Apologies if I seem to be doing this too often, but I'm Circling and getting Circled a lot of late, so here are my Circles. Comment if you want into one, or into a new one. You may take this as an opportunity to add me to similar circles to what you see below.

Note that I am trying (gradually) to make fewer Public posts, and to prune my own list of people to follow to make it more managable.

Adult: NSFW stuff. While I don't anticipate posting much like this, I may as well have a circle for it when it does inevitably happen. If you're curious, go ahead and request to be added; I'll post a warning as to subject matter once I actually have something to post. I will add no one to this circle unless they specifically ask.

Freethought: Note that it's not called "atheism" because I'm striving to be less anti-religious and do not consider myself an atheist per se. But stuff in the general vicinity of that is of interest to me.

Music: I do mostly classic and progressive rock, so any music posts are likely to fall into those or similar categories. There will be occasional weird selections.

SCA: For my SCA/Midrealm comrades.

Politics: Fiscal moderate, social progressive, so bear that in mind if you want to see such things.

Science!: Mostly oriented toward Physics and Astronomy.

Video Games: Mostly MMORPGs with a smattering of other stuff, like Skyrim or Mass Effect. Mostly PC games with the exception of Rock Band.

Tabletop Games: RPGs and board (non-miniature) wargames. I don't really do miniatures at this point, but if I post about them it'll land in this Circle. My RPG interests these days are tilting heavily toward various iterations of D&D along with Traveller and Call of Cthulhu.

Specialized Circles:

Ytherra: For my fantasy world-building project, with an eye on eventual publication. Right now it's focused on map-making, but it'll eventually move to adventure/sandbox design and indie publishing discussion.

Wargaming: for tabletop board wargaming specifically. Not minitaures games or Eurogames, those go into the Tabletop Gamers Circle. SPI, Avalon Hill, that kind of thing.

Sagan of the Day: because who doesn't need more Sagan? It's like cowbell. Currently posting rather less than daily.
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