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I looked close. I think it's the same people in both photos.
I think I see King Canute in the the middle there.
"Stupid" isn't an insult to these people... it's a point of pride.
Imagine how broke this country will be in 40 years. Homosexuals don't make children; population goes down; no federal income taxes; ultimately country is broke. Oh, btw God destroys the U.S. with foreign invaders!
^this guy is trying to troll! How cute! Did you make that all by yourself or did mommy help you?
I'm a straight married man and I am not having any children. I'm not having children because everyone my wife and I know are having 4+ children. We are already pushing Earth's population limits. I would rather live in a world with fewer, well fed, well educated people than the ignorant, starving world we are creating. I just wish people could put aside their own petty interests, as well as realize the fact that not everyone is religious, or believes in their god, and let people live their own lives without persecution. I would rather see children adopted by stable, happy, educated gay couples than see another child born into a chaotic, unstable, naive couple that continuously argue, break up, etc... Not everyone believes in your religion, and freedom of religion is there to protect the rest of us from your beliefs as much as it protects your right to practice your belief.
Legalize Incest! The same sex thing is a done deal!!!
Homosexuals will NEVER accidentally have a genetically handicapped child. HUGE difference!
As we all know, if gay people are allowed to get married then it will bring about the end of the world; Nazis on dinosaurs and all that.

So, joking aside, just let gay people get married. If you care about someone you should be able to express that regardless of sexuality.
Ha ha ha - so now homosexuality is a race... hahahahaha. Ripley's believe it or not...
No, its a lifestyle choice. Like being Jewish or a woman. Get it right.
O yes ! you can be as miserable as us ! go for it
40 years? They look stupid now.
deconstructing and dismantling ancient values and or morals does not really make civilization better. not that it's not already in the crapper. but you still got to allow people to defend what they/we have thus considered 'society' for apprx 5000 years.
Genes don't make your identity. The connections between the neurons in your skull do. There are billions of those, and the connections formed between them are different for every person.
It's not a matter of looking stupid, its a matter between right and wrong (I don't agree with anti-civil rights activists btw)
Homosexuality is perfectly natural. So is not having white skin. So is being a female human being. Gays are better than straights for the same reason that people of color are better than whites, for the same reason that women are better than men. Gays, non-whites, and women are all better than the other because they all have to struggle for what the other takes for granted, and those who take their presumed superiority for granted are weak and stupid.
If we didn't question traditions or the world around us, then we might as well be robots or an average ape. We would still think the world flat, center of the universe and human (or other animal) sacrifice the way things should be, just because that is the way it has always been. I would rather be a part of a society that questions its morals and values and uses facts to reach conclusions, not text in a book younger than the Iliad. Looking at history, society, in general, is a MUCH better place than any time in history being run religion and tradition. (dark ages, anyone?)
I don't really care what somebody's sexual preference is. I respect the individual person. the main problem i have with the gay rights movement is that during the civil rights marches where were they? I didn't see them getting bit by dogs and having water canons turned on them. In fact Martin Luther King removed a civil rights activist from the movement because he was gay and a communist. A southern baptist minister wasn't gonna have no part of that. Now that the coast is clear here they are and quick to mention the struggle of others. I have no quarrel with your individual choices or preferences. My viewpoint is strictly political. Furthermore, who is going to take up the slack in this country when you get a tax break for being a married couple. I don't think its gonna be me!
Gay people are going to continue being gay regardless of whether or not they are allowed to marry. Not allowing gay marriage is not going to make the world 'straighter', nor is allowing it going to make the world 'gayer'. The only consequence of gay marriage is that gay people will be allowed to get married, and if you consider it devaluing to 'straight marriage' you'll be just as Kindergarten as someone who pesters their mum for a tasty delicious ice cream and then doesn't want it any more when he sees a kid he doesn't like also has ice cream.

Let the world be full of ice cream! And Marriage!
Why are we here? Surely it cannot be to make someone's life miserable because we may not agree with it. Live and let live!
