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Jay Lu
+Gary Whitta this is just incredibly surreal. i can't image the planning that went into this deal getting together.
Bricked 2: Will & Norm vs. Jaime & Adam...
I'd pay-per-view that!!
I'm still at a loss about this whole thing. I've loved Mythbusters forever, I've loved Tested forever. Now I get to love them at the same time? Am I living some type of Hustler fantasy here with tech, science and explosions?
Holy shit. Mind blown. So excited for the team!
I love how the Tested announcement was all "we're upgrading, and adding Mythbusters!" while Jamie and Adam are all "we have our own site! These guys work there too..." Different announcements for different audiences, huh?
Two great tastes that will almost definitely taste great together. Super excited to see what's down the line!!
Yeah, seems like the tested guys made out much better than the giantbomb crew lol. It was nice to see that tested wasn't touted as the new mythbusters site though, that would have made me a sad panda :P
That's surreal :) I'm so excited for those guys!
Tested is a Personality Driven web site. The community loves the site because they love the people behind it. This is why adding people to the site has to be done very very carefully. Look at how careful Giant Bomb was when adding +Patrick Klepek for an example of that. If you're not careful the community will reject them and feel they're being given less of the people they love because of this new person.

This is especially the case if you add 2 people at once and give them top billing in one swoop. It doesn't help that the site is fundamentally less functional than it was yesterday.

I've already withdrawn the +1 I gave to I will say though that this change makes me feel better about Giant Bomb because now I know they made the right choice. Who knows who BermanBraun would've put in charge of Giant Bomb?
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