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Here's +Barack Obama sitting on the Rosa Parks bus. The historical significance of this photo is beyond comprehension.
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Sang Lam
Out of curiosity, would the opinion change if he had sat in the back of the bus for the photo?
Sometimes you have to retrace your steps to understand...
HA! First time I ever was upset with Obama....I had to be some where last night and his Motor TRAIN had the freeways blocked up LOL. But this is an amazing picture.
... But above all he is the president of USA .. remember !!!
We got to keep him in to finish what he started
I know the story of rosa park and the bus and I am not american the story goes like this On December 1, 1955, Rosa Parks, a 42-year-old African American woman who worked as a seamstress, boarded this Montgomery City bus to go home from work. On this bus on that day, Rosa Parks initiated a new era in the American quest for freedom and equality.
She sat near the middle of the bus, just behind the 10 seats reserved for whites. Soon all of the seats in the bus were filled. When a white man entered the bus, the driver (following the standard practice of segregation) insisted that all four blacks sitting just behind the white section give up their seats so that the man could sit there. Mrs. Parks, who was an active member of the local NAACP, quietly refused to give up her seat.

Her action was spontaneous and not pre-meditated, although her previous civil rights involvement and strong sense of justice were obvious influences. "When I made that decision," she said later, “I knew that I had the strength of my ancestors with me.”

She was arrested and convicted of violating the laws of segregation, known as “Jim Crow laws.” Mrs. Parks appealed her conviction and thus formally challenged the legality of segregation.

At the same time, local civil rights activists initiated a boycott of the Montgomery bus system. In cities across the South, segregated bus companies were daily reminders of the inequities of American society. Since African Americans made up about 75 percent of the riders in Montgomery, the boycott posed a serious economic threat to the company and a social threat to white rule in the city.

A group named the Montgomery Improvement Association, composed of local activists and ministers, organized the boycott. As their leader, they chose a young Baptist minister who was new to Montgomery: Martin Luther King, Jr. Sparked by Mrs. Parks’ action, the boycott lasted 381 days, into December 1956 when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the segregation law was unconstitutional and the Montgomery buses were integrated. The Montgomery Bus Boycott was the beginning of a revolutionary era of non-violent mass protests in support of civil rights in the United States.

It was not just an accident that the civil rights movement began on a city bus. In a famous 1896 case involving a black man on a train, Plessy v. Ferguson, the U.S. Supreme Court enunciated the “separate but equal” rationale for Jim Crow. Of course, facilities and treatment were never equal.

Under Jim Crow customs and laws, it was relatively easy to separate the races in every area of life except transportation. Bus and train companies couldn’t afford separate cars and so blacks and whites had to occupy the same space.

Thus, transportation was one the most volatile arenas for race relations in the South. Mrs. Parks remembers going to elementary school in Pine Level, Alabama, where buses took white kids to the new school but black kids had to walk to their school.

“I'd see the bus pass every day,” she said. “But to me, that was a way of life; we had no choice but to accept what was the custom. The bus was among the first ways I realized there was a black world and a white world” (emphasis added).

Montgomery’s Jim Crow customs were particularly harsh and gave bus drivers great latitude in making decisions on where people could sit. The law even gave bus drivers the authority to carry guns to enforce their edicts. Mrs. Parks’ attorney Fred Gray remembered, “Virtually every African-American person in Montgomery had some negative experience with the buses. But we had no choice. We had to use the buses for transportation.”

Civil rights advocates had outlawed Jim Crow in interstate train travel, and blacks in several Southern cities attacked the practice of segregated bus systems. There had been a bus boycott in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in 1953, but black leaders compromised before making real gains. Joann Robinson, a black university professor and activist in Montgomery, had suggested the idea of a bus boycott months before the Parks arrest.

Two other women had been arrested on buses in Montgomery before Parks and were considered by black leaders as potential clients for challenging the law. However, both were rejected because black leaders felt they would not gain white support. When she heard that the well-respected Rosa Parks had been arrested, one Montgomery African American woman exclaimed, “They’ve messed with the wrong one now.”

