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Sugar in drinks.
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in the water bag is nothing or something???
isent good to see?
Heh...the light reflection for the water bottle baggie makes it look like there's sugar in it. Light really is the Lord of Illusion!
Ohh, so that's why I like Mountain Dew... it's full of crack ;)
darn that is very bad

i knew it before, but it never got on my conscience
Wow that is a lot of sugar in the Mountain Dew bag!!!!!
they didn't take into account the size of the drink though, clearly the red bull contain the most sugar for its size.
mtn dew more than water why because that not good for them
That's brilliant. Gary I'm getting on a major lifestyle change myself (cutting out high-fructose corn syrup, sweeteners, and the like), and I just want to say that your reasonable approach to health over the past few months has been inspiring.
Zoe S.
mtn d. has a lotta sugar!
Amazing! Thanks for sharing this... and good thing that I drink mostly water (and wine) (and coffee).
WOW. That's surprising.
whew!!! good thing I only drink red wine :)....scary when you see it layed out like that
what a great and simple illustration,
what a great and simple illustration,

do you know how much sugar rootbeer has?
YAY !!!! I LOVE SUGAR!!!! your saying like its a bad thing????
Cool i never known that before look at mnt dew thats a lot
If it looks like there is more sugar than what could fit in the can or bottle it's because sugar is empty calories. Take a pint glass at home and fill it almost to the top then take a cup of sugar and slowly pour it into the water. Now notice that water level hardly changes at all.

This is also how your body goes through it so quickly and you crash from it suddenly also.
Just so you guys know that picture is completely wrong. Red Bull has 27 grams of sugar. That's about 5 teaspoons.
me and who likes the friken club penguins bnow a days
Wild redditor appears. James used "call out". It's not very effective.
Mountain Dew doesn't have enough sugar in it yet
good for you but moster is better then suger in drinks
MY CUZ WORK THERE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dang, think il stick with, what about milk tea?...
ur welcome u have a problem with me
wow, really puts that issue in perspective.
uuhh thanx man i know wut im gonna do 4 my science f air project this year heheehehhh thanx :D im prtty sure ill get an A+
Is it sugar, or high fructose corn syrup?
that is supid who cares how much suger is in a dk
wouldnt the white stuff in water be salts not sugar?
I would rather have all that sugar than the chemicals that come in other drinks!
thats is a lot of sugar except in the water bottle, I love me some water!!!!!
Yay! for sugar!! As long as it isn't corn syrup- which is gmo tainted.
B Ashar
omg, i didnt think bout tht...
I do milkshakes water and milk also water to not stay sick i hate Mtn dew and im a kid
I love all of those drinks except redbull
i am still going to drink them suger or not
Excessive sugar consumption=notgood-because:
"From the point of man's evolution, an excessive amount of sugar has been in our diet for only a split second. Yes, we ate honey and we might have chewed on a sugar cane or eaten sugar beets and fruits, but only since the industrial revolution has the human race had an increasing amount of sugar in its diet.
Whereas fat has been in our diet since ever. Branding fat as the bogey man of our diet is short-sighted and ill-informed from an evolutionary point of view."

This quote is from our book "The All And Everything of Healthy Living" Free here:
y m i not surprised! thats why i drink water! don't buy fizzy(soda) drinks!
Haven't had a sugar laden drink in 10 years. I avoid it at all cost. The sad thing is in America it's not sugar but most times it is HFCS in the drink. Some juice brands that parents give children have more HFCS or sugar than a cola. Yuck.
its good to be informed helps to see what is actually in the food we eat and liquids we drink!
Mmmm... Mt. Dew... still my beverage of choice, yet I also drink it in moderation, just like everything else should be.
i will rethink my drink thanks :)
water, kool aid, mt. dew I would still drink, but I don't know what red bull taste like buth the others I don't know what they are?
i would have thought reb dull would top the list.
The Mountain Dew has high fructose corn syrup in it. It has not had sugar in it for a long time. This experiment is therefore not accurate. High fructose corn syrup is far worse for you than sugar. It is created in a lab.

