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December 7th, 1941, A Date Which Will Live in Infamy. -FDR 

President Roosevelt new that terrible time would eventually fade from our memories and that we would lock them away way in that secret box we put things those things that hurt. When we do that, we lock something else important away with it. 

I remember the front page of the NY Times, Daily News and magazines covered with images and headlines. TV and radio played FDR's words. They reminded us to unlock the box and take out those terrible memories so that we would continue guarding against complacency that allows history to repeat itself.  

And then one day about fifteen years ago, the reminders on the front pages, TV and radio were absent. No replays of FDR's proclamation that this was an infamous date. You see, when we lock away memories like Pearl Harbor and WWII and 9/11, our gratitude for those great people who fought for us stay locked away too. 

Most of us don't want to think about bad memories. Why should we? It's painful. Most of us want to think about the things that make us feel good. We want to enjoy the peace and freedom that we have without someone like me throwing guilt on the table to remember that which we enjoy was preserved by millions who sacrificed, suffered and died defending us from a few of vicious tyrants and their minions who fought to turn our peace and freedom into fear and oppression. 

Last weekend was Thanksgiving and today is another thanksgiving. We're thankful Hitler, Hirohito and Mussolini were defeated. And we're thankful for the people who fought against them for us. 

During the football game, Nutcracker here at Sally's school, in church, at your brunch or wherever you're relaxing or playing, take December 7th out of the box and be thankful for the people who paid for your peaceful day and then put it back in the box.

I found this Pearl Harbor's survivors' commemoration in a corner of Reuters this morning:

#pearlharbor   #WWII  
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+Doug S, one could say something similar about what Americans did to Native Americans. The lesson to be learned is stopping tyranny, not car manufacturers. And your stereotype remark is the bigoted racist divisive stuff that destroys society.    
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Gary S. Hart

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An evocative perspective on the hidden cause behind Ferguson by the brilliant "Sales Guy" +Jim Keenan 
Ferguson is about the American Dream and why the black community has been unable to embrace it, to understand Ferguson requires understanding the American Dream
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Intriguing thoughts here, +Gary S. Hart . Several years ago I became aware of a pastor named Thabiti Anyabwile, a black man who converted from Islam to Christianity. He eventually moved from his native Washington D.C. home to take over as Senior Pastor of the First Baptist Church of Cayman Island. At a Pastor's conference he gave a talk on race that is one of the most brilliant insights that I have ever heard. I have it on mp3 and I'll send it to you, Gary. Meanwhile,
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Gary S. Hart

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Gary S. Hart

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Watching the Veterans Day Ceremony on CSPAN. I've always been grateful for their sacrifice for our peace, security and freedom. They deserve more than one day of honorarium; a daily thank you for standing in harms way, taking bullets for us and living in deplorable conditions.

Every time I see someone in uniform, I say thank you very much. I pray for those who served and who are serving now as often as I can 

Without them, there would be no Google+, no fearless complaining about our government's failures, no women's rights, integration and the freedom to pursue our unique versions of life, liberty and happiness. 

 We salute you with honor and gratitude.

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Thank you +John Kampsen. The ones who survive, like your father, live with the hell of war for the rest of their lives. Nothing captures what they lived through. Movies, books, listening to their stories give us a seed of thought. We can only try to imagine. This is why it is so difficult to appreciate the value and cost of freedom. 
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Must be New York ghosts

#Halloween #Joke
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Gary S. Hart

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Do colors have the same meaning in different cultures?

Do colors affect us in the amygdala on an instinctual level or are color's meanings cultural? 
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Thanks, +Gary S. Hart — glad you liked it and so nice that you "get" it!
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Happy Thanksgiving, wishing you and yours a functional day!
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So far so good!
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Happy Thanksgiving to our Men and Women in Service

While we share our gratitude for our abundance of family, friends, food, fun-filled lives and football, let's take a moment to thank those wonderful folks who maintain our peace, safety and freedom.

#thanksgiving   #military   #militaryfamilies  
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Don't forget our #Redcross  
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Gary S. Hart

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Our military defines "paradox." We need them. Without them, our society would be as barbaric as any time in history. The men and women who serve do unthinkable jobs that movies and books can never do justice for. The writer's words and Jack Nicholson's portrayal come as close to expressing this tug of war.   

