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Apologies if I seem to be doing this too often, but I'm Circling and getting Circled a lot of late, so here are my Circles. Comment if you want into one, or into a new one. You may take this as an opportunity to add me to similar circles to what you see below.

Note that I am trying (gradually) to make fewer Public posts, and to prune my own list of people to follow to make it more managable.

Adult: NSFW stuff. While I don't anticipate posting much like this, I may as well have a circle for it when it does inevitably happen. If you're curious, go ahead and request to be added; I'll post a warning as to subject matter once I actually have something to post. I will add no one to this circle unless they specifically ask.

Freethought: Note that it's not called "atheism" because I'm striving to be less anti-religious and do not consider myself an atheist per se. But stuff in the general vicinity of that is of interest to me.

Music: I do mostly classic and progressive rock, so any music posts are likely to fall into those or similar categories. There will be occasional weird selections.

SCA: For my SCA/Midrealm comrades.

Politics: Fiscal moderate, social progressive, so bear that in mind if you want to see such things.

Science!: Mostly oriented toward Physics and Astronomy.

Video Games: Mostly MMORPGs with a smattering of other stuff, like Skyrim or Mass Effect. Mostly PC games with the exception of Rock Band.

Tabletop Games: RPGs and board (non-miniature) wargames. I don't really do miniatures at this point, but if I post about them it'll land in this Circle. My RPG interests these days are tilting heavily toward various iterations of D&D along with Traveller and Call of Cthulhu.

Specialized Circles:

Ytherra: For my fantasy world-building project, with an eye on eventual publication. Right now it's focused on map-making, but it'll eventually move to adventure/sandbox design and indie publishing discussion.

Wargaming: for tabletop board wargaming specifically. Not minitaures games or Eurogames, those go into the Tabletop Gamers Circle. SPI, Avalon Hill, that kind of thing.

Sagan of the Day: because who doesn't need more Sagan? It's like cowbell. Currently posting rather less than daily.
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Ytherra and Tabletop Games sound like my thing.
Just a suggestion. It doesn't stop you from doing this as often but it stops it being shared to everyone who you have circled every time.

Whenever someone new follows you toss them in a 'followers' circle. Once a week or whatever post this exact message just to that circle. Once people respond remove them from the followers circle and put them where they belong. That way only the n00bs see the message over and over.

Pretty sure I've told you already but: SCA, Tabletop, Wargaming and Video Games. Any other gaming fantasy/sci-fi related circles you care to create.
+Moe Tousignant Good idea, I'll have to adopt that. My other secret reason for doing this again was that there are two new circles, of course. :)
Tabletop games, ytherra, science and music. And why not, sign me up for freethought and adult
I don't mind being in any of your circles really but since I'm co-founder of Wicked Comics (organisers of the Malta Comic Convention and promoters of the comic culture) Wargaming and Table Top Gaming take my specific pick.
Hopefully I'm already circled for Tabletop Games but if not then please drop me in as that is where I placed you in my circles :-)
Freethought, Music, SCA, Politics, Video Games, Tabletop Games, Ytherra please :)

(I'm a somewhat-lapsed roleplayer, somewhat-lapsed MMO gamer - to the extent that I used to, anyway...still do, just very casually - and am getting into game-building... I guess system-building more than world-building, but I've yet to see...)
Freethought, Politics, Science!, Video Games, Tabletop Games, Ytherra and Sagan of the Day for me, if you don't mind.
Hello, Gary. Could you add me to your Tabletop Games list?
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