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Gaurang Dave
A geek and fighter for open internet and technology.
A geek and fighter for open internet and technology.

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Started #100daysofcode of code today. Am planning to learn +Android dev and +AngularJS 2 (alternate days) . Will post progress and Git links soon!

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Took some pics at our recent trip to +Gilroy Gardens Family Theme Park. Had a amazing time there and also got some good shots while trying my hand at photography. Any comments, criticism and or suggestions are welcomed! :)

#photography #photooftheday 
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Whats wrong with this guy!! Read the 4th to 7th items in his agenda...there goes the environment!!

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Pineapples for the win! 🍍 Play tennis in the Doodle Fruit Games 🎾 🌟 #GoogleDoodle

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Yay! Finally google play family share is here!!! 

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Some of the pics I took while hiking near Rodeo Beach SF few weekends ago. This was one of the most scenic and beautiful hikes I've ever been to in California. Huge waves of Pacific ocean hitting the rocks on one side of the trail and amazing mountain ranges on another.
#rodeobeach #sf #landscapephotography #photosoftheday 
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Finally John Oliver's rant on Donald Trump...exposing all his lies and ridiculous beliefs....must watch....Oliver at his best!!! 

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Watch how much all tech giants make each second!!

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we went to angel island near SF this weekend....did amazing Mt. Livermore hike. Took this pic almost at the end of hike. The weather was really great nice and sunny and amazing views..would recommend this hike to everyone..more pics from the top of Mt. Livermore coming soon.. :)
#SanFrancisco #AngelIsland #Photography #photooftheday

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This is way too funny to not share....i've seen this quite a few times and have to say I've had similar experiences before.. :) #theexpert #lifeofanengineer
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