In the South, city buses were lightning rods for civil rights activists. It took someone with the courage and character of Rosa Parks to strike with lightning. And it required the commitment of the entire African American community to fan the flames ignited by that lightning into the fires of the civil rights revolution.
That look kind of says to me, what do I do now? The photographer caught a complex look on the President's face.
We need more people like Rosa Park nowadays...
This makes me want go and sit in the same seat as she did and besides we need to go back to the things when our grandparents and some of our parents was growing up.
"We need more people like Rosa Park nowadays..." We ALWAYS need more people like Rosa Parks.
how sweet
@least he understands common people's lyf
I am not exactly sure why people think Obama is black. Can we drop the race issue already. GOD! Fucking MOVE ON with life.
He's half. Doesn't count. Asshole is just using it for campaign.
God, save me from political symbolism.
That was a long time ago, it's good to remember but we have new problems, let's focus on them.
+1 is you've ever sat on that exact bus...i have :D
you mean you don't - many do!
As an Alabamian, one of a handful of open-minded ones at that, I love this picture. In some cosmic flow chart of destiny, this is where his campaign started. Anyone who says he's not black and this is just some stunt, is obviously disillusioned. If he's half-black, in the south, he's 99% black, and that's 2% too much. Significance = Historical.
Obama is not Mrs. Park. He is a moron who has not accomplish anything over the past three years. He is just saying: "I'm black, like me or else you are racist".
+Sebastian CHIRIAC - Quote that went with the photo: "I just sat in there for a moment and pondered the courage and tenacity that is part of our very recent history, but is also part of that long line of folks who sometimes are nameless, oftentimes didn't make the history books, but who constantly insisted on their dignity, their share of the American dream."
I,for a matter of fact,find it awesome so screw u Charles Christena!!!!!
My question is "Who is driving the bus?"
And he can pick any seat he wants... Hell. Yeah.
Watching his own make it beautiful.
Honoring the memory of a person that helped change history is well within our comprehensive functions and contains no historical significance. I would be interested in hearing how his contemplations will help him find his own Rosa Parks bus to change history with.
That Is So Sad Like Foreal Y Would They Do That Like Leave Balck Pepole Alone Seriously
An ordinary person paying homage to an historically significant person might not be historically significant, but someone like, say, The first minority President of the United States of America paying homage to someone who ushered in the Civil Rights Movement... Yeah, that's significant.
Jesus had no problem with slaves and he would not have approved of such rebellious actions.
Ephesians 6:5 NEW TESTAMENT! NIV Slaves, obey your earthly masters with respect and fear, and with sincerity of heart, just as you would obey Christ.
Note how much smaller the seats are than a school buss's, man this country has grown fat.
hard believe how far we have come in 50 years.
+Bobby Windham I did not say she was. I said he "would not have approved of such rebellious actions"
When a man strikes his male or female slave with a rod so hard that the slave dies under his hand, he shall be punished. If, however, the slave survives for a day or two, he is not to be punished, since the slave is his own property. (Exodus 21:20-21 NAB)
Christians who are slaves should give their masters full respect so that the name of God and his teaching will not be shamed. If your master is a Christian, that is no excuse for being disrespectful. You should work all the harder because you are helping another believer by your efforts. Teach these truths, Timothy, and encourage everyone to obey them. (1 Timothy 6:1-2 NLT)
Yet, Moses delivered slaves out of Egypt in Exodus by the power, order and intervention of God.
+Bobby Windham Speaking of Hebrew Slaves, If you buy a Hebrew slave, he is to serve for only six years. Set him free in the seventh year, and he will owe you nothing for his freedom. If he was single when he became your slave and then married afterward, only he will go free in the seventh year. But if he was married before he became a slave, then his wife will be freed with him. If his master gave him a wife while he was a slave, and they had sons or daughters, then the man will be free in the seventh year, but his wife and children will still belong to his master. But the slave may plainly declare, 'I love my master, my wife, and my children. I would rather not go free.' If he does this, his master must present him before God. Then his master must take him to the door and publicly pierce his ear with an awl. After that, the slave will belong to his master forever. (Exodus 21:2-6 NLT)
Uh-oh...the religious nuts have chimed's all downhill from here.
Your quotes and logic are not germane. Who in this scenario or yours is the master? The bus driver? The unjust laws of the South in the day?

Better yet, are you propagating that she should have moved to the back of the bus? Are you saying that Jesus wants a segregated South?
+Bobby Windham It appears that your god likes slavery. He wanted them out of egypt so he could build his own army to commit mass genocide, while letting his people rape and kill women and children. Oh.... what? Have you not read that? Poor thing, You serve a violent, nasty god and don't even know it.
I have nothing against religion, however I draw the line when people use it as an excuse to do horrible things. Using religion to promote slavery (or homophobia, etc) is flat out wrong and you are a delusional nutcase.
You assume that my God is the Christian God. Have I professed this? No.

Will I? Absolutely. Infanticide, global destruction and all. Yeah, that's my God, and that's why I don't worry about shit.

I also don't believe the Bible is 100% truth, or "whole." There are errors, In Genesis chapter one things happen in a different order than they do in Gen. 2. So... yeah... which one is right?
+Jason Sick +Bobby Windham I am anti-slavery just as much as I am anti-YAHWEH Deuteronomy 21:10-14 "When you go out to war against your enemies and the LORD, your God, delivers them into your hand, so that you take captives, if you see a comely woman among the captives and become so enamored of her that you wish to have her as wife, you may take her home to your house. But before she may live there, she must shave her head and pare her nails and lay aside her captive's garb. After she has mourned her father and mother for a full month, you may have relations with her, and you shall be her husband and she shall be your wife. However, if later on you lose your liking for her, you shall give her her freedom, if she wishes it; but you shall not sell her or enslave her, since she was married to you under compulsion."
No relevance what so ever...
Do posts from the What's Hot file get forwarded directly to Klan offices or something? It's like a festival of racist idiots in here.
shush!!!!! 1: god hated slavery, 2: god never wanted people 2 b raped and killed!!! i guess u r not a christian, much less someone who knows a THING about god!!!!
God IS violent and nasty... He's also the embodiment of love. That's the dichotomy.