Because more and more are boycotting hfcs, they are renaming it corn sugar. Hfcs is not sugar. If you see corn sugar listed for the ingredients it is really hfcs.
I have to stop drinking MOUNTAIN DEW.
soda is filled with sugar and sugar can make u sick
that's a lot o' cocain in that drink!
good for the dentists and diabetes treatment options. sucks for real life -re-think what you drink - no doubt
Sugar content doesn't bother me near as much as High Fructose Corn Syrup.
i love sugar, drink soda all the time, never get fat
This is one of the reasons I only drink water with crystal light now lol
Josh, thanks for pointing out that this isn't accurate. The link Josh pointed out has real information about the grams of sugars in each beverage, as well as piles of sugar cubes to illustrate the amount. A Red Bull has less than 1/4 the sugar of a 1 liter Mountain Dew. Water is the only thing on that board that I drink on anything approaching a regular basis. Once you get off the sugary beverages, all of these things taste oversweetened and nasty.
I'm on Mike's hard lemonade now. I had a lung infection and it ate all of my sugar up. Bad way to learn about yeast infections.
Whoa! Thank goodness my COKE is not there, that means it's healthy! RIGHT!?? loljk!
im gonna drink it until i die noob, i bet you will drink soda some time after this
The kool-aid one is pretty stupid because that sugar is the amount of sugar added by following the directions. So you know it's there because you put it there...
I guess that's why it's called a mountain's like a mountain of sugar
wtfg why would someone talk smart hate it man not kool aha
Me too I didnt know that much sugur was in those kinds of drinks!!!
Root beer is still the best, then Russian kvas
Ken S
I've never drank any of that shit, but my "cousin" has been told if he drinks any more Red Bull it could kill him. Heart fucked.
omg that's gonna make us so fat for sure
Red bull having a high sugar because sugar give energy ??
right, like they are using granular sugar and not high fructose corn syrup, which is already a liquid... lulz
Overstated and disproportionate in regards to the drink sizes and serving size.
I love sugar. It makes my neurons fire...
holy..lookit that mt dew..a bag full of sugar...really scary tho....
dude that is soooo kool! i never realized that mountain dew had so much sugar in it! from now on, whenever im at a fast food place or whatever, there is no doubt that i will be rethinking my drink!
what about a slurpee?
that is ok we know that we are sweat that way
Where's Coca-Cola? There's some 40 + sugar cubes in that!
Makes me want to drink a lot more 
+Angus Young AquaVista water is listed as 0g of sugar. Red Bull has about 27g of sugar, roughly 6 teaspoons. Mountain Dew might be the closest there, 77g or ~17 teaspoons.
Yes- Water is the best choice... you can flavor it now, wonder how much sugar with thoes packets you add?
WOW! I guess that's why I try not to drink my Calories
Ohh my gosh that is oh my gosh thats horrible...
i want mountain dew water or kool aid jammers
Mtn dew has a lot of sugarrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wow. In light of the recent 60 Minutes story about the toxicity of sugar... it makes on think!
more sugar, more water, more thirst.
red bull taste so good i cannot believe that
Thank you Wilford Brimley! Of course I have to point out that most likely none of those drinks use actual sugar. They all probably use High Fructrose Corn syrup. Also an 8oz RedBull only uses 27 grams of sugar, which is about 2 tablespoons. There is way more than 2 tablespoons in that bag. I'd imagine that all those bags are overstated.
+Webster Mwenye you had to go there ? Why not regulate grease, when are people going to be accountable for their own behavior. Read the fing label, wher do you think the 250 calories come from the water. 
Redbull kept us awake and alive in Iraq.
I thought it was, how much you would need as an alternative to these drinks..
Exactly +Joe Etten 1.8 tablespoons equals 5.4 teaspoons (which I rounded to 6 with rough math) ???
i dont care suger is what makes the drinks good
+Travis Sowers and staff duty once you get from down range! No Dos during basic training! 
thats lot of sugar,im sticking with plain water!
Ph-ew, I don't drink any of that (except soda :P)!
That's a reflection on the bag under the water ;-)
Wow is all I can say this is def crazyy I didnt know sugar was in water!!!!:/ WWOW
Are the bags normalized to an equal volume of the original liquid? Some of the containers are way way smaller than the others, so this might not be an entirely fair comparison.
I never knew that there was crack in those drinks. Damn, I got to lay off the Mountain Dew before I end up like Amy Whinehouse. (If that's how you spell it) lol
Sugar can and will cause ailments, try not to abuse it. And diet soda is just as has been known to cause MS. I hope that is the only bottled water that has sugar in it. Gator aid has 14 grams of sugar, great health drink.
I never knew that water had sugar
How much sugar dose a Monster drink has
Water has sugar? Mhm, Seems legit.
I dnt get it!..we are daily innundatd with health info such as this on how deleterous&lethal dis synthetic products cn be or are..why cntinue productn of smtin dat adds little but take so much away! i thnk it's wisdom so cmmn we don't value it!..u say u don't want war and yet u mass produce weapons of mass destructn..hypocrisy!!..
It Looks Really Disgusting when you look at how much sugar is in it. wow.
Is that sugar in my WATEEERRRRRRRRR? Add lemons.
me neither i guess its not the healthiest thing
i love surar dinks thats y im so buff lol lmmfao lmfao rofl
omg....i can't drink anything but tea and coffee sugar free...
BeCa m
oh whatever
BeCa m
i dont care i LOVE my kool aid!
I used to drink so much mt dew, now water all the way.
Understand the difference,sugar or sucrose is used rapidly by the body and is a simple sugar, fructose (sugar obtained from fruit) a complex sugar is harder for the body to breakdown and takes longer. Craving for a sugar fix, hit up on a piece of fruit, your choice and mellow out man, fruits the thing.
