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f***ing scary..I cant even think about doing that..
I'm going to happily remain here at ground level.
mani S
lets work out , good place for peaceful workout. 
Exactly the way I work out... 
Just kidding I never work out.
Sha Man
Either way, you still get a video of your friends crazy unbelievably stupid workout, OR you get a video of them dropping to their death. Both would sell, smart camera guy whata friend !  Бессловесная ослица
Totally agree. First 20 seconds and that was it for me. Feeling a bit ill
Oppressed by communism. No heat. No food. No life to live for. Why Not do a crazy feat like this. After all. The motherland only needs "productive citizens to society".
mani S
lol good one @cave 
Olga V
:))) those russians
Olga V
+CAVE Creator Plenty of heat and food and everything but lack of money.
What I would do for the oportunity to have been there 1 hour earlier with a stick of butter.... Tee hee hee!
Considering how this pasttime is getting more and more popular among kids, showing some unsuccessful urban climbing antics could do some good. 
we should stop sharing this and making this viral i think it is bad and must be discourage 
+CAVE Creator LOL )). If didn't hear communism isn't around here for more than 20 years. These guys probably have never seen it.
That is freedom in action.  If you want to work out with spikes underneath you,  you can, does not mean you should or have a bunch of laws saying you cant.  Liberta Baby.
He's been most probably hanging around Moscow's metro station.
Man, most Americans wan't even get on a treadmill. No wonder we're so damned fat.
"Oppressed by communism. No heat. No food. No life to live for. Why Not do a crazy feat like this." 
No this wasn't the poor areas of America.
I'm getting tingles in my feet mad crazy just watchingthis...
brian m
That is not impressive, it is just stupid.
Yet another thread that makes me wish G+ had a "-1" or "flag this post as illiterate" button. Or both. I mean honestly, even if you misspell something, you can edit it.
He's too young for Communist "oppression" (no heat no food?) He's mad. Simple as that. Never heard of hypomania?
Got to be loyal to his work out routine....but it comes a time when u got to take a
There is one thing for sure about life. It will end.
illiterate =/= misspelling (although "thy" is a word, it does not mean they, but I digress). More the general sentence structure of my generation & younger - when reading it, I picture the "fake crackhead" from Office Space" reading. Just general evidence of "THEY" cutting education budgets, I suppose. Things that are not always the fault of the person propagating them for $1000, Alex.
jesus titty fuck I bet they need wheelbarrows to carry their balls around
Some serious strength 
Oh, c'mon, he was using both hands!
Ohh man, they have courage to do that.
if you are able to do it at all, you are able to do it...
They should be given Darwin Awards
Thats jus plain stupid, life is precious and when its gone its gone, you can't come back and try again. Why waste it like that, just one wrong move and your gone. Stupidness. Sorry but that's how I feel. The strength is good but not for that. 
they took the concept of " Against the gravity" too seriously :D
mani S
+deb stanley  it does sounds stupid but its good to be what u are, live for the moment. enjoy
Naa there is nothing wrong with that. I mean they only need to slip and its all over. Just maybe as he is falling down he will acknowledge to rethink his actions:P
H S Loy
Did they just bought a new viewcam??
mani S
try practicing at safe places then move to open one
mani S
why do somebody care / fear of death while falling from such height , thats foolishness..better enjoy the thrilling moment
Falling is just like flying except there's a more permanent destination. :)
The most dangerous thing about that high rise workout were  sudden gusts of wind, I suppose. An unpredictable factor that could send the guys... um... flying.
imagine falling from that high
Нужно это показать их мамам, наверняка долетят до верхушки башни
getting vertigo just looking at this...
Drop and splat. U see cloud all around u ..(l__l)
..................( ^ v ^)
this is pretty nutso. especially given how windy it is. 
ummm the point here  is??? Thats crazy and kudo's to them but who thinks of this... 
I feel sick in the gut just watching, you guys are crazy!! 
Dre O
At mani s and cave, both of you are stupid ignorant morons. Any of this guys can kick your neardy asses up and down that crain all day long. Pussies!
This is pretty cool until a duck flies by and knocks the crap out of one of them. #men and their egos. G Whiz!