+james calvin it is all about self-interest. Even I support only because I support individual rights and separation of church and state. Those are the real disputes, for me (so, I would have been there if I was a lot older)
+Kit Malone Are you saying that if gay folks can marry that you'll stop having children? Seriously! WTF! Why? It doesn't affect me one bit. Why would it stop you from wanting children?
jeromy if you support seperation of church and state dont you find it ironic that people are seeking acceptance on the grounds that violate both...leave the church people alone so you can keep an eye on them
Ok. Let's try something from the Bible here. " Let he without sin, cast the first stone". So in other words, we all have our issues, but we should leave other people the hell alone. Who are we to decide someone elses life ? How would any of you like to have other people telling you what is right and wrong ?? What you can or can not do in your private life ? So make it legal and leave it alone.
we do have people telling us what is right and wrong everyday its called the law...we might not agree with it always but its there and it can be change...but evidently now is not the time.
+Lynda Leonard Absolutely! Live and let live!
+John Hansen May I say that I am in favor of those who hold the philosophy of live and let live, and opposed to those who think they are superior to others? May I also say that I am sympathetic toward those who have to struggle, and unsympathetic toward those who do not? Some people seem to hold the view that those who have to struggle are trash, while those who have it easy are to be admired. Those are the same people who oppose gays, try to keep women down, and want to keep blacks in slavery. Those are the same people who promote social darwinism, through selfishness or stupidity or ignorance or brain-washedness or whatever. May I say that whoever holds privilege and has never had to struggle for that privilege and who takes that privilege for granted should be, at minimum, subject to suspicion. If you disagree with all of this, then you and I live in separate worlds.
Ok can anyone tell me what the definition of marriage is? Because I guess I was brought up very differently. I don't want to disrespect anybody even though no matter how I might put it it still will offend someone, but I thought a marriage was more like a biblical thing where a male and a female make a commitment in front of God and in front of family and friends. I mean am I wrong? Also, I would like to know if this is about getting married just to receive equal benefits or is it about saying its okay to be married under God in a church even if you are homosexual. Because I thought homosexuals were getting equal rights through domestic partnerships anyways. I'm just trying to get an understanding of what homosexuals are trying to get out of a marriage.
hey david heres your definition of marriage....its what a man or a woman is willing to put up with for a constant source of
Not all states have the equal partnership thing. There are gay people who also believe in GOD. Maybe they wish to get married in church. Maybe they want to be able to have the same benefits as straight people. I am not sure what the big deal is here. Why shouldn't they get the same rights as anyone else ? Maybe they are also just trying to express their love for their partner, like we do. I mean what is the reason straight people get married ? Is it just for the benefits ?
+james calvin - Probably the reason you never saw gays in the civil rights movement is because an out gay in that environment would have been killed. Blacks cannot hide their color, but a gay man or woman can hide the fact that they are gay. And yes,some blacks do not like gays. That is another issue and has nothing to do with the fact that gays are subject to persecution, not entirely unlike the persecution that blacks have experienced. Gays, like blacks, have been beaten tortured and killed because they were gay.
+Peggy Trawick , you are hilarious. By your standards, the most superior are gay black women. But they're only superior if they don't realize it. As soon as they assume they're superior, then they're not. Christians have to struggle to maintain their beliefs INSIDE their own organizations. Homosexuals want more than equal rights (as +David Figueroa alludes to above). Basically they want tolerance...of anyone who agrees with them. If I disagree with a homosexual, I am the one labeled "intolerant", not the homosexual who is intolerant of my heterosexual, man+woman marriage view.
Hey Steve i cant understand that...maybe they should create there own religion and make the state and federal recognize there cant pick and choose what you want out of religion its all or nothing so they say.
