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down the uncanny valley we go!
Looks like I wont be getting any sleep tonight. Thanks Gary!
The only real give-away are the mouth movements. Once they get those nailed down, we're all in trouble.
AND LIQUID NITROGEN!! Just to be sure...
Why does dude zoom in on her chest at the end?
+Phil Butcher it's the ubër-nerd dream come true. A zoom is merely the beginning....
+Dre Black This isn't heading into the uncanny valley, this is rapidly leaving it behind.

Now we just need to get some decent A.I. working...
We are looking at the future. Unfortunately, it will be a future without humans.
That is amazing. At the same time, I am totally creeped out. I don't like it.
just WOW...I was SO sure it was a person trying to act like a robot - at first... ewe, for some reason it creeped me out - at the same time I was amazed and scared at the technology....hmmmm - now I need a therapist~~~
fire is useless. it will only burn off the synthetic skin, revealing the metallic endoskeleton that lies below.
revealing a terminator, right?
wtf?.u just know asians.(i presume japanese)..r building these robots for sex.
I want to have it just sit in a chair facing me while i watch tv....cause i like to feel uncomfortable 24/7
i bet if a guy bout this,within 15minutes he wud b on tech support asking "how do i get it to shut up? and soapy water is ok to use internally right?"
Everyone knows you have to use lightning magic on robot enemies!
I think these kind of humanoid robots can be really helpful, for instance, for old people in retirement homes. If they work properly... those old people are very lonely. If a robot like this "reads" a newspaper for them, that would be really nice. Of couse, as addition to real people, but hey, we all know how it looks like with family visits.
I said to my wife, "I wonder if she talks back?"
and that's when the fight started...
looks like the girl in the ring. highly creepy
Well... now that Skynet is active we are all going to die in the robot holocaust. Thanks, Japan.
Unbelieveable yet believable!
holy crap the toasters are ALIVE!!!!!! ....fracken hell!!!
We are being replaced! Run for life!!
No more tears,replace them with something close to what you had.
The new war machine!! run for your life!!!
Hey man, that ain't funny.
Thank you for this share, very impressive and fun.
Que pasada, mejor que terminator.....jajajaj.
There is no expression in the eyes though,scary stuff somehow.
can it satisfy human desire? I mean...ermmm you know. human "desire".
Person in a robot costume
Wow, could also pass for the most robot-like human ever.
Witnessing the terminator
Did The Terminator bow? I must have missed that scene.
This is highly creepy all though you have to admit genius stuff.
These engineers need to team up with the makers of Real Dolls.
Boris C
Who the fuck is this guy? Get'atta my news feed, slut!
Combine this with Google and Skynet is up and running.
It looks like a japanese ghost.
My goodness. 老天,和真人一个样!
i hop your remember a bout god, don forget
"Mother of god..." :: removes sunglasses ::
I hope these things have an emergency shut off button in case they go crazy and start killing everyone.
I am truly surprised they didnt create that Thing as an 13year old schoolgirl or some weird Anime-character. Do they at least sell this things worn underwear?
yes yes, very impressive, but can I have sex with it?
Jay K
for some reason this is one of the scariest things i've seen in a while.
Really scary, thousand thinks come up my mind. Some of them really helpful to our society some of them not.

+Martin Turner you can bet on it, that the sex industry will be one of the big beneficiaries of this.
Dammit. The first commenter +Dre Black stole my uncanny valley joke! I can only tolerate the existence of these robots if I can make uncanny valley jokes.
It's Human nature to mistrust and be "creeped out" by anything that looks so close yet not quite human. Thats why the most lovable movie robots are always just un-human enough. Ect. R2-D2
No, fire won't be enough, that will only reveal its metal skeleton, after which you will have to run into a factory and get it caught in a crusher while you crawl away from it with a wounded leg.
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