Shared publicly  - do you have the "Yes Virus" Everyone who sees this needs to say "NO" tomorrow
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You need to talk to Guy Kawasaki who says "Default to Yes". Wait, No you don't ;)
I like that you highlight the fact that if you actually say "No" that people will respect you for it, especially a lot more than if you simply ignore the request. I need to work on fighting the "yes virus" myself. Great video.
It's a bit like the 'like' problem on the other channel lol. 'unlike' would be a great opportunity
Oh, this was timely. There's a pending request that I need to say no to but wanted to say yes to, exactly like that, it'd be fun, and it'd help someone, and it'd be cool, but I'm inundated. Consider me on team no tomorrow!
do you think people are doing this in politics?
Bret Hart reference!!! Gary you are the man!
Agreed, but on the flip side, some of my best work has come from saying yes to a request anybody with a half a brain would've said no to. :-)
The "no" website is hilarious!
Great idea, let's start with no to Gary , stop listening and doing everything Gary says... Hew... :)
What the heck? Only 20 comments? Whats going on with G+?
definitely need the vaccine if you've got it!
Gary - Do you think people need to say "yes" a lot at first (to get opportunities, meet people, learn to work hard, etc) and then begin saying "no?" Thoughts?
YES!!!!! I think the optimistic side of you and us doesn't like to say "no"...yet you're right - too many shiny objects can detour your path of growth....cause we have to be consistent right? Only 1 you, can't be spread too thin - so glad to see you on video again ;)
I'm a natural "no" man. I said "yes" a lot, and it worked... until it worked too well (success failure). Started on "no" again until it worked too well (entropy). Finally I decided to strategize my nay and yea-saying. Now, it's about being balanced toward "no" while still keeping opportunities open. For me it's the right balance. Example: Can you...? Not sure, I'll get back to you on that tomorrow.
I have the opposite. I need to say "yes" more and arguably take a little more risk (calculated, of course)
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