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Gary Parker
I'm the service manager for Unified Communications at Loughborough University
I'm the service manager for Unified Communications at Loughborough University

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In sunny Birmingham for the UCISA-NG Network Futures Seminar (#unetfut) today. Two ex-managers of mine in the room (+Martin Hamilton and Matt Cook, speaking and organising respectively) and an interesting looking programme for the day. Lots of SDN, a sprinkling of IoT and hopefully some useful chats and networking between sessions.

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If you (or your users) use Cisco Jabber For Mac and want proper headset call control please sign this petition:

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An amusing and thought-provoking piece on handling people's names in data systems...

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We're looking for a new Network & Communications Manager here at Loughborough. If you fancy a challenge (and the opportunity to tell me what to do!) you should get your skates on: the deadline the 5th of December.

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This is an absolutely fascinating look into how Amazon coped with it's own exponential growth. Own and/or create as much of the technology yourself as possible seems to be the basic rationale. A lot of the data is inferred, as Amazon are still pretty tight-lipped about the details, but the author seems to think AWS is sitting on between 2.8 and 5.6 million servers worldwide...

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Here's an interesting story (via JF Mezei over on comp.os.vms) about disaster recovery plans and what happens when you miss things out. In this case, bringing the Canadian SkyTrain system to a standstill because sparkies and sysadmins didn't know which UPS breakers controlled which systems...

Peak Communication

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I snapped this morning and had to make some changes to my personal telephony setup at work. When someone called me there was a possibility of up to /five/ devices alerting me to the incoming call.

The problem stems from a long line of integrated devices and a trickle-down path for calls coming into my desk number. Let's have a look at the call-flow and the different devices involved:

- someone calls me on my published work number. This rings on my regular deskphone and also the Jabber softphone on my iMac, which also shows a caller ID window on my desktop

- if the call goes unanswered for a certain amount of time Callmanager sends it out to a remote destination: my iPhone

- my iPhone starts ringing which also prompts my Pebble to start vibrating and showing caller ID

- due to the wonders of Yosemite, iOS8 and Continuity I then get alerts on my iMac and my MacBook Air, offering to let me take the call there

It's all too much when you've got a deskphone, softphone, mobile, two Macs and a smartwatch all nagging you, especially as if you're in the office and you've let a call ring for that long it's probably someone you don't actually want to speak to :-)

So, on the iPhone I went into Settings -> Facetime and disabled "iPhone Mobile Calls". This will stop the attempts to hand off calls to my Macs which should make the situation a little more bearable.

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If you're running #Cisco #UnifiedComms servers you should keep an eye on this page for #shellshock updates
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