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Second-degree murder.
George Zimmerman is in custody, charged with second-degree murder in the death of Trayvon Martin, a special prosecutor said Wednesday.
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Tell me who can be against this? Great news.
Let the proceedings begin, another american judicial circus
Sandi H
It is about time.
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Finally. I heard the 911 tape and he clearly had a problem with the kid being black. He should have gotten first degree murder and the fact that he wasn't arrested and charged right away is ridiculous. The police and the prosecutor waited until the whole country was in an uproar over this before they decided to act accordingly.
No one can say for certain that they (prosecution) knew enough, there is the matter of political instigation that is more than a probability, politics taint most of what it touches, it is so incestuous, regardless of tape recordings, the matter is adorned at this point with complexities, and we will never truly know anything because most involved are hiding behind self serving preservation in order to avoid the beast that may or may not merit attention, due process is what you see in courtrooms all over this country, not in a political arena
well all I hav to say is zimmerman had wat was coming to him he made the choice to shot him so they made the choice to.put him in jail
Truth is we never get all the facts, people need to back off with their half truth based opinions. I'm glad there is a trial, let the accused defend himself, let the prosecutor fight for the rights of the victim and his family. Another witch-hunt/circus trial is sad and probably unavoidable though and it will impede justice for either sides. 
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