This ties in with something I've been thinking about recently - the horrible misogyny of some parts of the internet - not just things like this, although they're awful, but the below-the-fold horrors of online comment sites too, where the treatment of women beggars belief. I've been trying and failing to write a column about it for months.
Frape isn't funny.

Of course - nipping onto your partner's iPhone and spamming their feed is funny. It can be hilarious. It's the word "frape" that's problematic.

The geek community has form for its casual denigration of the word "rape". I've written about it before (

The "George Lucas raped my childhood" era was the gateway, a decade long cultural erosion of a word's power and weight. The word frape is its apathetic offspring. It's what happens when you forget what words mean. What the actions behind them are. When you stop caring.
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