EDIT:  Good news.

The specialist they saw in Philadelphia called the insurance company and made them understand this was life-threatening.  The insurance company will pay for the surgery and they no longer have to wait 48 hours--you know, just to think about whether this is the right thing to do and all.

You know, I've really had enough.

Right now, my brother-in-law's wife is swollen up like she was 7 months pregnant--but she's less than 4.  The fetus is septic and if her amniotic sac breaks she could get toxic shock and die.

Fortunately, though, the life-loving voters of Michigan have decided that if the baby has a heartbeat, it's an elective surgery and she has to wait 48 hours (48 hours of being painfully, dangerously sick, mind you) for the chance to pay $8000 to abort a "child" which is nothing more than a lump of gangrene with a heartbeat at this point.

This is respect for life?

This is valuing life?

This is Christian?

No.  This is none of those things.  What this is is horseshit, misogyny, and abuse of power.  Fuck you, red states.  Fuck you, Republican Party.  Fuck you "moral" "majority."  I have had enough.  If that makes me a liberal, so be it.  I'm a fucking liberal.  I'd rather be that than pretend to have any respect for this.
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