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I'm not one to normally jump on new sites but as I find people I know more annoying on Facebook, I realize the only thing we had in common (as friends) was that we went to the same school 20 years ago or worked at the same job. That's not a very strong common interest imo.
Just discovered Pinterest this morning...this was a great add on to my fledglinginterest...LOL
I think this is a brilliant explanation on why Pinterest is so successful, Gary. Thank you!
I'm afraid to even look at it cause I know how addictive it can be.
Was Gary hired to do PR for Pinterest or is this a legit review? I can never tell with these kinds of clips.
If you thought still photography was a "thermo-nuclear" media weapon, imagine the effect of great photography on Pinterest..
Dead on! Not only do I enjoy discovering new ideas, being inspired with recipes, workout options, home decor, crafts - you name it; what I've enjoyed most is the ability to get to know my friends on a deeper level. When I discover their boards and various pins it's give me that insight into what they REALLY love. A picture tells a thousand words...
Wait a minute... +Gary Vaynerchuk To be social, is partly to share interests, right? I think the social graph is equivalent with the so called "interest graph", pretty much. I mean, take FB for an example, the only thing we do, is to share things that interest us and our friends, right? If we do think that our social network is to general when it comes to topics and specific interests, then we're using the FB groups, right?
Nothing wrong with Pinterest, tumblr, and others. They are super easy to use content curation services, but the FB and the social graph, is here to stay, I do believe.
Wish more of the people jumping around looking for sites that drive traffic would take more heed to this and go to where their interest is and make a home and start building trust.
Its interesting to think that MySpace could be emerging from the ashes.
My co-workers and I were just discussing this video today. Fantastic insight as always Gary. Kudos.
Insightful as always.
How are You utilizing it?

I see tons of opportunities, but people (around me) are already starting to shoe-horn pintrest as a female scrapbooking sight. probably because a majority of the users are women...but I just think it's because they are the early adopters of it and NOT because it's primarily for women.

It would be smart for the etsy crowd, foodies and others to present the stuff they are interested in. what groups grab what things shows traction.

How will Vaynermedia be using it?
Gary, that is very interesting information to follow up with. Thanks again my friend.
Seems fantastic for product sales, but I'm unsure the direct relevance to services. Is it about what you like, or what you do?
Pinterest does have one flaw: It practically requires a large image to pin content. There are many sites, blog posts, and other content that I'd love to pin, but haven't been able to do so yet because Pinterest can't find a suitable image. I'm sure these are growing pains (i.e. when it's stuck in a DIV background), but does limit some of the things I'd like.

Personally, I chalk it up to a combination of some form of image/photo sharing app (i.e. Instagram), short blurbs (Twitter), and social bookmarking. The last one has been driving with StumpleUpon, but lost ground when Google Bookmarks and Delicious both started to tank. Pinterest helps revive the social bookmarking genre.

I personally love it. You can follow me here:
+Jason Spencer one thing all the bookmarking services could learn from pinterest however is how users are able to experience the content without having to travel away from the site to an unknown place. users get it all upfront, which makes it faster and more friendly in my opinion.
True it is growing so fast it does fulfill that interest, do you think Gentlemint will do the same as Pinterest?
What about Delicious Stacks, anyone using that? Scoop it? The line between social bookmarking services and social scrapbooks and blog services are very much fuzzy, right? Which of you are actually using these social scrapbooks curation services as bookmark tools?
BTW +Gary Vaynerchuk I've paid you for your thoughts when you've lectured.
Interesting...heh. I'm building/built a social network based solely on interests. Would happy to give you a link if you're interested Gary ;)
Liam, that sounds good to me, thanks,
and create a great weekend!
Pinning something is too low a barrier to guarantee value. A blog post or a YouTube video takes time and shows you care.
The concept of interest graph nails it. Thanks +Gary Vaynerchuk - Interesting articles on Forbes (by @Fail_Harder) from regarding the "dumb" images that Pinterest propagates. (Still, I love the site)
Lack of tags, lack of context, etc. makes the content explosion difficult to catalog in a useful way for the future:
I think its a pretty cool idea. The problem for me though, is that I can't figure out how to tell it that I like cars, wine, beer, interesting recipes, and techy stuff. The majority of what it shows me is shoes and purses that women I know have pinned.
+Kenny Frizzell-Reynolds Exactly. And how many impulse buys are left rotting in the back of the wardrobe or under the bed after a few weeks. Never used, maybe even never opened.. I still believe pinning is too low a barrier to get real a gauge of real interest.
As an example I'm interested in and most likely I will never buy one, so my connection and the value of my interest is very low. Compare this to somebody who actual bought it, tried it and then reviewed it in their blog or made a video.
1 is very shallow and the other has real depth.
Pinning does not distinguish.
+Alex Soduk It's pretty simple to drill down to those people's boards and unfollow any specific board that you don't care for.
Friends interests? How did you get friends in the first place and then I don't mean the "friends" on FB, Google+, Pinterest. But for companies that is an interesting stat. Will I become friends with a I might like their product but who says I want them to know my hearst desire? So beware, these companies sell your info, don't they :)
I totally get what your saying +Gary Vaynerchuk. I just had a discussion about content discovery. I'm along with what you're saying, but I'll go a step further and say that I think there is a bright future for browsing as opposed to search. It's already in action with pinterest, flipboard, instagram, and GoogleTV. Both search and browsing have their place in the world, but when finding new exciting content a search must begin with a topic or question. Browsing allows us to simply discover from an arbitary starting point. As more and more people use there tech for entertainment the content generaters are going to win big!
Thank You Gary! All your predictions are pretty well on Target. Still trying to wrap my head around how to monetize it. I am a local internet marketer. My main focus is on mobile right now. Do you have any ideas? P.S. Keep up the great work.
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