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Romney LOL
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"Facts have nothing to do with anything!" - Romney Fans, Everywhere
Romney has the worst case of foot in mouth disease I've ever seen. Obama's strategy during the debate should be to say as little as possible - just let Romney keep talking. 
Theres also far more people here by a ridiculous amount...
+Jonathan Tanner the voters are not idiots. the real problem is that most of the voters are not well informed. and it won't get better until the newscasts and newscasters pull from main stories things like "Kardashians went to the beach today" or "the Jersey Shore douches went to a club and got drunk"
He knows more about dealing with money than Obama does so he has that going for him.
Bush's father was a former president and that didn't helped him much.
absolutely not. i don't give a rat's ass about the Kardashians.
but if the news, put that in the main news of the broadcast, that "educates the audience" in a way, if you know what i mean.
if the journalist goes on the air and says:"look here's the really important news of the day: war in syria, olympics, kardashians" most of the people will think."ok so i should care about war in syria, olympics and kardashians".
it's a lazy way to think, i know, but unfortunately is wide in use by population. and not only in the us.
here in italy, when there's some big soccer match, people only thinks about soccer. and it pisses me off, because newcasts all over instead of saying:"look we get it there's a match, but shit's happening in the world" focus instead on soccer and all things related.
+Gregory Pierce I agree with your statement.   Obama should just let  
Romney speak--everytime he does it, he digs a deeper hole for himself.  Has Romney released all his tax returns yet?  I can't wait to read about it.
Politics, LOL. See you after the election.
This man has no morals and human principles. He is supporting the thieves to get al Quds in order to win and get the presidency.he should be entirely ashamed
I think the difference here is that with Obama's version costs will go up, not down.

This isn't about Obama care vs. what we have now, it's about the COST of healthcare in the United States.
+Michael Gee He knows more about MAKING MONEY than Obama does...probably. Is it the government's job to make money? No! Running a business in no way makes you qualified to run for government office. Knowing the best ways to convince (trick) people to buy your products, avoid taxes, and to force people to work as much as they can for as little pay as possible does not qualify you to make decisions about what's right for society. Businessmen care about their profits first and foremost. A good politician should put the country first (the citizens) and himself last. A politician should be unselfish by nature. A businessman is a successful businessman when he puts the profits of the business above all else. How else can you run a business? If it doesn't make money it ceases to exist. The government's role is to PROTECT the rights and happiness of a society. Not to ignore them for selfish reasons or for a profit. This idea that businessmen make the best politicians is ludicrous. Their life is spent avoiding paying into the system (if possible) and all of a sudden they want to run the system? Am I the only one who sees a problem with this? Does anyone else see a problem with this?
Just keep talking Mr. Romney, that is the best help you can give President Obama. Four more years !!!! :-)
I wonder what they have to pay for malpractice insurance over there. Hmmm!  But by all means, let's compare Isreal or the UK to America - they're practically the same population, density, and culture.
I wonder if Obama has visited all 57 states this time around?
What you have to remember is that Romney doesn't personally oppose Obamacare - after all, it's almost exactly the same type of regulations he helped put in place when he was governor of Massachusetts. It's the GOP voting base that doesn't like Obamacare, mainly because the Democrats supported it, even though many of the same reforms were put forward by GOP leaders (like McCain) prior to Obama's election.

But, yeah, keep talking Romney. Every day we spend talking about your trips to London or your tax returns or any topic that is not "8.2% unemployment" is a victory for Obama.
Universal is good, but there's some iffy crap in there thats going to cost me a hell of a lot more to insure my family...  I thought this war was on the 1% not the middle class workers and business owners...  I dont even think i qualify as middle class...
+Michael Gee What provisions are going to cost you? I think the one valid concern I've heard from people is from business owners who may have to provide insurance for their employees, which can suddenly make it hard for midsize employers who fall under this provision to compete with smaller employers who don't (and as a small business owner, I was definitely concerned to see how this piece played out). But as an individual family, it seems like it's all good stuff that will only help you.
Maybe our healthcare spending would be far less if the Pharmaceutical companies would price their drugs the same way here as they do in other countries.