+james calvin in all serious, what the fuck? If a straight couple can get married secularly, if two people who aren't religious at all can get married, then why can't two gay people get married? Or are you against non-religious people getting married? If so, is it all religious people or is it just Christianity? Or is it just one flavour of Christianity that is allowed to get married? Murderers can get married on Death Row, as long as it's a straight marriage... Anyone straight can violate any one of the 10 commandments and be married in the current system, but two people who love each other, don't kill or steal or have extra-marital affairs can't if they are the same gender?
A good number of them haven't left that lower picture:

"In Alabama, 67 percent of respondents said interracial marriage should be allowed, but 21 percent said it should be illegal and another 12 percent were not sure. Mississippi Republican voters were even more divided: Only 52 percent said such marriages should be legal, versus 29 percent who said they should be banned and 17 percent who were unsure."
+Tim Laggy maybe god destroyed this country with foreign invaders 600+ years ago. 
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+james calvin I like the fact you are coming at this from a political point instead of a religious standpoint. I have a LOT of respect for that. Mentioning taxes, laws, etc, I have a slightly different view. I don't think state should be allowed to regulate marriage, as marriage is a union under a religion. I also don't think married people should benefit from a tax break, or any other benefit. My wife and I would never have gotten married if it wasn't for the fact that my work wouldn't send my wife overseas with me if we weren't. I am no more or less dedicated to my wife after being married. I just think that, if their religion supports it, heterosexuals, homosexuals, and even groups (multiple wifes/husbands) should be allowed to marry, but without state benefits or consequences, like everyone else, if there was true separation of church and state.
David you are correct in saying that no matter what you say it will offend someone. You have a very valid question, because I am not sure what the heck is going on. I do believe that everyone should have equal rights even if they are married to the same sex. That is not saying that i believe two people of the same sex should be married, because i dont think that is the way God designed it to be. God however wants us to treat everyone with respect, Respect thy neighbor!. That's it thats all and i also find it disturbing that when a straight person asserts thier beliefs they get criticized and called a bigget!! That really gets on my nerves to no end!! I dont have to like seeing two people of the same sex kissing on a bus in front of my kids or making sexual comments that i dont care to hear, because i just dont and that is my right. I would not treat them different because they are gay but i may roll my eyes just as i would if i saw two straight people doing the same thing. It makes no sense to me that Gays, lesbians and whoever else have to be so flamboyant and rude just to let everyone looking that they are together as if they have some sort of point to prove. That is my opinion and if anyone chooses to to deam me a a bigget thats your call but i have a right to express my feeling just like you do. Smooches!!
Why would they have to do that ? What if they are not church people at all ? Why does it bother you so much that they wish to marry ? Do you think it is catchy ?
The society that we live in has set this culture...I understand what your saying. However, it is the same as walking into somebody's house taking the remote out there hand and changing the channel while you sit down and watch tv with your feet on there table..The only way these people are going to get equality is outside of church in a civil platform. Anything else is not going to work...who the hell are we to tell someone else to accept our beliefs in there confined bubble of a religious culture.
no matter what happens, judgement will come on us, someday, and God will send u to either heaven or hell. it is that simple. one marriage is right. thats how God intended it to be. sorry to burst u people's bubbles that dont believe that.
I agree James. What people also need to realize is that there are more than likely gay people in their church now. I mean most people do not realize that they are gay until they are in their teens. Most of the time, people of religion, take their children to church at an early age. So it stands to reason that there are gay people who have not come out in churches. As for getting married by the cities or states or whatever other method there is OTHER than a church wedding. I don't see the harm there either. Like you said. You can not force someone. I just think they should have the right to marry. I don't believe in telling others who they can and can not love.
I'm not saying that I want a law that forces churches to marry anyone. I just don't want the government to regulate it in any way.
if i have anal sex with my girlfriend does that mean im gay?
dont know about you but no womans gonna let ME do that to her so i cant speak on
Hey James your religious bull whit isn't going to burst anyones bubble
Being married is evidence that one supports government regulation of marriage. No one is claiming the absurdity of requiring churches to marry anyone. The stability of a family is clearly a benefit from the recognition of marriage. Homosexuals should have the same family stability and assurance.
im not religiouschris....just spiritual....if i want to see god or satan i look in the eyes of another human being!