I love how this thread just got jacked hardcore.
+Bethany Bruce Try reading the Bible ok. The actual words. According to the Christian Bible slavery, rape (forced marriage or concubinage) and killing are very much approved of as long as the victims aren't Hebrew.
lNO RELEVANCE!? Really!? Religion is the reason slavery was justified in the first place. Numbers 31:7-18 NLT
The christian god has no respect for human life and seeks to destroy and enslave all who do not bow to his wishes. The christian god even ordered the killing of children and the taking of girls as sex slaves. It is all in the Holy UNHOLY Bible.
"Now kill all the boys and all the women who have slept with a man. Only the young girls who are virgins may live; you may keep them for yourselves.Numbers 31:7-18 NLT
At some point in your life... your eyes will open....I pray by then it's not too late for you. Good Day
it may a fact but to rise economy is no an obligation of one person only but together we can
^religion causing hostility? who would have known
Does it mean something significant that he isn't in the back or the front of the bus? Possibly too much so, I hate to say.
You won't understand if it's not a part of your history.
one person, AND his minions??? so like... many?
If you want to chime in and tell me that I am wrong, why don't you use your BIBLE Oh and you may want to keep it in context or I will just have to call you out on it.
I have quoted "SCRIPTURE" to back up everything I have said. ...and no. I am not a christian. I have better morals and ethical standards than that. The Bible is the reason I am no longer a christian.
PS: I happen to like OBAMA much better than the christian war criminal that was in office before him.
+Rhiannon Keller I hope you suffer under the true nature of your god. May you receive all that he has waiting for you in this life and the next. :-)
really that makes no cense can you splain?
I don't want to chime in and tell you you're wrong... I think your interpretations of scripture as relevant to history are a wee bit twisted... like, Hebrew slaves vs. African.