Anyways.. Lol you are stop drinking any of them..
omg....this is a very clear picture to understand and quit.......though m nt in to any such drinks but yes sometimes consider them to be OK but now no more.......
I know what I'm putting into my body. I see no issue with this
do ya in know,water bottles,if washed once release Liver carcinogen.
discard after use,never refill.Or best DONT use it at all
cool ill watch it uncle mat later when are you guys coming out
i miss you guys were is antie katie
julia s
they put sugar in my water
There's no sugar in the water........Duh! lol
I bought a Starbucks mocha, large bottle, and my wife said "how much sugar is in that?" Turns out it was 52 grams. Only 7 of them makes a full pound of sugar. She ruined it for me.
Because it's commercial water. It's water that's 'better than water!'
Yeah, a redbull is half filled with pure sugar. Fuck off this is bullshit.
HAHA, just makes me want a mt. dew
Red bull, no wonder you made me crash like an addict.
WATER WATER WATER and unsweetened tea! Your body deserves it!
The devil is sweet!
Let's drink tea! 
I gave up all sugars & wheat a few years ago and have never felt better, my only grain nowadays is a little brown basmati/wild rice mix that I cook up.
Mine is easy black coffee no sugar
Jay Cox
Looks a little absurd.. I don't think 76 grams of sugar is that voluminous, even if it's powered, although 76 grams powered is surprisingly more than a half of a cup.if I'm reading right.
Rather Diabetes in our Drink.....My god...horrible...!!
All that sugar is why diabetes, heart attacks... are on the rise.
Ding Di
why people get fat...
Hat do I do I can't stop drinking soda and kool-aid and anything sugary lmfao
I believe in drinking rooibos tea instead of cooldrink.
Holy cow! How in the world will i ever drink soda and juice again!!
None of those (bar the water) are drinks... They are methods of distributing corn syrup to stoopid people...
Er Vin
Hell yea mountain dew ftw!
That's so ewww I have to drink water for now on
well is that mean coke products are holding less sugar comparatively these??
Think I'll have a Red Bull enough sugar for a diabetic coma
Hey, what is that gun in your profile pic?
Jesus that's scaring.
Wow. That empty cup sure has a lot of sugar. xD
oh datz really sad....i wud only have beers from nw on.......
wait.....look closely. there is something wrong with this pic. hint look all the way to the left and tell me why there's sugar in that.
I live in Pakistan but here the water is not good though i filter it before drinking :/
This is well timed. I have been considering my diet lately, which consist of 12 or more Dews a day. Wow.....
Which is why I drink sugar-free Red Bull. Tastes just as good.
Nooo! not Chocolate milk too!
How come the last (green color) put so much of sugar like that? It seems that we are human are drinking suger.
This is completely true! Extend it to take in all the carbohydrates that are not classified as fructose -- wheat, rice, corn or maize, legumes meaning beans. Stevia is fine if you an tolerate the after-taste. Personally, I prefer to eat organically grown natural foods -- animal flesh, vegetables, fruits -- and then I get the nutrition I need and don't have to worry about calories, macro-nutrients and other details.
A disgusting amount of sugar...
Its Nice......................
Wow all that sugar is in milk and i didnt think water had sugar in it
Interesting !!! Thanks a lot 4 sharing !! I shared it again !!
I don't actually think water contains any sugar!!!
I can't believe I am drinking so many sugar!!!
So don't need 2 drink anything!!!! :33
How is it that people are surprized? It says right on the tin! It's more interesting to see how much sugar is in otherwise healthy stuff, like fruit and juice (a lot!). Sugar is what our cells burn for energy, most of what we eat gets turned to sugar in the end anyway. It's not unhealthy as long as you know how much energy you consume, as to not get fat. Obviously people don't....
Brings it home. We have V in NZ. I bet that is full of sugar.
Whoa. That's why my son loves Mountain Dew so much.. Where 's coke?
cool chart may have to re thing about what drinks is the best for me
i knew they put cocaine in those drinks!
even mineral water contains sugar,odd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nice. but why other popular beverages like Coca Cola and Pepsi are not shown in the image?
i love redbull :)
that comparison is heavily flawed but its your right to believe what you want
no es mui normal encontrarse azucar en las botellas a mi me gustaa
va no me gusta ningona . la k mas me gusta es la de coca cola pero ai no esta
ohh i see mnt dew as d drink dt have no sugar at all;right now i m disappointed
Gosh! Thank God that for a long time now for me its water,water,water!!
Ill take a mountain dew please. You clearly get more for your money than any of the other drinks here.
too bad those aren't mainstream-worldwide products... i'd like to see things like pepsi, coke and other products distributed all around (like redbull is)... anyway, i was freaking out when i saw the reflection of the plastic bag under the water bottle... tought it was sugar too
Replace these drinks with green tea everybody! You will see the results when you look in the mirror!
Thnaks for share useful information
Who cares what's inside? Feel good, enjoy the life. Drink 50% health for your future, 50% shit for today:)
thank for this can i no your real name
Mountain Dew not only has sugar in it but has a lot of salt in it also just like Gator Aide
Wait, my fave is not listed,and you do not snort it [!!]
This should be a standard poster in every school
WAIT a min is the first one water ???? water has no Sugar
There's no sugar in the water bag... It's just a reflection of the light.
"We are not in the drinks business. We are in the sugar delivery business" =P
It's nice seeing the truth behind the bubbles!
but I like sugar...  All i drink is mountain dew...
I drink Mountain Dew because of the sugar...
Yea.. I think I'll stick with water.. that's WAAAAY too much sugar.
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