COPD Inhaler USA $ 253.17 (USD)
COPD Inhaler Cuba $1.55 (USD)
COPD Inhaler UK $ 1.85 (USD)
COPD Inhaler China $ 2.12 (USD)

Stop the extreme over inflation of medicinal drugs in this country!
We Americans just need to face that the rich will get richer and poor will get even more poor. No one will do what needs to be done to get this country straight; if they do, they'll be ridiculed and thrown out of office in 4 yrs, well before it'll even have time to make a dent. Now days, with all the these skinny jean wearing fagots, silver spoon babies riding mommy and daddies waves (Bush), this country has no hope anyways in the future. Hope you people have been saving 100 bucks a month for age 18 because SSI is gone, they just haven't told you.
I'm not sure the exact part but i work for a family owned business. The costs to keep us all insured and our families is being raised and i'm going to start seeing a decrease in my paycheck soon.

And yeah the pharmaceutical companies are ripping us all off.  Thats where the main blame for all this should be placed.
No comment on G+ is going to change anyone's political or world view…

Ever wonder why the insurance company profits keep going up & why they love the Affordable Care Act?
+Michael Gee So, here's the thing: health care costs have been rising every single year for years now, going back for decades. Almost none of the Obamacare provisions have gone into effect yet, so pointing your finger at Obamacare and saying that it's costing you money doesn't really seem logical. Your health care costs are going up for lots of reasons that have nothing to do with Obamacare.
Ok ill come back when I see the full effects of it.  :)
unfortunately, these are the people that own our politicians. it will never change as long as they are the ones sponsoring our politicians like nascar drivers. i'm with the comic that said they should wear nascar style jackets with logos, so we know who actually owns(sponsor) them. it is definetly not the Amercan citizens that they are supposed to be representing. i've met very few honest folks in my 50+ yrs on this planet. and not one of them was a politician. and we as the populace of this country have let these liars and thieves (both parties) lead us blindly to this path we are on. and if not turned around, our decendants will suffer greatly for this. it was not thieves an liars that built what we are or what we have as a country today. it was determined hard working honest folks with adventurous spirits that dared to become more than what they were. honesty is light, corruption is darkness. i prefer a lighted path meself. how bout ya'll?
  smilin jack
The real Mitt Romney is in London Olympics in the equestrian competition. We have Rafalca as the GOP nominee running for president. 
I don't think this quote from Romney has been confirmed. It is not reported in any 'real' news site. It looks like a blog post written as a news story, and it is being picked up by everyone.

If it's real, I'd like to see it on an actual news site, and not some political opinion site.
+Tracy Page In theory, it should bring costs down, since everybody is required to be insured, that opens up the pool of people paying premiums. 
+Tracy Page It depends. Yeah, you have to pay insurance premiums now, so that's money out of your pocket. Depending on your income level, you have access to expanded medicaid subsidies ( which will cap how much your insurance premiums can be as a share of your income.

But, yeah, everyone will be required to carry health insurance now. That's the price that you, personally, have to pay to allow the rest of your fellow citizens to get insurance even with pre-existing conditions. We all appreciate your sacrifice, and will do what we can to make sure the insurance you have to buy is affordable.
Doesn't invalidate his statement. It strengthens it.
Yeah they got their hooks in you Brian, because you know if it not on the news its not real
+Tracy Page for starters, they are required to spend on you about 80% of the premium, if you don't get sick as the past 5 years attest, you will get money back from your insurance company
A major illness or accident could use up major assets you own.  Your picture look young and middle age incures expensive you can not anticipate now.
I read some time ago that a very big percentage of medical "profits" in the U.S. go toward medical malpractice and pharmaceutical product lawsuit insurance/risk management ... don't know if that is still true?
+Tracy Page Thank God you did not get sick the past 5 years.  If you would have had a major accident, we would got stuck with the medical bill.  Now that's socialism
The thing to keep in mind is there are a number of intentional free-riders in the current system: people who don't have insurance and don't want it, but will be treated regardless by emergency rooms if a medical emergency strikes. Obamacare will cost many of these people money, and it's understandable that some of them may be understandably angry at being asked to pull their own weight.
yes a major illness could eat most of your savings. in exchange you get this little thing called life. people here seem to think that obamacare suddenly will make healthcare cost much less. it doesn't; it simply diffuse is the cost among more people. in actuality it will increase the overall cost of healthcare, resulting in a greater burden on the people. it's a terrible idea executed terribly
Every day more stupid leaks out of Romney's pie hole every time he opens it.
+Tracy Page We are talking catastrophic illness, a bad accident, not your run-of-the-mill cold and cough.  What if you would had needed dialysis, or a transplant, how on earth were you gonna pay that?
+Jorge Vergara  I saw the Washington Post thing, that was an editorial. The Boston Globe was not really a news item, as it was a political report by the author. NY Times, editorial.
Most of the other sites are not considered 'real' news. Even on the ABCnews and CBSnews websites, they were simply links to stories across the web. They are not 'news stories' from the actual news agencies.
Why isn't it on CNN? Why isn't reported with any mention of (AP) or (Reuters)?  OK, I can understand it not being on Fox. :)

