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Why Instagram on Android is AMAZING for.....wait for it.... APPLE
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Gary.. you are predicting the past.. This has been what has been happening for the past 18 months.. Well Done Sir..
In terms of revenue (the place you really want to win the most I'd guess), according to the recent numbers Apple's share of the revenue is about 80% (on about 39% share of devices). I'd say they're winning :)
I think you missed the mark on this one +Gary Vaynerchuk. This model only applies for a user group that doesn't understand what an app like Instagram fails to provide. Android users expect more from their applications, and an app that was successful in the AppStore is likely to fall short in the Android market. Get me numbers on how many of those million downloads were uninstalled within 15 minutes and we'll talk apples to androids.
DeWayne - think of the poor Blackberry user! :-)
Since more than half of smartphone users have Android and don't have to pay Apple's prices, I'd say consumers are winning.
I think it's too early to declare a winner in the mobile battle. With Windows 8 on the horizon and the ability for developers to write apps for the whole Windows ecosystem and not just for the mobile platform might be a turning point in the way users and developers look at mobile devices.

Also Google is going to end up realizing that they are going to need to support legacy devices at some point or Apple is going to run away with the market based on that alone.
+Jeremy Reger Of course I do. With their devices consisting of both ARM and Intel chipsets they are in a position to claim the business market that RIM is losing (or lost rather) because businesses are already running Windows.

You also cannot count out Nokia from the equation. They are large enough and have the marketing dollars to push their product and Microsoft right back into competition.
You're spot on - Apple helps create ADDICTS with their apps. Apple has proven their app marketplace is the perfect petri dish to see which apps resonate with people. Google/Android is drafting behind them and until they become the early-adopter source for great apps and consistent UX, they will remain in second place.

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+Joseph Manna Apple has proven their app marketplace is the perfect petri dish to see which apps resonate with apple users. In addition to your point about consistent UI, Instagram made no effort at all to adopt the Android Development guidelines for User interface. They just copy and pasted the Apple UI in a hurried attempt to gain additional users.

But can it happen in reverse? An android app becomes so popular that iPhone users will wait for it?
I think you are looking into the past to see the future.

When the Android market is multiple times bigger than it is now app developers will release apps across all platforms simultaneously. The phone/OS will be secondary to the app.
I think you are exactly correct. Apple is comfortable being a niche play. Just as they were with computers - they will make the best but not be too concerned about being #1 in size. Android is going to be much bigger but also much slower - Apple will be much smaller but more nimble and therefore more innovative.
I see Android becoming a larger and larger player b/c of it's versatility and market share on multiple devices and carriers. I think you'll see the roles reverse between Apple and Android to where Android is potentially leading the market with new "HOT" apps and services vs Apple.
Totally agree Gary Apple will be the major player and is my platform of choice 
Umm - I don't go to the movie theater. I wait for the movie to be released on disc. I have an Android based phone, too. :)
I love what you do and what you say..but you're wrong on this one. It's not about where the app comes out first (maybe a little) but its more about what can you do on a platform. As closed as Apple is they have no change of winning. It's the late 80s again. Windows vs. Mac? Android vs. iOS? If apple does not open up soon, there will be no space left for innovation. Android will win. I develop iOS apps 99% of the time, But Android will win in the long run. I hate having to think more about the "agreement" more then the development docs.
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