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I'm just going to play this on loop the rest of the day!  Thx.
Fuck yeah, St. Vincent! Glad she got that recognition.
Some people just "get" an instrument.  Wish I could play Piano like this guy plays guitar.
I wonder what he is using for an effects pedal. It sounds like he arranged all the effects in order and then just kept tapping "next" for the next song on his list. This is very good!
All the technical details are in the info on the video's page.
+Gary Whitta That's a pretty sweet setup, I'm even more impressed with his pedal setup. This guy has some talent. The Fender Tweed that he is playing out of sounds lovely. I have a friend who has one and puts all of our other amps to shame.
Nice!  Obviously an incredible guitar player.  The thing that really impressed me though was his ability to detune & tune his guitar so quickly & accurately.
I wonder if this guy actually sells any guitars or just spends all day messing with the merchandise.  Great video.
I could play that good if I had that guitar. ;)
Great song selection - I'm surprised there's no music nerd argument happening in here! (ie. I would drop Blue Orchid for Devil Inside...) Again, love your work!
Amazing!  Cool to see him play that U2 riff without any of the Edge's effects.  Bet when he got to the Ramones and Green Day he thought, "Whew!"
That was amazing.
I would say he did his studying. 
i bet he could stop bullets with his left hand calluses ....most wonderfully awesome music video I've seen in a while ...thanks for sharing this :)
69 is heavy metal 
Must say, very good. With the exception of some of stuff from the headbanger bands that I have no ear for. Missing was Al Dimeola riffs.
Nice work.
sad thing is most young kids will have only heard most of these through Guitar Hero...
82 FTW btw
+Tony Jackson i know it from my parents and i only listen to rock n roll and metel
that"s bad. I can only do 10 to 15 riff . This guy can play pro
Not that bad. Learn the other tabs is all
光弹不唱      不带劲
hate = envy in this case, this guy's a stud :)
Hell yea shit wish I was the good on my peavey
Add me and check out the video I JUST shared. I'm missing fingers on my hand and play good guitar. I just messed around in the video
Can not mess with you annoyed that you were growing up today
Google Translate says :D
Cool concept and the guy is good just to pull it off. Glad you shared ~
I kinda wanna know how he remembered all 100 riffs lol
Very impressive. Apparently he could have been the lead guitarist for any one of those bands.
Mark L
Wish I could play like that, guys awesome on guitar!
Wow, not too shabby dude..But this is the kinda stuff that drives the sales rep nuts at the guitar shop.  ;-)
I love how this is chronological
I have a feeling my finger tips are gonna bleed again!
Reminds me of jammin' with a friend of mine. Good times!
Thankfully, my musical talent only relies on the ability to click the play button/link.  This was a rocking break from work.
that is interesting something different never hear before but
it is something ha but I like it hay you all jealous because no one can do like him
ya.....i hate this guy too!! cause I can`t play just like him.....
SHOW OFF! But you have to admit it was awesome. I wish I could play like that. But for one thing I don't even play guitar.
incredible! brings back a lot of good memories in such a short time.
so damn gr8... i'm luvin' it!
Soundin like we won the freakin super bowl.
You gotta love the on the fly drop D tuning !
Oh yeah, way too cool. Totally inspirational..... Ok, back to practising those scales.
Well, those songs are gonna be in my new playlist..
"I hate this guy" are words of great respect. This was a great video!
Freaking awesome! Thanks!
What a fun video, wish I could play like him.
Makes me want to take out the ol' 6 string from under the bed....long story why its there. My fingers get itchy looking at this video. thanks for the post
Beyond awesome.. And now I want a playlist of all those songs :)
Hmmm... recognized everything up to #70.... and one 1 beyond... guess that spells old fart...
This reminds me of all the music I wish I had. 
I'm a youngin' and recognize majority of these. Don't feel so old. Also, this video is proof that fender stratocaster is the greatest guitar of all time.
Gives me a sense of inspiration, and defeat at the same time.
Best 12 minutes I ever wasted!!! Simply amazing!
I've been to this store and talked to this guy and is the first time I seen him play lol ... pretty cool guy thou!!
Great video. My hand cramped just watching it! Awesome guitarist, with excellent gear!
Sounds like he had fun. I knew all the first twenty and had never heard any if the last twenty; I still love rock and roll! Thanks for sharing.
Awesome. I like it
Brilliant - makes me want to get a guitar like that and learn to play!
Great ! If I told you I lived all that...
This guy is stupid good... lol
Don't be jealous.Ilove metallica so much
Practice guitar everyday eat sleep dream it and you will achieve it :)
Knew weezer would be there.

The muse bit was excellent.
牛逼 羡慕嫉妒恨
Jin Nam
The sequencing of the 100 was brilliant!
so crazy,i love this…
Love the transition from Weezer to Smashing Pumpkins. Really good. Great job man!
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