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certainly not me, but I wasn't going to vote for him anyway. =)
Obama college drug addict. Who's surprised? No, I don't think O was an addict, but if Mitt's fighting make him a bully now then O's drug use history makes him an addict.
+Chris Gohlinghorst not saying equivalent nor that one is worse than the other, saying it's hypocritical. Also a desperate attempt by the left to drum up such things from a kids school age.. if the same were done to O I'm sure there are a few skeletons in his closet as well.
Holding another student down and cutting his hair isn't bullying?
+Michael Peterson never said that, read my post again. I said "make him a bully now" - present tense, as if O's drug use would make him an addict (or user) now... Bullying is wrong, but the bad actions (of this caliber) of someone in their youth is easily dismissed by the left, but they have no problem trying to make it determine a mans character decades later when it comes to conservatives.
+Tom Payne There's a huge gulf between user and addict. If you promote Mitt's status to serial killer versus Obama addict, it'd be a more apt analogy.
I dunno, any one can have used drugs, but bullys are usually stemming from a mental issue, and most mental issues don't go away. (Speaking from a past drug USER not addict, and victim of bullying.)
Anyway, I think it's really none of our business, unless it's going on now.
i'm only surprised that he didn't rape the guy as well
+Tom Payne They DID do it to Obama. Have you forgotten the 'eating dog when he was a kid' incident that can't be more than 3 weeks old?
At least Obama went after Romney when he was old enough to understand what he was doing is wrong. Romney is attacking a 6-10 year old Obama...

...and that brings us back to the topic of bullying.
Look at what Romney did to make his (own, not family wealth) money.

Bain Capital, when hired, would bankrupt a company, outsource, or eliminate the jobs, and sell the stripped company, and it's gimmick to investors for a massive profit. Sound familiar? Pretend the company had hair to cut off...
On a side note, I think it does this country a HUGE disservice for political ads to be deceptive or inflammatory.

Instead of telling us why the other guy isn't right for the job, why not tell us why YOU are?
Jon P
Wow, people are really having to stretch to paint Mitt as some evil guy. Funny how none of this investigative reporting was used by the main stream on Obama during the Hope/Change campaign. And does anyone really think a 60 something year old man should be judged based on his character in high school? I would hope not, because I dare anyone to say that they never did one thing that they weren't proud of in High School.
It's not a stretch... they're just getting warmed up. Set your dials to ridiculous, and get rid of anything you can't nail down...

This is going to be a bad s*** storm.
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