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Who DIDN'T see this coming? Glad I dumped Draw Something before this bullshit started.
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I am actually ok with the move. They don't have true ads in the app and logos tend to be quick and easy to do. The argument can be made that we pay for the product so why should we be made to advertise for them, but we do it all the time in the clothes we wear. We are walking talking billboards.
wow that looks awesome and just wooow
mmm and now I'm glad I 'never' used this game at all.
This wouldn't have bothered me, were I still playing. I stopped because the same words kept showing up. Maybe figuring out how to draw "Doritos" with no orange would've been the thing to draw me back in.
+Barry O'Neil, what I would do was close out the app completely. Then re-open it. You would get new words without requiring a bomb.
Social games and ad revenues, hmmm.... I thought its dumb to take these games seriously because they charge power-play to the tune of thousands of dollars, much better to simply buy a DVD game for a couple of dollars and then get the cheats online. When someone is already spending dollars on the game would they appreciate these additional tactics? Don't know, would have to track this one.
I thought this issue already kinda happened before the Zynga takeover with branded content like Hunger Games appearing as words. Nothing that much more 'controversial' than before in my opinion.
More evidence of consumerism and advertising tightening their stranglehold on the public.

Zynga is almost as bad as EA...
Noticed the zynga dog earlier this week on the icon when updating, haven't seen any branded words yet tho
Gotta get their $180M back somehow (they shouldn't have paid that much given the drop off in users since the acquisition).
Draw Something is the SWTOR of mobile apps.
I dislike Zynga but this one doesn't seem so bad. It keeps ads off which is better and I find it more fun to draw things like the Lion King than ... just a lion. Know what I mean?

I still don't play since Zynga bought it but it would be nice if they sold the company to someone else so I could play again.
This is where we're at. People WANT to be advertised to. They love it. It's disgusting.
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