+Andrew Dieffenbach I am arguing FOR anyone to marry anyone. Hetero, homo or poly. I just don't want the government to interfere, whether by limiting marriage or benefitting it. (See previous posts by me. I was replying to a comment and ended up a little out of context.)
well were you holding the door george......hmmmmmmmmm
They are ignorance racist who are you kidding
+Stephen Dalton Moral Pro Creationists vs racists? You mean Super Dooper Awesome Great Pro Creationists vs the terrible and dreaded evil disgusting racists? You seem to think that 40+ years ago, the latter was publicly viewed in the negative light it only mostly is today. It is about as easy to claim morality in being against interracial marriage as it any other Puritanical view point. It's not just the overtly fanatical religious that oppose homosexual marriage, it's mostly really biased, hateful, and egocentric people too.
One thing is marriage, another is civil union. I don't agree with messing the religion of other people. How about creating a gay religion?
so steven if someone has an opposing viewpoint there biased,hateful, or egocentric...that would make you as bad as the people you complain about...its the same line of have to look at both sides of it and be objective...imagine two men walking into a church turning and kissing each other and expecting the congregation of the church to accept it.... that's how some of the religious right looks at it....your asking people to alter centuries of beliefs about there religious culture because you want them to.
Well, yeah, they're not gonna like it at first, but eventually they'l be like, "Yeah, whatever"
wanna bet Joseph....fear gets people killed...people get trapped in there own little social bubbles and start dehumanizing others that aren't in line with the thinking....the underlying cause of misery and death in this world is ultimately fear.
Fear is such a weak emotion, that's why I despise it. - Lupe Fiasco
It's called being on the wrong side of history... Try explaining that to your grand kids.
I honestly believe that if Christ came back today mankind would nail him to the cross again...because he wasn't the right race, color, sex, or have the same beliefs...In looking at mankind's history my faith in religion and humanity is in the crapper.
There are things that are for sure wrong... like murder, rape, ext. these are wrong (besides the obvious) because the person doing them is intentionally hurting someone else, but when two gays want to be married... who is that hurting? It's just letting two people be happy. I would understand that it was wrong if it somehow hurt other people.... if it even effected other people negatively (besides them disagreeing) but it doesn't effect any one at all. Why are we so focused on gays and making it a huge deal whether or not they can be married. There are many more "wrong" things going on in this world we should focus on. If you think it's wrong then think it's wrong and don't do it yourself. But besides that don't constrict other people of their happiness because of your own beliefs. And don't take what I'm saying wrong... I really don't mean to offend anybody. It just upsets me when people can't be happy because of other peoples beliefs.
true....but also don't infringe on the rights of religious culture. but the end of your sentence can be used to support there side...which is....."don't constrict other people of their happiness because of your own beliefs". The only answer is civil ceremonies...
+Andrew Dieffenbach My wife pointed out my wording that created the confusion and I fixed it. I was trying to say no one should benefit or be regulated by the government where marriage is concerned, not JUST gay marriages. True separation of church and state would allow for no tax benefits for married people, etc. I was just saying we would have never married if not for our desire to stay together when my work was going to send me overseas for a time. Thanks for pointing that out as reading it from the outside made me feel a bit like an ass!
hey jeromy you seen the movie zeitgeist?
This shouldn't be a religious issue, it is the concept of separation of church and state that keeps this country from devolving into a theocracy. If everything were judged by the religious views of the majority we wouldn't be allowed to wear clothing made of more than one fabric, cut our hair or shave, or grow different types of crops in the same field...We could go one step further and flat out kill all those who do not believe in your god. These laws are made to prevent any one religious group from stripping basic human rights in the name of their god.
I have! Been a long time, but I remember some of it. Can't say I came to the same conclusions on all points, but it did fuel me into doing a lot of research. I believe heavily in independent verification of facts and critical thinking. A lot of interesting topics covered in that movie.
