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Agreed re:"people said this about every other Web innovation at first too".

BTW re:Pinterest, just saw your New Year's prediction video incidentally. Interesting that you predicted Pinterest's rapid rise, only that you still underestimated the speed: They're already at 16M U.S. Monthly Uniques in February! At their current near 50% month-over-month growth rate, they'll get to 25M by no later than end of April. Who knows from there until the end of the year...
I don't know. Creepy factor is right, but I can't argue with how much sense this makes and the tie into the social graph, social experience and social influence.
The killer device for People Discovery is augmented reality glasses. That is, I can look at you in a crowd, and see your name, twitter feed, linkedin profile, etc, in virtual display. Unfortunately that's several years away still.
I've been waiting for this kind of stuff since 1998. Ever since I heard about the "Lovegety" devices from Japan. I'm happy it might finally be going mainstream.
I understand the all the benefits but do the negatives outweigh the positives? We do not live in utopia where it would be safe to have anyone anytime know where we are.

All of these “Wonderful” conveniences amaze me, however, I have serious concrete reservations.

Phone hacking is just way too easy. Phone stalking can lead to a personal and law enforcement nightmare.

Users are lured to adopt and pay a premium for these enticing conveniences only to be blamed when things go wrong and users become victims of cyber crime.

Will there be any safety nets or assurances? How will the user be protected against crimes.
I enjoyed the video as always Gary, however I can't see myself hanging out with a stranger just because we both like cheese anytime soon. However, I'm happy to revisit this comment in 3 years time - Who knows, I might even be at a blue cheese conference!
Gary Vee with all due respect many companies have tried this..latest to loose was Loopt one has figured out how to get people over that creepy privacy/trust threshold...

It is not a billion-dollar play in this century or the next century..stick with what you know..WINE

Just keeping it fucking Real
Gary, You Rock, talking about Wine or Social Media you seem to get things right. I agree with Fred Grott about the Trust issue as personally I have very few phone apps because of that very issue and this would be one that I wouldn't use either for that very reason, but that does not stop the younger generation.
+Phillip Poole Yes, I agree that all Government entities around the world need to find a way to securely disclose to its citizens any and all information. They have no right to secrecy when it concerns the safty and well being of their citizens.
Why is highlight getting all the attention when Glancee has actually been doing this a bit longer and honestly looks much better!

It doesn't drain battery life and it's logo doesn't make me look away.

Just thought I would throw in my two cents. I applaud both companies (and many others) for tackling this category. I thinks it's huge, exciting and definitely worth checking out. I'm just concerned that its getting to be one sided and other companies like Glancee are getting overlooked. 
It's not just creepy, it's totally invasive. why would anyone willingly download an app like highlight? Maybe they've just forgotten how to smile at starbucks and strike up a conversation?
I say it will be a law enforcement nightmare since, as you can imagine, as long as a link to the app is offered to you on your mobile device anyone with ill intent will craft the link to stalk their targets. Most people do not have the skills to harden their mobile devices and even when we do there is always the risk of invasion.

The imminent problem lies with insider's threats. Insiders such as ISPs, or people in one's lives we should not trust, etc.
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