As I stated earlier though, I'm not bound to scripture, it was written by men, not God. That's my opinion. My religion is based on what I believe. What I believe is my faith. Regardless, that is not related - at all - to Rosa Parks. You made that argument.
Too bad it had to take an election year to make this photo op!
+Sebastian CHIRIAC Very true. The civil rights movement wasn't just a few people. It was masses of brave souls coming together in the name of what's right. Very cool to see our society has moved on to allow for President Obama to hold the position he holds. Now we just need to get women's and gay rights sorted and religion truly separated from government and we'll be well on the way! :)
I fail to see any historical siginificance.
+Bobby Windham Oh, okay, I see. "Faith," the magic word that makes your beliefs okay. Well, I can't argue with that. Looks like you have found your happy place. Enjoy. PS: Religion = War = Slavery = HATE
Too many G+ people don't read between the lines of what people comment. Obviously, President Obama is the most ethical, eloquent, intelligent president we have had in ages and I am thrilled to have a black president. I just spoke about looking at the photo in a more symbolic way. And while I support the president there have been some things that make me think he has been too moderate, and it breaks my heart that so much of the US is populated by greedy, by religious idiots, by bureaucracy, by racist/sexist ideologists and by absolute idiots. Okay?
I still ask why isn't he in the front seat? Many possibilities. Let your grey matter chew on that for a minute.
As for all the supporters of Yahweh / Jehovah on this thread. May the desires of your heart for others return to you 100 fold while affecting none other. May your prayers, will, actions, and desires have no affect on anyone but yourself. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Peace be unto you.
Maybe he is in the ACTUAL seat Ms. Parks sat in. Duh. I'm done.
The only reason for slavery, rape, or anything horrible, is because mankind messed it up in the first place by not listening to God. As creation, if we had obeyed the Creator, it wouldn't have brought sin into the world. Because of our sinful rebellion, He had to make laws. All we had to do, was obey ONE law (don't eat the fruit). I suggest reading the book "Is God a Moral Monster" by Paul Copan instead of listening to these "drive by" comments. That book addresses all these issues and more. It talks about slavery, the Canaanites, Abraham and Isaac (whether it was divine child abuse), and many other hard to understand issues. And God is just that, hard to understand. How could the finite understand the infinite? Take a read, if you dare to have an open mind to these issues.
If it would have been any other president, ppl would have loved this picture. 
Glad it was president obrama!
I don't try to justify what I believe, it's for me, not anyone else. To you religion might be synonymous with those things, and you'd be right. But I'm not a crusader, I am not Bloody Mary, and I'm not on a Jihad. I'm a guy, who's wrestled with Christianity in the South and I have developed and molded my own set of beliefs outside of ethics and society that makes me happy with infinity as I try to understand it. Maybe you can understand that?
thats pretty amazing how did you get the picture?
Doesn't he have anything better to do?! He's the President. He has more pressing matters to be handled. Smh.
using logic most hate is unfounded. I feel that hate stems from emotion and the categorization of people. Using logic one man's actions does not give any information on a different person's character.
Several of you accuse the African-American people for pushing racism, while you keep bringing it up! DROP IT!!! It is as big an issue as you make it. DROP THE RACISM COMMENTS! Your lack of self control is not going to help anything. You know i who I'm talking about. STOP IT!
would've been ironic if he was sitting in the back...
That's the same bus that will be driving him out of D.C. in disgrace this November.
she was arrested so it would've been on record which bus was the one she refused to give up her seat on
The bible was written by people...!!!, Not GOD!!!
Only an ignorant uneducated moron would consider this photo of a gesture reflecting an American history moment as irrelevant, insignificant &/or even something that would hinder President Obama from executing his duties as President....That or a member of the G.O.P. (Gangsters Of Prejudice)
+Whatsup inthenews "hateful nation"? You sound just like Michelle Obama who hated America before her hubby was elected.
Did you notice .....he's alone?
I doubt its fake since he visited Detroit yesterday and that bus is in the Henry Ford museum right next door.
You can tell this is a great picture because of all the idiots on here who think it's about politics. Can't you see he's just waiting for his order at the Wendy's drive through?!
+V. Highcastle BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH. If you voted for obama in 08 it proves you are not a racist. If you vote for him in 2012 it proves you are. 
I just heard a joke somewhere: does"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." mean if someone is trying to force their religion down your throat means they want you to force your religion down theirs?
@ Patton Gunn- You realize that inauguration is in January right? He wont officially get driven out till then. Too bad he can keep screwing us over in those 2 months
He rides the bus because he lost his license on the way home from a beer summit.
And when he's not on the Rosa Parks bus, he's sitting in Jeremiah Wright's pew for 20 years and stoking race wars in Florida and Cambridge, MA. He's a racial healer, you see.
hey yall back off hes only tryin to show some respect to his ancestors
That's the express bus back home to Kenya. 
It's all for political gain, he is trying to get the black vote, next week he will be on a cuban raft appealing to the cubans that went to miami, anything to buy a vote, he has to do that because he can't run on what he has done....
Just a reminder of how far we have came.
@ Robert Martin- COME use real english or we might lump you in with "Them"
Also I feel the main problem with this country is that people all over are doing their best to stop others from solving the problems we are faced with in a way they don't totally approve of and the other side is doing the same thing. The president is supposed to be the person who decides what actions we do as a country and takes responsibility for the result, not be blamed for his actions and resisted then blamed that they were able to resist the action. If we were to work together most plans made thus far could have been successful or if people weren't fighting the change the result of the change would have been better.
sitting on the wrong side of the bus to be looking for fresh fruit and silver spoons.
Very creepy indeed...get off the bus and go to work on the economy!!
Ryan Vaterlaus, I feel the problem with this country is that yall won't let the Prez wait for his damned bacon cheese burger and medium frosty in peace... I mean damn what IS taking those kids so long?!
What you can't see is that Joe Biden is driving the bus.
that has some but not a lot of significance with rosa parks....... there is not a white person there XD
Campaign bus anyone? I'm sorry, I had to.
Obama is a great man and the best President we have had for a long time. I have lived through more Presidential terms than most of you and firmly believe history will prove he has taken the long view and is doing what will be best for our country.
I think politics is only for the demanding and positive. I believe there has been a misconception that aslong as you keep a clean slate, and know the history here in the U.S. you are a potential runner to become president. Ive strongly paid close attention to Barack Obama on only a few occassions. I notice he spends alot of his speech timing focusing on what he thinks should be made and the changes he think will bring a positive outcome. I dont agree with bias canidates nor seated politicians. The purpose of a electorial meeting is to view the news reports and take heed to the opinion of the public and the congress. Then make not only a positive standing but also a demand that pays.
r u sure thats him hes soo old
there doesn't need to be. When Rosa sat there she made it possible for everyone to sit anywhere. Even in the best seats in the White House.
it is not just against the president that there is problems. Without a clear direction for this country we will continue to fight amongst ourselves and we can't fix the problems we have. The people who are currently fighting mostly have plans that would work to fix the problems, yet they work against each other making it so nothing gets done.
This picture says on a few words to me, paying close attention to Barack. It reveals a sense of his discomfort. Im not sure if its the seat or the picture for which it stands.
That's right - if you can't run the country look to historically significant photo op. ... and according to some people it's "... beyond their comprehension..." - probably didn't go to school
+Ryan Vaterlaus It will be you and your children's generation that will have to pay off all this debt. Honestly, I feel bad for you. You are misinformed. Please read Michelle Malvin's book "Culture of Corruption". I think it will help you. God Bless. 
This is all just smoke and mirrors. Something to distract us from the real problems at hand.
That's great but will he please get back to work and do the things he promised.
Good point Will. Still an amazing scene.
That's probably the first time he has ever been on a bus.
We have had a national debt for a while it seems it was a bad move for Obama to raise the debt. He did not foresee all of the people who would attack his plan and drive it into the ground. if you have a group of 5 leaders you will never get anything done. They will continue to fight saying their way is right and will not move for anyone else in the group.
Wow, that is awesome! And no, I'm still well aware of the situation in Washington, but I an still understand the historical symbolism of this image.
Did he ask everyone else to leave?
"He's half black"