I respect everyone's right to choose the way they lead their life. Gay or straight we are all human beings. But to equate people standing up for their view of marriage with racist people is just absurd. I just don't see "stupid" when I see people defending their views of marriage between a man and a woman. They too have a right to defend their view of marriage. All of a sudden when you promote marriage between a man and woman you are seen as stupid? Really? Comparing them to ignorant hateful racist people? How? We need men and women to continue humanity. If we had all man and man, woman and woman marriages we would become extinct.
+Jeromy Streets that's what abortion is for and there's homosexual incest, +Isaiah Tsaphah is right about legalizing incest if you legalize homosexual marriage.
+Francisco Cisneros Guess what? There will likely always be woman and man for as long as we know it. And guess what? There has been homosexual relations thousands of years. "Humanity" has had no problem perpetuating. It's absurd to think that once homosexual marriage is fully recognized, that society would collapse while we cease to procreate. What makes you think the people in the picture are racists? Aren't they just defending their view of marriage?
Homosexual marriage does not lead to polygamy, marriage with animals or anything else. Not anymore than eating pizza leads to drinking cola.
+Jeremy Street Do you believe that married couples should have any special rights? Even in the workplace?
Sorry, not going to change my mind about this. "Furthermore, since they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, he gave them over to a depraved mind, to do what ought not to be done.They have become filled with every kind of wickedness, evil, greed and depravity. They are full of envy, murder, strife, deceit and malice. They are gossips,slanderers, God-haters, insolent, arrogant and boastful; they invent ways of doing evil; they disobey their parents;they are senseless, faithless, heartless, ruthless.Although they know God’s righteous decree that those who do such things deserve death, they not only continue to do these very things but also approve of those who practice them."

This isn't "hiding homophobia behind religion," this is belief that the whole mindset is just plain wrong.
America, the land of the free until it either pisses someone off or inconveniences them.
+Thomas King and you are entitled to that opinion but don't tell me this country is free if you want to stop people from doing what they want.
+zachary vogel You forgot the whole interference with someone's religious beliefs. Where exactly is the separation of church and state? "Oh its not god's plan", F@&k that. This is a matter for the government, even though it shouldn't be, all it is would be same sex marriages. Big deal. So what. Does that truly matter to you. Are you people worried you might get drunk one night, and end up married to someone of the same sex. LOL. Come on. I say let them get married, then they can be as miserable as the rest of us.
"The reason we are against racism is because a person's race is sacred. A person's ethnicity is sacred. You cannot violate it. My race is sacred; your race is sacred; I dare not violate it. The reason we react against the issue of homosexuality the way we do is because sexuality is sacred. You cannot violate it. How do you treat one as sacred and desacrelize the other? Sex is a sacred gift of God. I can no longer justify an aberration of it in somebody else's life than I can justify my own proclivities to go beyond my marital boundaries.

Every man here who is an able-bodied man will tell you temptation stalks you every day. Does it have anything to do with your love for your spouse? Probably not, because you can love your spouse with 100% desire to love the person, but the human body reacts to the sight entertained by the imagination and gives you all kinds of false hints that stolen waters are going to be sweeter. They are not. They leave you emptier. So a disposition or a proclivity does not justify expressing that disposition and that proclivity. That goes across the board for all sexuality.

When God created mankind and womankind, it was His plan, not our plan. It is extraordinary what He said. He said, 'It is not good for man to live alone.' Well, man wasn't living alone; God was with him. Why did He say that? He created the mystique and the majesty and the charm and the complimentary nature of womankind in a way that made it possible for her to meet his emotional needs that God, Himself, put only within her outside himself from himself in her in that complimentariness. It is a design by God." -Ravi Zacharias. 