I'm grateful they stand on the wall to defend and protect our freedom and security. Thank you never seems enough. 

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Compared to other middle-skills categories examined:

 -jobs in “technical and sales management” had the highest aggregate value to U.S. business 
 -and are also among the highest in career lifetime value."

Positions in “sales management,” executives report, are among the hardest to fill.

US companies spend three times more on field sales than on all consumer advertising.

#Sales   #salesmanagement  
After two decades of talk about the â�œnew economyâ� and the â�œdisruptionâ� of certain professions by the Internet, you might think that sales as we know it is as stale and outdated as Willy Loman -- a function that has been â�œdisintermediatedâ� by the digital revolution.
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Gary S. Hart

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Don't forget to #vote  !
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Already done!
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Gary S. Hart

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A nougat allergy. Ha!
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Small rooms, mediocre service. The desk was understaffed at check in. There were no outlets near the beds. The complimentary breakfast was a poor version of low end hotels and indicative of what you can expect from your stay. Green bananas. The waffle irons overcooked and burned the waffles. There were no cups for the batter and no spray. Lousy bagels, white bread and mini muffins. Machine made coffee.
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The nicest, most helpful people I've had the pleasure to deal with at a FedEx Office. I was travelling and having difficulties with some documents. They took excellent care of me.
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They create beautiful flower arrangements and their wonderful staff provides consistently provides excellent service.
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Ordered 2 bottles of Courvoisier XO online 12/3/12. Excellent price and free FedEx ground shipping. Received my order on 12/5/13. Excellent packing, no problems, perfect.
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8 reviews
Our last visit was our very last visit. We've been going to Devil's Backbone since they opened. A few years ago, during the economic downturn, the quality of the food declined from very to good and leveled. The service is okay and the views are the best part of the experience. My wife and I were running errands in the area and ordered some food to go. Our "Pulled Pork Samich" was missing the pork, they forgot to pack a root beer and there were 4 or 5 French fries. They insisted the pork was packed separately, but we did not have it. The chef barehanded a fistful of fries and tossed them in the container. When I asked why he did not use a glove or scoop, he laughed at me. They packed the pork and I had to ask for our root beer again. No apology was given. I called the manager, left a message and never heard back. It's really a shame because they were much better once and it could be an excellent pub. If you want a beer or drink and views, and don't mind mediocre service you won’t be disappointed.
• • •
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I'm a 60 year old career sales executive and entrepreneur. This ranks with the worst buying experiences of my life, right up there with phony watch hawks in Times Square. We purchased a new 10-piece All-Clad set for our daughter's birthday. Upon inspecting the set the day it arrived, we found 2 pots scuffed on the bottom. I contacted Lauren Whiteside, a member of this family owned company. Lauren was very helpful and said she would send an exchange. I was leaving for a one-month vacation and concerned about holding the pieces until I returned. Lauren assured me this would not be a problem and she confirmed our agreement by email. After returning from vacation, I inspected the replacement pieces, and shipped the two damage pots back. Two days later, Shaun, their customer service manager emailed me that the returned items had been used and they do not accept returns of used items. We never used any of the items in the set. Everything is in the original packing. We have documentation and photos. After a heated conversation, in which I was basically called a liar, I tried to remedy by email with no change. Lauren never responded to any of the emails. He refused to put Lauren on the phone or she refused to get on the call, I'm not sure although I assume the former. They charged over $500 for the two replacement items to my credit card. MetroKitchen stated they are returning the two damaged items to me and expect me to keep the replacement pots as well. We only paid $549 for the whole set – nearly double the price. Hopefully our credit card company will work this out. We are filing complaints with the BBB, FTC and a claim for mail fraud.
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Did not live up to their reputation and long history. My filet mignon was not aged, blood red and improperly cooked. The servers were inattentive. We had a bartender who was mostly absentee. The room was uncomfortably warm. Our requests to lower the temperature were ignored. The manager finally appeared and stated without apology there was an A/C problem. Unworthy food and too expensive at any price.
Food: Poor - FairDecor: Very GoodService: Poor - Fair
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