Maybe that's why he is sitting half way back on the bus
is that obama on a bus by himself!!!!!!
Now I know why 'bama got on that bus to begin with, to get away from all you nut bags! He's on a one way ticket outta internet-politico-zealot-ville!
opportunistic bastard
hell be back (not he'll)
+Ryan Vaterlaus He's been president for 3 1/2 years now. He needs to show leadership and take ownership of the situation and stop blaming everybody else. Just fix it like he promised to get elected. 
Joe Tee
busy campaigning, who is running the country?
I guess it's significant because he practices civil disobedience by completely disregarding the constitution? Did I get the answer right?
That's just so touching... now excuse me while I go vomit. Obama is the opposite of people like Rosa Parks and MLK. He's doing everything he can to keep black people poor and dependent on the government.
would've been ironic if he sat in the back...
Somewhere along the history of our great nation we forgot to respect our past. The thing that is worst we lost the ability to have foresight. Thank you anyone who took the negative out of seeing this picture.
that is soo cool how did you get it?
So glad he has free time when he isn't running the country into the ground
Sara T
Probably thinking how much more debt he can bring the country into already $5,027,761,476,484.56
A very significant photo. I'm 38 and white and never thought I'd see anything but rich white men as President. Such a small, peaceful act brought about so much. Thank you Ms. Parks.
Bah, that's the most amusing thing I've read today David.
How can a man runs this country and keep getting back stabs by congresses and the mess made before his terms.
Oops! His record just got thrown under the bus

Meanwhile Mitt Romney sits in one of his 6 Cadillacs in his car elevator in his 6 car garage with his dog strapped to the roof of the car.
The bus is headed to Las Vegas for an $800,000 convention.
+Brian Gauspohl at least Romney earned his money. Jealousy does not become you.
Empty bus? Must have cut the cheese.
Just like his administration that bus is going nowhere. 
That's an amazing pic
A shame, considering what he has done for civil liberties in this country.
What do you think?
In your future, which painted the steps of failure in Iraq and Afghanistan
Thread ordained as presidents in Vietnam
Is that the short bus? Why do they call it the Rosa Parks bus? I seriously doubt her name is on the title & registration.
Truth is if it didnt stay here or somewhere else back then, He wont be in the Whitehouse now! Other guys took the fall for him to climb just like JESUS did for us all at Calvary.
There's nothing worse than ignorance, and hypocrisy. This post seems to have brought them all out.
Get off the bus Obama! You don't belong on it. You don't know what it's like to fight for the rights that that our Forefathers gave us!

be careful what you wish for, you may just get it.
Truth is if it didnt start here or somewhere else back then, He wont be in the Whitehouse now! Other guys took the fall for him to climb just like JESUS did for us all at Calvary.
Don't have any problem with that , just need to defeat peoples like u
The back of the bus is where the cool kids sit.
Obammy is FOR abortion and AGAINST the death penalty. Somehow I doubt Rosa would be inboard with that. 
I wonder how he felt sitting on that historical bus. what was on his mind? 
You mean for women's rights and against middle ages justice?
Once again, I bet he got a free ride.
No one is FOR abortion. That's like saying pro-lifers are anti-choice; it misunderstands the point. In fact taking a stand against the death penalty is, in a sense, pro-life.
it would be even more significant if there were people sitting with him... otherwise, it's pretty good PR photo
Ooh let me guess ...the lonely ride from the white house Jan 2013? Hahahaha deserves a ride just like that..a ride with him and all his friends!!!
it does have the reality of how fame isolates humanity
SIT BACK OF THE BUS BLACKY!!!.............

