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Christmas just got more awesome!
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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Hope it brings lots of happiness wow
Omg that is probably the best portal picture I've seen yet!!
That may well be the best Christmas tree I've ever seen.
that is so awesome dooo the one on the roof the tree
oh wow u used the portal gun
That's how Santa gets around so quick - portals!
Thats the most creative xmas tree ive ever seen lol
A christmas tree coming out of a portal? Awesome!
Awesome with a capital freakin "A"!!!!!
That's funny, but I can't follow the story... VERY HAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM FRANCE !
Nav H.
+Aidan Ferguson funny Portal idea. :)
Had to add you on the basis of this shot alone and I see you're a famous person too. You wrote The Book of Eli. Far out. Haven't read it but liked the movie a lot. Didn't even know it was a book. Maybe now I'll read it. Merry almost Christmas to you. EDIT - Oops. I googled. Never mind that book comment.
Now you're decorating with Portals!
It says right here that you are a horrible decorator. We weren't even testing for that.
That is great thanks for the share...
it's nice , i like it :)
1) awesome shot/thought :)
2) but,,, but,,, where do the cube-presents go since they can't really go under the tree anymore...?
This tree is the perfect blend of holiday and science. I'm hungry for cake now. Delicious and moist.
Aperture Science Festive Decoration Chambert. Awesome.
Christmas portal....
A very portal Christmas to all!!! Love it!
Everything is Better when Portal is around!
Someone has played a little too much Portal...
Awesome Indeed - i want to do that some time - the whole having the tree come through the ceiling and the floor thing - its amazing!
holy shit, thats awesome!!!!!
Brilliant idea! Merry Christmas to all!
Enjoy this Christmas like its the last one.

how did you get a portal gun from portal that is AWESOME
nice one....really creative
Taking chritmas to a hole new level!! or should i say, decorating like a Boss!

even santa would scratch his head :p
such an amazing tree :)) merry christmas :)
This is how I am doing my tree from now on.

This was a triumph. I'm making a note here: Huge success!
Portal to a bad roof i see some leakage merry portal christmas
Lmfao!! This is Soo funny! I JUST beat Portal 2 Yesterday! Hahahaha! Love it.
Where do you put the presents?
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