But, I'm familiar with this type of story, as we see it very often on the conservative blogs.   Something doesn't feel right about the story.  Or did the alleged Liberal Media suddenly decide to protect Romney?
+Tracy Page Great for you, you are successful, but, there are many people who would get sick and don't have a dime to pay for it.  Do we let them die? I bet your answer is no, so we all get stuck with paying their bill.
+Tracy Page Here's the thing - I (and most other americans) really want to be able to get insurance without concern about whether we have pre-existing conditions. That way, if I lose my job, I don't have to worry about my kids getting sick and being unable to get insurance, etc.

The only way to do this is to make sure that everyone has to buy insurance - otherwise, people would just wait until they get sick to buy insurance, and the system would break down.

As I said previously, I understand that this will cost you money. We are literally plucking money out of your pocket and giving you reasonably priced health care you don't want in return. I understand why this makes you angry and it seems unfair to you - but I think it's important enough to ensure that I'm willing to do it anyway, in the same way that I'm willing to tax people to pay for our highway system even though they personally may not drive a car.

So, yeah. Sorry this is going to cost you money. But I appreciate your contribution.
Romney keeps admitting that he is for nationalized health care. His system in Mass was partly modeled on Isreal's. He knew what he was talking about.
Jorge vergara - the people who can't afford it still get healthcare with out obamacare. that's how it works today, and that's how it worked, quite successfully, for the past 50 + years.
+Dennis B I've seen many many many people who do not qualify for Medicaid, but still can't pay their own health insurance.  Do you think 30 million people just don't want to get insurance?
Circumcision seems to be a healthy lifestyle option. Let's make it mandatory to reduce healthcare costs from 18% to 8%, as in Jerusalem.
"Obamacare" doesn't define my vote for Obama, but it certainly is a symptom of why he and those he's brought into the Executive with him constitute the best representatives of my voice for President of the United States.
+Tracy Page One of the reasons that your hospital visits cost so much is that you're covering the cost of all of the freeloaders. When nearly everyone is insured, medical costs will go down.
I just love how people keep saying Obama hasn't done anything or even tried.

