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It's a shame that Facebook has become a place where I won't click on potentially interesting apps/links for fear that they might be malicious.
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No Apps in my FB account, unless you count the mobile ones I have granted permissions to (i.e. Tweetdeck, HexSycn, etc.) Don't really trust apps on FB, even if they are legitimate. They just seem "spammy" in nature. Got dozens of "Hidden Chronicles" request from my friend list..."No I don't want to help you find xxx!!"
I'm most annoyed at links I click that redirect me to an app I have to install/authorize before I can see the link...
Yeah, a few of my friends read articles on Yahoo, and it gets posted on their wall. Sometimes it looks interesting so I click on it, but it requires app access. So I google the article title and read it on a competitors site. Good job.
I'm not sure if I will ever participate with something that so blatantly attempts to be open and decent, despite practicing strange information privacy policies and cynically turning people into algorithms while trying to overtake the internet.
Get the Norton Safe Web app. It will scan all of the links in the feed and make sure they're safe. A lot of the apps are crap, and want to impersonate you, and make posts of your behalf; not a bad idea if you don't mind spamming all of your "friends", but I usually bail as soon as the app requests my permission to do anything.
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