Those Russians have stupid big balls ... 2 extra large shots of vodka please!!! ... craziness!!!
“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.” ― Albert Einstein
The Russians are so bad ass, their blood runs on awesome
You only get to be in the Darwin Awards if you take yourself out of the gene pool. We just have to wait...
I can't watch; that is too frightening to me.
Epic. Train hard. You only live twice.
The bottom of my feet get sweaty and tingly watching these crazy dudes! Well!
Thats really brave thats what it takes to be the best
Plus 1..NO!! How can I do a plus 10?! Awesome-ly done. And not forgetting, v big cojones... O_o 
An extreme case of potentially lethal testosterone poisoning.
Uhhhhh... Wtf ? Why would they DO this?? 
Very stupid.  All it takes is one little slip.
I would not do that for anything!? Maybe for my life but nothing else....
Awesome... But deadly :0
Er Vin
in russia heights are scared of people
Drago? Hah! Sissy man couldn't hold for one second even with gloves on! 
Namaste,Human Being  working .He may Russia, American & so forth.Guru Tatytwa,Prarbdha
Welcome to the #puts on sunglasses....DANGERZONE!!!
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+Jared Carlisle idk who they are but obviously they have been cutting the budget because you have and extra quotation mark after "space". 
A slight accident can cause ..i don't know , u tell me .. x|
Damn.. Windy! a small screw up and its the end.
If I lived under communism, I wouldn't value my life either!
That makes me feel physically sick cos its sooo scary!!
I can now conclude that insanity is not just contained to the U.S.A.
oooooooh my god what a video that is
no repect for life. if they fall, they deserve it
Had to stop watching, made me feel I'll!!!
there's a difference between not being scared, and doing completely stupid things
You guys just don't see it... Its a motivational adrenaline workout. I can't stand normal workout its boring and repetitive. Ye its way off the normal chart but the recipe is the same as I use when working out. Put challenging tasks in your work out, something random and dangerous. Makes things alot more fun :) 
Amzing what a naturle stunts..........
Damn this is some scary stuff... but very cool!
Jees that's insane, but yip if you fall........SPLAT!
How some ppl don't value their lives
i would kill myself if i ever tried to do that
Sorry, completely mental and totally stupid. I feel this may not be the last video we see of this and will most certainly end with someone being killed. Idiotic and irresponsible. 
I am agoraphobic & just watching those guys do that terrified me. I can only say they are living life & if that is the way they enjoy life. More power to them. I on the other hand shall keep all four of my wheels on the ground.
......In loving memory of Vlad and Jurek. They lived as they died: As dumbasses.
Oh c'mon everybody! This is good for the human race!

Ever heard of natural selection? If these guys live to breed, that means their physical strength helped them overcome their relative lack of brains / common sense / sanity (delete where applicable). If not, well...

Either way, humanity wins! :)
Yakov Smirnoff says: In Soviet Russia, bridge kill you!
If this is real, I don't know what to think. Brave or bizarre?
just shows you how awesome Russians are (btw my parents are  Russians)
Not dead yet, But soon....sometime it will slip from your hand and the game will end....
They've had too much of tom cruise...
Life is soo nice!!! You don't have to kill yourself for 5
That is not normal....
Not worth loosing your life over. Crazy and not worth it at all.
Guess OSHA wasn't on site that day!!
Just proves how ignorant people really are. Ooh look at me!! Watch me exercise & try not to fall to my death!!! Reminds me of the commercial of the meathead that was applying for a job & all he could say was.." I Lift Things Up & Put Them Down" Ha.. Moron
It's all fun and games until someone dies
I got scared of heights just watching this. Holy crap
Boy...those Russkies sure love their panoramic views.
hahaha these guys are nuts.
He is Russian so i m not all surprised :P 
Cool but CRAZY! We'll here one of them slipped and fell in a month or so.
Survival of the fittest? And smartest, too, maybe. xD
dude, they have unlimited power and concentration!!! 