If the objective is to jump into a pool.
I will try to jump in the pool, but if every time I try to jump in the pool, you grab onto my shirt and pull me to the ground...
Can you really say I didn't try to jump?
+Tracy Page How low would rates go before "the private sector cannot compete"? Is your concern based on the idea that the Government would offer such an attractive plan at such a good value that people would flock from the private sector? Then we would allow the price to be jacked back up to today's prices? You are assuming the United States would adopt the Wall Mart strategy of eliminating competition and some of the most profitable multinational corporations the world has ever seen could not fill the void. I'd be willing to bet differently. However, worse case scenario we get much better value and much lower prices at least until we decide to let it go. 
+Tracy Page  Yes it does. The poor will be covered by medicaid, not by the hospitals, thus not driving up cost of care. 
We need to do away with the income tax all together. The only Tax should be on the shit we buy. Food would be on the low end of the spectrum and mansions and 100' yachts would be the very highest end of the spectrum.
You might be able to avoid your income taxes... But no one escapes sales tax!
It works for other Countries. Lower costs, better outcomes and people like it.
+Tracy Page Nothing is free but this is better. You may not like it but the math doesn't lie. 
+John Lawson I agree and the thing is people don't realize that all of the presidents we have had...unfortunately...made their full end of the deal in what they say they will accomplish during their presidency. 
Gassy S
Osamabama is PURPOSELY screwing up the country. He can't be as dumb as he seems.
Remember that politicians act like they are above you. Textbooks and mainsteam media have stopped using big words, and only tell you what to think instead of how to. I believe that is the only reason why this joke has gotten this far.
+Tracy Page You know that's not even in the same ball park. A better (or even relevant) comparison would be between the cost efficiency of Medicare versus the cost efficiency of ANY private health insurance company. By the way, the majority of our debt is due to funds going to purchase from, or subsidize private companies (including health insurance companies).
+Tracy Page If pulling your own weight is socialism then I'm all for it. By not having health insurance you're depending on all of us. When you get a $300,000 bill for your heart surgery it'a OUR bills that go up to cover it. Man up!!
I ask you this if you think more government makes you free i hope you enjoy the chains.because the tax man is coming
We should just put him on a podium and let him talk. He really knows how to dig a hole for himself.
Israel is the real terrorist in the world, and USA too 
Just before surgery the heart start pumping. Its simple. Teach how to analize trouble shooooting. What when where why who. . . . . Object or person, Time , place, reason, person involved. If you got whats up.? Then you got it going . . .
Thats whats up.
Pretty sure Israel has a high rate of obesity.
fuck fuck fuck israel
I love when people make such astute observations...Omar.
Any one is better that what is in the white house now.
Omar, all you got is freedom of speech, and no intelligence. May your offensive words find you on your grave, and soon!
They spend most for military. We're healthier people Mitt LOL
What's disturbing is rather than have compassion for a suffering human being, paid and death is wished upon him. Part of how Leftists show compassion and respect. 
+Chris Currence well said. I wish more people would get this....
It never ends...4 years of whining by one side after they lose the election. I hate political parties.
+Chris Trannucci I believe Cheney only had the one transplant, which may give him a "few" more years. Some young person with a heart defect probably died for those few years...
+Reese Sloane more government doesn't make us "free" but neither do the corporations that currently run the show. 
I bless omar for jesus welcomes ever soul if you just believe in him.we are all brothers in this world.he loves you
If you tax the company you work for guess who is paying for it. Middle class
The system is broken i agree but making it harder to achieve greatness has even gotten harder.let the town you live in then state then government in that order. Thats how it should be.
Mitt is an irony spewing machine.
"Gary Whitta, if you have a Google+ post, uh, you didn't post that!" - Oblah-blah
Mitt has a cool wig though got to give him that
The USA are subsidizing Israel for about $ 5 Billion against Israels total budget of $ 75 Billion. Things would get a lot more expensive in Israel, if USA taxpayers starting being charitable at home first. By comparison, the USA spend just under $1 Billion on healthcare.
+John Hersey Those dollars are in guaranteed loans and grants. The grants are used to purchase from the US and US companies. It's more a jobs program for the USA than anything else.
+chris currence EXACTLY! The government is the ultimate NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION. That's why they offer degrees in Public Administration and MBAs...different disciplines. I just wonder why is it only wealthy Republicans think that making money in business makes them qualified to run government, and their minions fall for their"logic." There are plenty of wealthy Democrats, but they aren't trying to run the government
Sweet! I've just received my free minecraft giftcode!

>> <<
+Michael Davis ever hear of John Corzine? You know, the crooked wall street exec who was the last Governor of NJ? Guess what? He was a Democrat. I guess a lot of Democrat "minions fall for" the same "logic". It is amusing when folks like yourself attack others for being gullible, when they clearly swallow every silly partisan talking point. Maybe you should educate yourself on facts before making ignorant comments that are so easily swatted away like the nonsense they are.
+Michael Davis I'd also note that I would much rather elect someone who earned his wealth than someone whose wealth came through inheritance or marriage like John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi, Jay Rockefeller, or Jane Harmon, let alone the entire Kennedy family or John Edwards. I guess being rich due to the efforts of others is more impressive to you than being rich due to your own efforts. Of course, such an outlook would be consistent with Democratic ideology.
Wow Obama-nites, way to take things our of context. Mitt simply praised the COST (as a % of GDP) of their healthcare NOT the structure. And no, Obamacare will not lead to reduced % of GDP spent of healthcare here in the US.    
John, the add implies it's a smaller % of their GDP BECAUSE of universal health care.
From Australia he seems just wrong, you know?
Obama seems to be in touch.
Lol..idiot..plz dont tell me he said that in Israel.
Israel has a mixed system... not a universal coverage system. So the post is basically wrong on facts. Not sure if he is lying or misinformed.
Why is it I never see a post bashing Obama on Google +? Bullshit biased assholes. Google+ is run by liberal radicals. So full of shit. Bunch of two faced liars. lets see how long my post last before its deleted by the tyrant hypocrites. 
You obviously like Romney. It must be a difficult path to walk.
+Frank Pages chillax dude, if you can find some stuff bashing obama go ahead and put it up. And its not bashing if the facts are accurate...wait maybe it is...
+Dinesh Seemakurty  When i first got on g+ I thought it was all about artist and open minded people sharing interesting things. But it turns out its nothing more than a political propaganda machine for the radical left. If you dont believe me look at all the hot post and tell me its not one side. Just a bunch of bs. 
+Frank Pages No it's just the people on the political right are too busy working and making money to be wasting their time posting - so I better get back to work :-)
+Ian Rance  Lol The left and the right. It all about the truth and the middle for me.
You see those dots? That means they take things out of context. 
Yes, and we give Israel $4 Billion in aid every year to their neighbors from attacking them.  We bribe Egypt with a couple billion a year too.  Comparing costs of individual issues between nations of such vast differences in population is folly.  Romney should know better, but this posting is senseless as well.
Ron Paul FTW!!! Obama and Romney are owned by the same masters.
I have got a simple idea, if you are not fully informed PLEASE DO NOT VOTE! 
I don't think he wants the job as president. He keeps doing dumb stuff and embaresing himself and the U.S.A. 
Nope that is a lie, i live in Israel and there is no universal health care!
Perhaps it should be mandated that people must buy iPhones, after all that will lower the price as the fixed costs will be split among many more people.
Yall are so fin stupid wake up before its too late and obummer has takin everything away from you.
with a candidate like this, Republicans do not need ennemies
What's really telling about this is how stupid the left is. Your costs will (and already have started to) increase dramatically under Obamatax, all while the quality of care declines.

