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Did something change? Does anyone remember an option to 'start over' some shows. If you sat down at 8:15, but the show had started at 8 - you could start over some of them....

I sure thought that used to be an option - but cannot find it now.....

Trying to present a video during a S4B call.

I have the video embedded into a PowerPoint file. Once in the meeting - I click on the present icon and choose 'Present PowerPoint files'

I"m asked to chose the PP file..i get a dialogue that the file is uploading...

Then the PP displays in the window - it plays normally as expected UNTIL it gets to the slide with embedded video - then nothing. It just sits there...

Animations on other slides work prior to video slide - but the video never plays. A couple 'page down' clicks will eventually get it to the following slides...

any ideas why my video won't play??



Has anyone heard any news on Fiber Phone for Austin?

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Best of luck to those who've entered

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I would have sworn that this image was fake - but it seems the video is legit....

Hangouts (on Android) messages no longer coming from my Google Voice number. People getting messages from me are seeing the device number not my GV number....not sure what changed? any ideas?

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Need Help identifying Theme

I have a One Plus One that was just upgraded to CM13. Because of a technical issue - I had to do a hard reset (ugh). I can't find the wallpaper I was using - I thought it was part of the stock's a picture - anyone have any ideas?? thanks

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It's a few years old - but always worth watching.  Thanks #timminchin  

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Found on the #dailykos Looking forward to #DrLauras response.

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