Haha j/k ....this is picture for the books of time.
The picture gives me chills.
never forget how this country was and sadly with the recent events in Florida and the blatant formality of police brutality..Change has to love, one blood is not just a song.
Isn't the bus at Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, MI?
If u were in segregation and u had to sit in the back, how would u feel? I think u should leave him alone.
+Carlos Vasconcellos seriously? WHAT police brutally? 
Not so powerful, there's no context. It's just a guy on a bus in this picture.
Sometimes I wonder what the logic for some of these comments are. This is simple photo of a man paying respect to someone who stood up for what she believed in. What is wrong with that? BTW Stefan Laine.... let me know when you are ready to be enslaved and do all those things in the bible!
it sems dat de white pple had given space 4 de blacks 2 have a least a taste of de bus.wonderful nd kind of them.
You know those moments where you look at something interesting.... Then you scroll down and read people comments and notice the world is full of idiots?
You know that there are plenty of people who get on that bus. How else would they keep the inside in such good condition if they didn't clean every so often. Also the president is just an other man just like you and me, he just cant really go anywhere in public or live a normal life as other Americans do.
i guess we all have an old past we enjoyed
+Georgina Fofana the logic is that the pic is soooo phoney. It's the a public relations gimic in order to secure the black vote. And he was campaigning on your tax dollars. 
yea i know those moments but in the picture hes looking out the window his eyes look kinda creepy
+Stefan Laine I respect your right to voice your opinion on how you view us "black people." With that being said, I'd like to voice my opinion of you. I feel you are a dumb ass.. Victim minority benefits! REALLY? Your comments show your ignorance... It's sad.
I think Obama is trying to say "I don't need to sit in the back of the bus." The thing is the civil right era is over and saying that should hold no significance. Sure there is racism out there but it isn't nearly as bad as it once was if you know your history.
Looking at all the comments, we've come so far and yet still have a long journey ahead.
What do you think?
In your future, which painted the steps of failure in Iraq and Afghanista
Thread ordained as presidents in Vietnam
+Shanaria Johnson that makes no sense at all. How can you pay "close attention on occasion"? When your buzz wears off re-read your post and join a 12 step program

I wonder if there is any significance that he is sitting in the middle of the 'Rosa Parks Bus' ... hmmmm
I would expect that sitting in the exact seat that Rosa Parks refused to give up would be a very emotional moment for him.
OH MY GOD... Obamy Obamy!!! He finna save us! LOL

Just another stupid politician screwing everything up. And now all you fools are falling for another streak of BS.

I feel bad for the black community. They really got roped in:(
You blame former President Bush for running down the country but it was congress who gave him the means to do so if they wanted to stop the war in the middle east they would need but to stop funding it. The president doesn't give money to himself to fund the war congress did. The president has very little power what he carries is influence among the people. That is his real power and people need to look behind the picture at who really is doing what
would he be considered black or white maybe that's why he's in the middle
+Stefan Laine How long ago was this white slavery? Does anyone today have a family member that was actually affected by "white slavery" in the US? I DON'T THINK SO! Don't be a tool. Slavery existed not so long ago in the US and the racism from it still exists. It wasn't white folks being enslaved. I have friends who were forced to use "colored only" public restrooms and water fountains in their lifetime so just give up this "white slavery" nonsense. It's ignorant and shows your lack of understanding. I'm white by the way.
he must be really poor to ride the bus
What? Some of my best friends are Christian.
Kev B
Half white half black = sit in middle?
i wonder if that is the same seat she sat in
can we segregate the internet? pretty pwz
+ali alkhouly careful, homeland security knows where you live. Have your green card ready.
These romanticized comments are doltish.

There is supposed to be something moving about Barack Obama, a half-black individual whose father came from Kenya and whose ancestors have literally no background with american slavery or "The South" or any of the historic events or social changes associated with this bus?

I am ever-so tired of the obsession with race and the ugly idea of "social justice" being attached to races and historical events. It is Orwellian. The key american concept, right from the founding, is that Justice is for individuals. To attach the concept to people because of their skin color, things supposedly owed by them or owed to them due to that, and having nothing to do with anything they have personally done to others or had done to them, is ugly and the epitome of injustice.
I read the comments, then remember why I have little faith in humanity.
It matters not the colour of is skin, what matters is what is in the mans heart. I believe the man has a good heart and he want whats best for all of you Americans. I am a Canadian and I can say from what I have seem the man it trying to take you all somewhere great as a country so stop fighting and stand beside him.
Seeing this picture really made me feel good, but seeing how stupid peoples comments kind of in public made me see what little discretion white people have in their everyday speech. It doesn't make me's just shocking. Every human being can say what ever they want. It's just sad.
Can't wait to vote the america hating commie out.
nice play on the race card O_o .........yellow, brown, green, blue, white, or black.........obama in any color is still a complete P.O.S.
Boy, you better get in the back!
oh really i wouldn't have been able to tell, however, i do find some significance in this picture, although i am adamantly against obama
Man... so many disrespectful people on this thread hiding behind the veil of the Internet.