What I see in the above photo is a man claiming the system is broken, which is obvious, nothing to see here.

But when you're a left wing drone you don't think about things, you just post or say anything to smear the other side... (cough, Harry Reid, cough).

Romney wins with a 20+ point spread in November.
Jeff L
All this bashing on Romney, maybe you should apply the same rules to Obama. He's not qualified to be president and he shows it. 5 trillion in debt in four years! Yea I think we're gonna need a president with some money sense. 
I just want to do a poll of lefty's

how many of you believe Harry Reids accusations that Romney hasn't payed taxes in 10 years?
Did libertards realize talking about global warming sounds stupid after Nasa said the Earth is cooling?
+Devin Christensen ohhh lefty's - lol nice way to frame the question. If old Mittens would release the tax returns we could all know wouldn't we? 

In absence of proof Reid is probably correct, otherwise why risk the political fall out.
I like Romney, he dresses like he's at office casual. Except his shirts are about 200 bucks.
The Eddie Bauer Vote
+Brian Serviss  "lol nice way to frame the question"
Yes, I have a target poll group. I need to see what percentage of the left doesn't think. My guess is that it's between 70% and 100%. (more specifically, closer to 100% imo)
To all of the people acting like they know anything about Romneys character being shady:

Please watch this interview between Anderson cooper and a guy from the pro-Obama super pac (someone who HATES Romney and has done a billion times more research than you or I.)

Pay close attention and notice that he (the anti-Romney, super-pac representative) calls Romney a man of "impeccable moral character." What that means is they can't find any dirt on him. NONE. Unlike the communist and former drug addict in chief that we have now. 
Oooohhhh Mr. Romney!!!!
Obama lied about not taxing anyone making under $250k. Obamacare taxes tanning salon patrons. Obamacare penalizes [via the IRS] healthy people who can afford insurance but, would rather go the natural/holistic route. Shame on you, liberals. Tort reform, ins. companies crossing state lines, etc... the republican plan was better from the jump street and our great leader never even negociated with the right. The shelacking will continue...
Jeff L
I bet as the election gets closer, Romney will show his tax returns. On those tax returns he'll probably show that he paid more in taxes in one year than Obama has in his life. You want to turn the economy around, you go with the candidate that can make money and had a successful business vs the one who smoked crack or snorted coke (whatever) while getting his knob slobbed by some man and doing a garbage job as a senator. Btw, how's that for women's rights when your having sex with men and going home to your wife? Imagine how deep the feces got (inside her)? Pun intended
Romney probably wants universal healthcare, GOP for some reason may not even though it saves money. 
I just have to say to those that bash Romney... What you don't realize is that ever since Obama has taken office their has been only one month that the official unemployment rate has been under 8% .. His first month, it was 7.9% .. Bush had never seen it higher than 8% .. In fact the 10.2% high that Obama caused was a 26 year high, 1983 it was at 10% and over for 10 months, Reagan was able to turn it around in a total of 3 years and get it back below 7%. In 2000 it was under 3% mostly because of the founding work that Reagan did, and Bush Sr continued with Clinton not messing it up but not really helping anything, Bush jr was IMHO on the same level as Clinton.

