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One of the smaller changes in the Australian Federal budget, but which was flagged as a discussion point six months back or more, is the restrictions on the LAFHA (Living Away From Home Allowance).
Previously, beyond a minimum salary level (I believe somewhere around the $60-70,000 mark) workers under a 457 visa could be paid through the LAFHA which had concessionary tax treatment.

This is being tightened up so that it is really only usable if you have to maintain a second residence in Australia. That means there'll be a flurry of contract re-negotiations as employees try to avoid dents in their pay packets while employers try to hold back pay increases.

If you work in a company that employs people on 457 visas, expect lots of coffee meetings.

I was intrigued to learn a few weeks back that US citizens abroad, even in Australia, still have to fill in US tax returns and even pay US taxes.
SO, Treasurer Wayne Swan stuck to his guns and conjured up a Budget surplus.
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