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Gary McLaren
Author, blogger, independent publisher, photographer.
Author, blogger, independent publisher, photographer.

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A Quick Guide to Social Media for Writers

You can now download a free copy of my book, "A Quick Guide to Social Media for Writers". If you are trying to build your author platform through social media, then this guide will help you.

Get yours here:

A 47-page book in PDF format. 

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A BIG Collection of Quotations for Writers

I've just updated my Pinterest Board with a BIG collection of quotes for writers and authors.

Check it out here >>

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Your Free 206-Page Publishing Guide

Over 150 5-star reviews on Amazon but it's FREE to download as a PDF today! Get this today before it's gone >>

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12 Adventure Travel Writing Markets for Freelance Writers

If you like jobs that involve travel, then you’ll love working as a freelance writer for adventure travel publications. It’s a great way to combine your passion for adventure and travel while contributing to travel magazines.

#freelance #amwriting #freelancewriting

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21 Inspirational Quotations on the Writing Life

Let’s kick off the new year with these inspirational quotations on the writing life. They’re from some famous writers who know our profession very well.

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The Ultimate List of Gifts for Writers

What are the best gifts for Santa to bring to a writer this year?

Here's a big list of 77+ gift ideas, updated for 2016/2017.

If you like, you can send it to your family and friends with this shortcode:

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Best Book Marketing Ideas #5 – Michael Hyatt’s Platform

+Michael Hyatt is one of the top business bloggers in the world. He teaches people in a down-to-earth way how to build and expand a powerful platform.

When his book Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World was published by Thomas Nelson in May 2012, it hit three major bestseller lists (New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today) within the first week after publication.

While there were many factors contributing to the book's success, including the publisher’s own efforts, Michael Hyatt used a very good strategy which many authors have since replicated, and you can too.


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7 Inspirational Lessons for Writers from Springsteen’s Dancing in the Dark

Sometimes inspiration comes when you least expect it. Take, for example, my recent experience while listening to Bruce Springsteen.

More >>

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Best Book Marketing Ideas #4 – Gretchen McNeil’s Strategy for the Thriller 'Ten'

In the thriller Ten, published in 2012, ten teenagers are trapped on an island and murdered, one by one, by a serial killer.

When she learned Barnes & Noble would not be stocking her novel, author Gretchen McNeil took matters into her own hands.

Here's what she did >>


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How to Recover Files You Have Accidentally Deleted

Have you ever deleted digital photos from your camera only to discover you cannot undelete them? It’s not only a problem with images. What if you accidentally delete an important manuscript or file from your hard drive one day?

In today’s video, I show you how you can recover files from your camera or hard drive… even after they seem to be gone!

Watch the video >>

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