The Sector design Map/Worksheet (WiP.) Tweaks are still being made, including to the exact size of the sector/subsector. (If I drop a "ring" from this map I'll call it a subsector.) The linear logo across the top is going to get redone; it seemed like it would work at the time.

"Universe Generation" proceeds in layers, with the intention that you can stop at any layer and run with that level of detail, or drill down another layer all the way down to generating the planetary ecosystem and local culture... which you can do selectively at need, system by system or planet by planet. Down to Layer Three it's about as detailed as basic MegaTraveller system generation, with Layer Four adding parameters at the same general level of detail as Traveller's UPP.

The default FTL is jump-point based, notionally along the lines of the Alderson Drive from The Mote in God's Eye and other CoDominium stories. I will talk about alternate FTL physics eventually, but this is what I'm going with for now.
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