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testing something: Who sees this? please say Hi :)
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Ken Liu
Sees what? God, this is such a crap joke
Hi Gary. Steven from Austin TX. Best wishes for Memorial Day.
Ups, can't find the Hi button...
Hi Gary. You haven't posted many videos lately. They've been missed.
I am pretty sure everyone who circles you can see it.
more people than I'm trying to count.
Hi. G+ is not a ghost town!
Said it. Did you want me to type it as well?
Ciao Gary! Last night I enjoyed a bottle of Il Moro Nero D'Avola 2008 from Valle Dell'Acate. Have you tasted it? Great match with Cashew Chicken Chili. How is Google+ working out for you?
Marv Jr
Hey Gary, what's crackin?
When will test results be presented? :)
Compelling and fun to watch only concern was that I got an 'error ' message and the whole thing stopped. I used to make money with lemonade stands during the day and dish washing at a restaurant at night- good times.
Gary,,, if u got so many "+" for this status - u r doing good :)
Concerned about level of g+ engagement, I'm guessing
Hi, from G+ on iPhone (just testing the app, I'm never on g+ to be honest)
Hi Gary. I enjoy your enthusiasm for wine. Saw you in "Dirt."
Hi all. Happy long weekend. What wine is everyone drinking? I just discovered Harmony Red Wine. Bueno. '09 Sextant 10 Knots Syrah this evening :-P
what an amazing statement 300 + people who can't can't see what you're link is but want to connect. You're the best!
Hi and have a great one! 
hi from a following stranger.
I'll do one better than hi...I'll give you a New York HOLLA!
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