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Designer + Digital Artist


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The hardest part is finding decent hardware, like large cast iron knobs, steel sliders for the tilt...
My latest project, took only two weekends.... And kinda looks it. First time with shellac.

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Until I can update my Spacebats tutorial ( for Inkscape 0.91 here's a quick GIF on the steps:

1. Path > Union
2. Add nodes to the middle segments
3. Scale nodes to the center so they overlap
4. Path > Break Apart
5. Path > Union
Animated Photo

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Interesting read as I'm thinking of putting a couple of old lenses back into play, I hope, on an a7....

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Required viewing. ..
Do you ever feel like maybe you just aren’t talented enough to achieve your artistic dreams? What if someone told you the idea of ‘talent’ is but a myth? 

That’s exactly what The Arcanum Master, +Robin Griggs Wood  has to say on the subject. This video about the ‘Myth of Talent’ will open your eyes to a new way of thinking about art and whether or not you’ve ‘got it’.

Robin is adept at photography, post processing and traditional media such as acrylic, oils watercolor and so much more. Her digital work replicating natural media is a sight to behold. Find out more about Robin Griggs Wood in this video and at her website; 

"The Myth of Talent" and an introduction to Robin Griggs Wood

#thearcanum   #talent   #myth   #art   #photography  

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Not using Meteor, yet... but I should be...

If any of my old Pixel Corps friends are tuned in... Within a mostly CG animation project, what would you call the folder that contains the basic video-editing/post-related aspects? VIDEO is too... basic. I want something fancy! I already have folders such as SCENE, COMP, etc.

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...And it's advice to not buy the latest-greatest...
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