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Good morning everyone. I've been fairly disengaged for the past week and miss you all terribly. I met with 20 of the top sales leaders in North America in Chicago last weekend and was trapped in there overnight due to bad weather. And now I'm almost caught up. By the way, our meeting was incredible and going to be an article you don't want to miss. The topic is much broader than sales.

Twitter's micro-blogging is changing the face of politics in real time. The ability to get instant feedback during a debate, responses to issues in real time does more than help politicians, it amplifies the voice of the people. Politicians and large corporations take Twitter very seriously and I do too.

The twenty people I got together with in Chicago all met through Twitter. This short video is worth a look.

I'd love to know your thoughts and stir up some conversation.

What are your thoughts on Twitter?
Do you Tweet?
Do you use Twitter for research, marketing, prospecting or other purposes?

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Adam Sharp, senior manager of government, news and social innovation at Twitter, talks with Reuters' Anthony De Rosa about how political campaigns are using the micro-blogging service to get quick rea...
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Good morning! I see you've been in my hometown. Sorry about the weather, but that's Chicago for you.

I started a Twitter account eons ago, but pretty much skipped over it to Facebook and then Google+. If I had stayed in news and politics, Twitter is where I would have been vs. Facebook, but my focus had already shifted towards a small business client base by the time Twitter exploded.
Chicago is a great city +Connie Brand. I spent the 1991 summer there when starting a company back then. Not the worst place in the world to be stuck :)

Twitter is an excellent marketing channel for web design.
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