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A map of North Carolina.
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Always nice to see it laid out so plainly.
You know these things are never accurate.
+Jeffrey Herold there is a correlation between low intelligence/less education and prejudice. No one is saying that everyone without a bachelors degree is a bigot, this is just illustrating the fact that patterns definitely emerge in situations like this.

Good luck on your second degree.
Infographs are just another tool for propaganda. I'm not like anyone else i know, and lumping me in with people just because i live near them is insulting.
Jon P
Sooo are you saying you need a degree to be smart enough to "evolve" and vote for gay marriage? Come on, why can't people be entitled to their own opinions on what marriage means. I for one don't really care what other people want to do, but I am a libertarian. I DO care that people are saying "The wrong side of history". Ummm when has marriage not been between a man and women. So I would say, who is really on the wrong side of history. Especially when you figure that it would almost certainly lose in a nation wide popular vote.
Ignoring the education issue, I feel a little better now knowing Charlotte/Mecklenburg County voted "NO". Now if only we could secede from the state. Looks like Epic home Cary is also on the sane side.
+Jon P "Wrong side of history" refers to the fact that, hopefully in the very near future, people will one day look back and be disgusted by the fact that gay marriages were once banned.
+Enrique Narez, well said! I hope at some point in the near future people in general can just get along!

Jon P
Doesn't it bother anyone that what B.O. said was 100% politically motivated? This is not about how he feels, this is about votes and campaign contributions.
Does anyone know the source for this data and the graphic?
To the people who are fretting about the idea that not having a bachelors degree makes you a prejudiced hick, this is not so. Its more to do with the fact that there appears to be a strong relationship between minimal education and prejudice attitudes. Its not that having a degree makes you less or more prejudiced, it's just you are just more likely to have a degree if you are well educated, and hence more likely to factor into that anti prejudice behavior pattern.
Jon P
Well I don't know how the left can claim to be about the "common man" and then blast anyone that don't live in metro areas. People often come from "these" areas to "these" universities to get those degrees. To imply that people that live in these areas are either stupid, bigoted or both is just wrong on it's face.

This is simply a calculate topic that is meant to overshadow the economy and foreign affairs. Remember, it's one thing after another to change the argument. Obama spiking the football "Bin Laden anniversary". Contraception was before that.

If we don't get our financial house in order, it will not matter what type of social policies we have set up. We will be living like a third world country. If people can so readily see Global Warming as an imminent threat, why can't they see the economy (and bigger picture, the deficit) as just as big a danger to our very way of life.
College, and education in general, promotes independent thought and broadens your horizons. You learn to question things that you used to take for truth. This applies to what was hammered into your head while sitting in a pulpit.
Jon P
+Rodrigo Ortiz Borgoño What about what is hammered into your head sitting in a seat at college. Tell me that no Professors ever let their political leanings pour over into their lectures. You cannot because you know that it would be untrue. And for the record, I have only been to church maybe a dozen times in my life, and will soon be graduating with my first degree.
There tends to be enough diversity for students to get a broad picture, but undoubtedly that can also happen. Congrats on your degree.
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