+chris currence definitely not. My wife and I were upset that we were forced into marriage just to stay together. I can't imagine what it would have been like if our marriage would have been considered illegal by the government. (Putting myself into someone else's shoes with the last comment) I don't think marriage should have any benefits beyond the religious attachment it signifies. (Which is why we didn't want to marry... we are Atheists and it isn't fair to either, the atheists or the theists)
+Arun Varghese not everyone is religious so stating morals from your religion is meaningless to others. If your religious house (church, temple, etc) doesn't want to create unions between gays, that is fine. My problem is when religious morals are written into laws and imposed on others. I'm wanting the government out of my religion and yours.
Marriage has always been a religious union. if you want to be married, then go to a church. I would prefer to have the government's hands out of something as important to me as marriage anyway.
+Young Do I have no problem with incest if creation of children is reasonable prevented. If one of the couple is infertile, whether by surgery or other means, or same sex, then sure! I certainly wouldn't rely on abortion as it doesn't prevent the problem, just masks it and is susceptible to emotional considerations. I don't care what anyone does as long as it doesn't affect the people around them or their children.
Cal Ng
I'm sure the people opposing gay marriage are against mixing race too
Aren't the top picture guys the same from the lower one...?
except someone stole their plaid shirts
You're knackered if you're a mixed race, Gay couple! It's hard to believe this is 2012 with stuff like this going on. 
Don't you strange American lot still have Mormons and polygamists over there? One man six women sort of stuff? Religion aside, because its stupid, the true values of marriage in your country are a farce. You have the highest divorce rate, people can just hop over to Vegas and marry who ever and when ever they please.

If you as a country can't agree on your marriage rules and laws, and most of you don't believe in the true values of marriage, maybe none of you should bother.
its called democracy which means its work in continual progress
America was never the land of the free. Just ask the indigenous people who's ancestors were massacred and then those who survived were placed in a reservation.
Rich Glew- Yes, there are still mormons in america, there are also mormons world wide. learn some history though, the LDS church hasn't practiced polygamy in a very long time, those found participating in plural marriage are actually excommunicated. Also, the divorce rate of members is much lower than the national average. check out and scroll to the marriage section at the bottom for more information.
+Thomas King I'm not opposing gay marriage. I just find it extremely ironic when people get pissed when there are gun laws, but find no problem with gay marriage or marijuana being illegal. Many people talk about freedom, but as soon as they have a problem with something it no longer should be a freedom.
Nice job adding inflammatory and illogical fuel to this fire. This is a really complex issue. Not something that should be reduced to this kind of Memish Hurr-durr. If you want to have a discussion/debate, then have one. Otherwise quit kicking ant hills.
People are going to do what they want to do. Today's youth have been taught to say "to hell with the consequences"
If they want to do sick and twisted stuff that wasn't meant to be, they are going to do it. Go for it! Welcome to learning the hard way ;)
2 generations, or about 40 years from now, when disease has skyrocketed and birthing population has plummeted...
These "I'll do whatever the hell I want!" folks will start killing over, society will look back over a few thousand years of history to see what changed,
And why it went wrong... Then they will see that gay marriages seem not to produce offspring. That disease seemed to have run rampant in the gay community. They will realize that things have followed certain guidelines for over 2000 years not because somebody wanted to be the boss of you, but for SURVIVAL!

Personally I'm looking for natural selection and survival of the fittest to make a comeback! Lol
I'll still be going strong baby!
+Robert Sutton If birth rates plummet, disease would go down and so would the strain on the rest of us for resource and space.
You said, "wasn't meant to be," and I do wish you'd elaborate so that the root of your argument can be teased out.
What if overpopulation has this side effect that organisms start to exhibit behavior that is not "meant" to proliferate. Maybe it is an evolutionary mechanism of stasis.
I mean, if we are going to argue using unfounded jargon and rhetoric, I have added some for you :-)
  You do realize that gays have been around as long as people have, right ?  I mean it is not something that people have just recently chosen to do because they have nothing better to do.  The birth rate will drop ??  How do you figure that will happen ?  Do you think that because it is legal for gay couples to marry, other people will just jump on the ban wagon ??  THINK MAN ! 
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