Omg!i was gonna say i would do that, up until he started letting go!!!!
and my friends all think Russians just dick around with nukes all day......
can he jump?slide?
what can i feed him?is he potty trained?can i keep him?
does he/she need a certain kind of food?
how old?
which school did he/she go to?
how large is his biceps?
is he gay?homo?paranoid?
There are plenty of trees at the bottom, they'll be alright
Boy they r not serious at all. That's y de r enjoyin.
This looks like a nice spot for a workout! 10 seconds later... AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHGGGGGHHHHH OLUSURSUAYLAYEIYCG BYI YO YFK FLUTJS TKD'dyxjc gchxluky god fu Tuxkstxgu!!!!!!!!!!! SPLAT
This is the 1. episode of a trilogy that ends with the 2. episode.
I bet they'd win a Darwin award if they'd fall ... :->
Esses caras são loucos eu não teria essa coragem
Crazy stunt
Who is paying for it???
It's all fun and games until someone falls 500M to an untimely death.
more brawn than brains
Because we do crazy stuff like this its little wonder the average life span for a man is way lower than for a woman....looks cool though. 
please fall and die it vill b a great stunt ever life
so there ARE other idiots on google +.....
I thought I was all alone.....
In Russia, it is the ground who suffers when you hit it.
Props for upper body strength and flexibility, but stupid!
All fun and games until someone takes a dive. Lol
^this guy is awesome, I didn't think there were russia jokes here either
Future Darwin Award winners
he should go for a mental check up after that.
That is wicked crazy. I would have to say I might wanna try it
If these are real stunts, then they are really dangerous !!
i wonder what their mothers would say after seeing this..
russians can kill theirselves by doing that but i am an american and this is just retarted i am never doing this!!!!
What an idiot! LOL dude's crazy......
This made me sick to my stomach.. ugh I hate heights!
No way. I'm not afraid of hieghts. I'm also not stupid.
But like I said when these jackasses fall and die no need to feel sorry for them period . 
That's not dangerous; it's just a bit of fun ... the danger, is not even falling ... it's the bloody landing, from the fall that will either hurt - more than they could have ever imagined -  or kill them.
HAHAHA... wait wait... how about... HELL NO!
And if they fall down and break an arm(lol) or die, then they fuckin' blame God and the rest of the world for their fuckin' stupidity.
ungalaku ell suthu moolamda.....
i.e  this is all bcz of ur ass fat....
It must be hard to remember to not look down!
He be great but one mistake and no more be he!
This is what happens when your kids don't play video games lol
What the hell. Props to thems dudes but hellz no.
Very stupid but the guy is super strong watch when he's holding on with one hand and lifts himself up to give a high five. Still OMG!!!!!
that's freaking stupid crazy f%&#%@ video. These guys are really crazy! While I'm watching the video I felt my knee shaking.
These guys are freakin crazy. What are they smoking over there?
I'd probably do that closer to the ground.... if ya feel me...
As dangerous as this is, its pretty cool. Like having that much strength and confidence is amazing. What they do in their free time and for their workout is there business. They obviously know what they r doing. Just hope they remain careful.
they want to be on YouTube that badly??
BT Tee they love no one in their life?
What ever... this is not smart actually..
Just being up there would scare the hell out of me, especially with that wind!
My palms got sweaty just watching. Yikes.
this....  seems irresponsible
is not crazy is not mad as a dashing idea play to the Danger event
Dan Jen
The whole time I was thinking "i hope someone didn't upload the death of this idiot in the green"
Holy crow how crazy do you have to be to do that
Wow..:0 don't know really what they try to proof,very unprofessional and irrational big NO 4 suicidal compulsive :/ 
I didn't see the title, but my immediate thought was 'this is Russia, isn't it'
How insane to take such risks with the life God has given. Many have committed one slip and destroyed what is so precious, in the Image of God.
Adrenaline gives one peak performance. Some people don't generate enough. Hanging off the bridge must secrete high volume.
Fortunately, in America we have Gold's.
J'en ai mal au ventre......terrible,incroyable magnifique. Merci
is it wrong to really want them to fall off that tower?
Dumb asses. One day they will slip and fall. 
How do you spell "Dumb Ass" in Russian???
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