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the keynote that I get most emailed about these days- Hope u had a chance to catch it!
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One of my favorites!you rock Gary... oops better to say you crush (it)!I'll be there within 7 years...
His theory should be directed towards educational philosophy. It could change school forever
Never gets old to hear the smack down of the last guy.
"What is the ROI of your mother?" Excellent keynote!
Great talk Gary. So what should I be drinking with my fish if not Pinot Gris? :-P
Thanks, Gary. One on a million. That makes me very Lucky.
Absolutely fantastic! And unfortunate that in 2012, so many companies can't even tell you what their customer retention is.
It's on my "Favorites" list at YouTube.
Gary, you are so right on... it's amazing.
Gary, you make me realize everytime that my entourage is making me go for it like a 19 year old. It's so hard to exit that strategy but listening to you reminds me what's important. I know you are right and your talks motivates me to do better.
I have not had my brain melted this fast in a long while. Thanks so much Gary and I will be thinking about what you said for a long time to come!
Wow. Solid solid solid. Might as well grab the Jets, Mets, and Nets. It's yours. Thanks for being real.
Awesome speach, with the thank you economy, the time has come when introverts can leverage their skills of building deep relationships
Never gets old. Sat and watched it several times. Everyone working online needs to watch this
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