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I just downloaded Android Wear Developer Preview 3. Will there be a Watchmaker beta build for it soon? (Or am I missing something, maybe it works already?)

Just installed Android Wear 2.0 Preview 3... no Watchmaker?

This is the version where the Play Store is on the watch (weird!) and I don't see Watchmaker there. And so far the app hasn't downloaded to the watch as it used to do. Anyone know what's happening or what the plan is? Hard to live without my WM!

Does anyone else use Android Auto with DSub? Does it work? Mine did, til recently. I updated my phone ( N6P) to Nougat and now DSub doesn't even show up as an option in Auto's music picker. Something I need to enable perhaps?

Is it just me or are autocorrect and predictions turned off in the Android keyboard when editing notes? It's pretty hard to type without that! I'm using the latest beta on marshmallow on a n6p.

Now that I have podcasts working in my Madsonic (6.1) server, I finally got to try to listen to them with DSub on my Android Auto. Everything works great, though I notice there's no FF/Rew buttons in the simplified Android Auto interface for podcasts. I really like to skip the commercials; any chance of adding those?

Love DSub, but I have an issue: a few of my albums show up as "No Data" when I select them. (This is where the songs are supposed to be.) I tried deleting and re-adding the server. Most of my albums are fine, and they play correctly. I'm running 5.1.2, and my server is Madsonic 6.0.7600 with Premium license, running on Linux. Any ideas?

What's the best way to import images when designing a face? I tried using dropbox but it's a pain:
1. copy images to PC dropbox folder, let them sync
2. on phone, go to dropbox app, sync all images offline
3. on phone, in ES file explorer, find image files and copy to Downloads so WM can find them
4. On phone, in WM, import images from Downloads folder.

Is there any way for WM to browse all internal storage? What do others do to get images into WM? What's a good folder structure on the phone to store elements for later use?

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More proof of MWI or something like it - another nail in the Copenhagen Interpretation's coffin.

Why is Business Calendar's new logo made to look like the number 30? It's confusing, looks like it's trying to tell me it's the 30th (which was yesterday).

Question on in app purchases: if I buy one feature upgrade and then decide i want everything, is there a way to pay the difference?
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