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MY interview with Entrepreneur - Whatya think? Share worthy? I forgot this was coming out!
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Yes ... you are a bit calmer than when you present! LOL! It is very inspiring and worth sharing.
Good stuff, some old some new. All good stuff.
Of course it is Share Worthy...Very inspirational 
Thanks for posting so I didn't miss it.  
Puts you in a nutshell really. Shared it around, people will watch..
do you speek frinsh pleese
People are buying your story, not the wine
Even after reading your books and watched many talks, still inspiring and interesting. It's a really nice profile and a good message about your way of doing business.
Gary, great interview. Always a pleasure to learn from you.
Continued success my friend.
Splendid (mr burns voice)
Always something to learn from Gary.
Excellent interview, Gary. You are very consistent in both your passion and your message.
The site tells me that the page can't be found. Anyone else having the same problem?
I always love seeing the Jets sweater. That's the kind of thing my Mom would do for me, too. Great that you know how blessed you are.
Gary, hearing you talk about the lifetime value of the customer in the first minute of this video really helped me during a tough day. Thanks for being an inspiration to <---- this entrepreneur
Great video and very common sense suggestions you always seem to give!
Love you passion and commitment to an end goal.  You toned it down for the interview, I could actually follow what you said.
Wow Gary, you are just awesome! You inspire me to go after the things I want in life! Thank you!
Great interview! Thanks for inspiration
You killed it.. literally.  As in 503 Service Unavailable killed it.  nice work
Great inspirational story from the best story teller :):)
Your visit to Toronto really vindicated the efforts I have been making with Social Media in the 5 years.   The bits that were (I was) missing is that general public's bullshit filtering meters are set super high.  This really affects what gets thru and ultimately opened. 
Well, I already had some idea about your background from other talks. So, I already shared it before I started watching. I'm that confident that it will be good.
Great video. You got a good story to tell.
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