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IGN gives Episode 1 of The Walking Dead an Editor's Choice! Out tomorrow on PC, Mac and PlayStation 3!
The first of five The Walking Dead episodes is here, but does the game do the franchise justice? Yup, it sure does.
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First the comic is on a 3-week schedule up to issue 100, and now this? It's the year of the zombie!
Nice! When will it be out for the 360?
Bought the whole series this weekend. Can't wait to jump in tonight
Wait where is it? Is it on Steam? Stupid work internet! I cant go to the site!
About 1 hour into it. Loving it so far, such a great game. The dialogue is fantastic. Gary, do you know how long it takes to beat the episode once? I've heard it's worth doing many playthroughs but yeah, i'm curious.
I think it's supposed to run about 2-3 hours.
I've also seen several youtubers and folks live streaming the game. They all love it. Looks really good. Xbox drops tomorrow right?
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