Great and moving image.
mel nee
Why is he sitting in the middle?
This means a lot. He is sitting in a spot where someone already created part of our history, which he also did.
obamah is a communist and is from nigeria not a christian and supports alcadi in the middle east
Thank you...well put...he is a great man ...
Obama is incompetent and a one term president.
Not a big fan of obama I mean he is alright but not the best...
We as a people have came from the back of the Bus to the White House amen Thank you Jesus
0.o..idk about "beyond comprehension" lol! And just because segregation isn't necessarily, "enforced" these days, doesn't mean it's neither practiced or observed anymore! I fail to join in on the celebration of these types of images for I fear that they do indeed instill a false sense of accomplishment or reason to relax on these issues of equality!! They should have filled every seat on the bus with all different races and had Obama in the middle of the bench seat all the way at the back, leaning back and smiling right at the camera!!!

Just picturing that picture in my mind feels like a good thing. I have to admit, my idea for the picture would be, perhaps even historically, more significant; albeit much more comprehensible than this awfully sad, lonley, depressing reminder of how even as recent as the 1960's you were not allowed the unalienable right to the pursuit of happiness if you were not bearing bright white skin!! How far have we come...really?

[PS - I think we've come further than this portrait portrays... :) ]
dude lol thats like saying I should halfway live on reservation because im half Native and half Deutch... doesnt work bro...
+Michael T John Anyaehie so Obama ended the war and killed bin laden? Lol. I think YOU are the one that doesn't know what's going on in the world around you.
U kno it really funny that u can comments on this pages but can u really say that to a man face to face +Chad Pratt
I'm showing my age here but I remember as a boy, riding on buses that looked just like that and wondering why black people moved to the back when there were perfectly good seats in the front. Later, watching George Wallace on TV, I started to realize what was going on. I lived in central Florida. My parents didn't play that race crap one bit.
+greg forte which comment are you talking about? And what makes thou think I wouldn't say something face to face with someone?
I am not a fan of President Obama, but the historical nature of his presidency is undisputed.
I wish i could comment on some of these comments.
Yes, was she also of mixed race? I prefer to think of myself and everyone that is legally here in the United States of America as just, well, Americans. Seems much more appropriate. Otherwise, you'd have to call me: English-Irish-Dutch-French-German-American. LOL!
wow, you americans never cease to amaze... yes, free speech is your right. However, while exercising that right, how about making sense too... Kudos to those sensible commenters, the rest of you... wow
Yet. -He sits in the middle...Any implied messages? maybe...Tons of different interpretations can be given to this detail.
I'd have given Rosa Parks the front seat if she'd had any candy. This is still my standing policy in any public transportation situation. Regardless of race or creed, the color of your candy is the only color I care about.
Jason F
Great picture of President Obama,

For all the trolls posting comments..... take personal responsibility for your own shortcomings in life, it is your own fault you have failed, you had all the resources and even skin colour in your own society to better yourself, yet you flunked..... it irks you to see people with less resources than you, actually do much better than you, and with ease.

People with a good working and family life don't troll because they are content and not looking for a scapegoat to hide personal failures.
i agree, obama is THE worst prez EVER! He is an ASS whole!
Wow, what a lot of hateful, racist, just straight up evil crap from so many people trolls on this thread. If you can see this and not feel a least a spark of pride at the progress america has made in the last generation you need to find a hole to crawl in 'cause your soul's already dead.
For a half white and half black man.....oh did I say white... woooops! Lol.... year he understands the common people so much he sends his 13 year old daughter to Mexico with her little friends at taxpayer cost of millions....yeah thats understanding flmao!
James B
Are you serious with the trolls thing wat r u Charlie Sheen
it always amazes me how many right wing americans are totally brainwashed. open your eyes, you are being used! luckily there are some intelligent comments to make up for it.
He is still a socialist.
dont hate of course u pick this pic just wrong think of it as a positive thing just try
On December 1, 1955, Rosa Parks, a 42-year-old African American woman who worked as a seamstress, boarded this Montgomery City bus to go home from work. On this bus on that day, Rosa Parks initiated a new era in the American quest for freedom and equality.
She sat near the middle of the bus, just behind the 10 seats reserved for whites. Soon all of the seats in the bus were filled. When a white man entered the bus, the driver (following the standard practice of segregation) insisted that all four blacks sitting just behind the white section give up their seats so that the man could sit there. Mrs. Parks, who was an active member of the local NAACP, quietly refused to give up her seat.

