interested please fill out this form. If you are selected you will get a email with details and over the course of next two months will be in constant touch with you via email as and when needed.

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