So you see the economy is almost a direct result of the current administration. So don't blame anyone other then the man in charge, oh unless your Obama .. Then you can blame everyone else.. Because we all know that he isn't responsible, it was every one else... The whole collective salvation bit he harps on, just like other people building the business you started and own... Yeah your not responsible for that... Wonder if I could use that argument in the military...
+Edward Hunt  Did you notice that literally not one single word of your rant has anything to do with the parent article?
+matthew gilmore I didn't forget the Bush family. They just had nothing to do with my refuting the silliness of +Michael Davis 's point about Republicans (or as he calls them "minions") being the only ones to elect rich people. I know some folks feel the need to give knee-jerk partisan responses, but at least you can try to follow the conversations on which you are commenting.
it's interesting how people blame the us debt all on Obama. 
like he spent it all himself.
Most of the debt is caused by Nam, Desert Storm and Enduring Freedom.
None of those has been launched by Obama.
I severely doubt that Mitt Romney and Barrack Obama serve the same master. I know that Romney, at least, believes in serving a master through his people. Does Obama even have that belief as a person? The last thing I heard driving on the road, was replays of his " you didn't build it" speech. My own father co-owns a small business. My father and his business partner built it themselves. With no help, especially from the government. 
Why does every political post always veer away from the original statement?  It is claimed that Romney praised socialized healthcare in Israel. Period.
Let that be the discussion. All this other stuff about budget and jobs and jibber jabber is, uh, jibber jabber.

What I want to know is... did Romney even say it? And in what context? Because I am not seeing it in any major news website (aside from opinions, editorials and blogs).

I suspect this is a made up story, mirroring many of the made up stories against Obama.  There is enough true stories about both to not have to push and forward fake stories.
thats the point exactly brian, they want folks agueing over petty bs and not focusing on real issues, like how about we just put some honest folks in office for a change. that would be anyone that is not of either party, the last 3 admins have been full of thieves and liars. we need to stop putting these groups in office.
Jeff L
How am I delusional? How does Obama keep us all out the poor house with 5 trillion in debt and counting? Do you hire the moron who's never accomplished anything but make more debt or the person that can do the job? 
Happy Friendship day.This day is valueable for all friend.
+Kit Malone if you can't connect the dots between unemployment, Obama's stance on "collective salvation" and healthcare .. I am not going to explain it to you
+Piero Lecca ... Seriously .. Did you even read what I wrote, the only thing that a president inherits is the first six months

Since the economy began to falter in 2007, Congress has passed what amounts to three stimulus bills — a bipartisan $158 billion package of tax cuts signed by President George W. Bush in early 2008; a $787 billion bill pushed by President Obama when he took office in 2009 in the wake of the financial system’s collapse; and a tax cut and unemployment fund extension agreement reached by Mr. Obama and Congressional Republicans in 2010 and extended again to cover 2012.

So yes the initial push into the deep end was Bush's fault I never denied that, but Obama has NOT helped the situation at all, in fact he has hurt the country. In fact he has pushed us farther and faster into a pit we are in desperate need to dig our selfs out of.

Oh and now let's talk about the "greedy corporations" ... Seriously would you create a corporation to loose money? ... THAT IS WHY PEOPLE GO CREATE CORPORATIONS IS TO MAKE MONEY... Now that's out of the way greed isn't bad, in fact greed has made what this country so powerful, it is what drives us... It makes us better. 
@Piero Lecca ... Seriously you like Ron Paul (don't get me wrong I love the guy). But you say our only choice is Obama??? ... Let me break this gently ... THEY HAVE NOTHING IN COMMON. 
Oh and on taxes, I haven't payed income tax .. Um .. Ever, but yet year after year I get money back, now I will take it because I'm greedy.. But is it right .. NO. And I would be ok if it went away
 +Edward Hunt Another form of greed is always looking for bargains and discounts and coupons, and shopping at Walmart and other cheap stores.
This is Consumer Greed... want want want more more more for free free free.
But, I've sinned and gone of the original topic... Romney's alleged comments which have not been shown to be true.
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