Her action was spontaneous and not pre-meditated, although her previous civil rights involvement and strong sense of justice were obvious influences. "When I made that decision," she said later, “I knew that I had the strength of my ancestors with me.”
Does it really matter who is president?? I mean really... You hear the same bullshit every 4 years, what the fuck are you really voting for????
You're right about "beyond comprehension." I don't get it.
Think a little harder randy. Maybe Google Rosa parks.
If nobody talks about then u are nobody 
We have come a long way. If only everyone would get on the bus ....
that look like barack obama right
I believe Rosa sat in the back of the bus? Idk for sure. She also probably was reading a book or doing something of value...I'm guessing....this man, in my opinion, has done little...its time for a lion to take over the pride. 
I didn't say the president , i said a man ,oh wait let me rephrase that
Wow.. All you bitches hating on Obama need to stop watching FOX news feeding you bullshit! Obama is not the one to blame for this country being this way, it's the 8 HORRIBLE years of Bush... HE was the one who got us in this position and by the time Obama came, it was a time bomb that blew up and everybody started pointing fingers at Obama cuz they are so blind to see what really happened. Do you expect him to fix everything in 3.5 years from the 8 that Bush was at his "fake" war?? Please don't even get me started on that subject.

I'll vote for Obama 2x if I could.. because if Romney get the presidency, this country is going to hell... I just hope that doesn't happen so you can SEE that Obama actually is doing GOOD.

So to everybody that hates on him, you really need to go back and learn your history of who's to blame here.
Would be awesome if he stopped perpetuating the most racist policy in our country (war on drugs) and stopped arresting cancer patients in california and colorado. action > words/poses
I didn't say the president i said a man, oh wait let me rephrase that how about African American +Chad Pratt
He makes my puke. What right does he have to sit on that bus? He has done nothing but piss on our Constitution since he took office. He is a disgrace and embarrassment to the American people!
Shouldnt he be working on fixing the mess he has made of our economy instead of posing for a photo op.
Neat, so when is he going to start doing something significant? This just seems like playing the race card for votes. The "change" displayed in this photo happened decades ago, how about focusing on all the changes he promised us 3 years ago that are actually relevant to todays problems?
REMEBER...The current President is ALWAYS cleaning up the mess of at LEAST the two Presidents before Him, BUT in this case the messes from ALL of them before this one is falling on his shoulders. No one is still talking about Weapons of Mass Destruction in IRAQ - Why? Oh yeah - There wasn't any.
U see +Emil Georgiev ,all the negative peoples don't want to see nor hear that. Fox is totally brains washing them.
Obama did mentioned in his first year in the office that it may take 6 or 7 yrs for this country to get back on it feet cause of 8 yrs of mess bush left
I think it's kind of sad that he's alone on a bus.
It must get very lonely being protected all the time.
Hard to make friends...
Now if only he would stop trying to take money out of my pocket.
+Chad Pratt And you must be a neighbor of Bush over there in TX aren't you? Think before you blame others for somebody else's mistake Bush is a complete failure as a human being let alone President.. He even had to stage the voting in FL to win.. how sad...
yeah you just answered my question thanks
+greg forte It's no use.. brainwashed retards are gonna see nothing but what they are told.. total sheep
In 13 more comments he wont be able to say anything anyway.. but that's better for everybody
well he is half black and white. he's sitting rite in the middle, lol that funny and ironic
To me someone is a lot more brainwashed when they believe a politician who says "look, things are soooo messed up that you'll probably have to re-elect me just so I can fix this." Then he makes a bigger mess and you still believe him anyway.
and +greg forte , are you seriously that dumb that you cant decide for a sarcastic joke? wow
wow i knew this would happen he owed the bank something never gave them the money so the bank took every thing he had including his car soo he had to take he was stuck with ridding the city BUS
+Chad Pratt Wow... I feel sorry for you... I really do, it's people like you that will run down this country with the way you follow GOP lies.

+Chad Pratt EDIT: Since I cannot add any more comments, No, you didn't prove anything since you still have not showed me why Obama is to blame here... Is it because He did the healthcare reform so people will have healthcare if they don't now? Or because students are getting more money for school? Or because students are also getting lower % rates on their school loans? Or because he repealed don't ask don't tell? Or because he started the nuclear summit to clean up the nuclear weapons that are still loose out there in countries like Mexico, Russia and others? Or maybe because he signed the Credit Card reform? Hmm... in 3 years time that's pretty good if you ask me.. what did Bush do?? O yeah, He made a fake war and contributed 42.7% of our total debt??

Wake up and see who is to blame.. Hint: it's not Obama as much as you'd want that..
He has set us back to rosa parks time
#WOW intense moment right there... oh i almost forgot #bacon
This is what makes Obama different. Weather or not he is a good president, he certainly is laying the groundwork of the demeanor we will be expecting from any other president to come.
@Stefan Laine. You and every person in Western Countries are enjoying the (material) fruits of Christianity. It extremely short sighted to mock the very reasons that enable you to enjoy this prosperity. But then again most people are short sighted (specially in short-term politics.)
If the bus had been packed with Christians, I'd have frisked him for explosives. That would have been more historically appropriate.
Why? Because hes half black and half white therefore representing both sides of a racial issue?
Raven I guess u re correct.
Wats d lesson here?
maybe hed like other people there to talk to, he looks lonley.
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